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Chapter 3: Shopping

After school was finally over, Mandy and I said our goodbyes as we will be meeting a little later to go shopping at the mall to get a new dress for us, for my birthday party.

James was waiting for me near his car as I was slowly descending from the front stairs towards him with my books in hands.

He waved me over as Tyler and Max were with him, still goofing around next to him.

Looking around as I was walking, my eyes went to the edge of a parking lot on the right side near the green grass area, and I saw those same three guys that I was watching in the cantina.

The two, blondie and chocolate, I’ll call them like that, as I have no idea what their names really are. They were looking at something that seemed to be a phone, while the dark-haired.... raven... he was leaning against a tree that was near the edge and talking on the phone slightly frowning.

Even when he is frowning, he was attractive.

To be honest, I haven’t seen any guy who has spiked up my interest as much as he has.

I felt my Siren feeling restless the moment I looked at him.

His eyes looked up in my direction and made me freeze in my step.

A lazy smirk started to show on his gorgeous face.

Feeling my face starting to heat up again, I removed my gaze from him as I started to walk faster towards James and his friends.

My skin was prickling, making me feel all giddy inside, as I tried to shake off the feeling, coming closer to James’s car.

“What got you looking red as a tomato?” poking at my side, James teasingly asked me.

Glaring at him as I swatted his hand away, I said, “No one.”

He snorted as Tyler came next to me, placing his large arm around my shoulders.

A growl was heard the second after, making our heads look towards its direction.

I was surprised as I saw those three hotties watching at us.

“What’s their problem?” Max asked, feeling slightly confused.

“Who knows?” Was Tyler’s answer.

James was quiet as he was still looking their way.

The thought came to my mind, and I contemplated should I ask my brother and his friends or leave it, but curiosity got the better of me, so I asked.

“Do you know them?”

Tyler looked down at me as a mischievous smirk played on his lips.

“O don’t tell me babe that I am not enough for you now.”

A slight rumble of growls was heard, and I saw the raven God alike beauty, looking at Tyler with a murderous glare.

Swatting Tyler’s arm off of my shoulders, I punched him slightly on his chest.

“Stop playing around Tyler, I only asked a question as I haven’t seen them here before.”

Taking a peek at the raven beauty, I could see his eyes were hard as he was still glaring at Tyler, making me wonder what the hell was wrong with him.

“You couldn’t have seen them as they are from Cornal high school, and I want you to stay away from them. Got it, Ollie?”

James told me sternly, with a look that showed “I am serious.”

Rolling my eyes at him as he was annoying sometimes like just now, I turned around and opened the car door as I let myself in to sit down on the passenger side.

The guys slowly followed me inside, as James started the engine and we drove off from the school.

Coming home, I kissed my mom, who was baking some goodies in the kitchen, and rushed upstairs to leave my stuff I brought back from school and have a change of clothes.

Changing into my white shorts and a pale pink fluttering blouse, I grabbed ahold of my Roman shoes as I put them on.

My light brown hair, which was always as it had its own mind, I left it to fall naturally in its light waves.

Redoing my light makeup, I took my light pink gloss and applied it to my lips.

Satisfied with my work, I walked into the hallway and downstairs as the smell of a freshly baked apple pie was just calling for me.

Mom was washing a dish in the sink as I slowly approached, making predatory slow steps towards the apple pie.

Fast as a light, mom’s hand swatted at my own, stopping me momentarily in my attempt as I was so close yet so far away to taste the pie.

“Don’t you dare, missy! This is not only for you, and before you can have the pie, you will eat lunch.”

“But mom... It’s calling for me.” Giving her my puppy eyes, she shook her head as she pointed towards the dining room.

“Lunch... first,” she said.

Grumbling as I made my move towards the dining room table, I took my seat as my dad and James were trying but miserably failing to hide their laughter.

“Greedy little monster,” James said under his breath, but I heard him.

Smacking him under the table with my leg, he slightly jumped in his seat as he grunted.

“Kids... behave.” My father said as he gave us a warning look.

Finally, mom came from the kitchen and took her seat, and we all started to eat.

A little later, I was helping my mom in the kitchen to clean up.

The front doorbell rang, and I knew that must be Mandy and Annie.

Kissing my mom, I rushed towards the front door and greeted my friends.

As we drove to the mall, we talked about our day.

Finally, as we got to the mall, I was pulled by Mandy inside it, and we went dress shopping.

After six stores and what felt like thousands of hours spent looking and trying on all kinds of different dresses, I felt as I was losing hope that I would ever get to find the right dress.

Luckily, or unfortunately, Mandy was the only one still enthusiastic among us all, eagerly looking through the racks of dresses as she kept pulling out all kinds of that she liked out for us to try.

“Let’s go try them on,” Mandy said.

Rushing us to the changing rooms with too many dresses in both Annie’s and my hands, we got shoved inside, and we all started to undress and try them all out.

Trying out first a red lacy dress, I walked outside and looked at the floor-length mirror.

Mandy and Annie walked out from their dressing rooms at the same time, as Mandy was wearing a fuchsia tight knee-length strapless dress that suited her perfectly.

Annie was in a royal blue dress that was lightly fluttery with a sparkly waist of silver. Her eyes were shining as she looked amazing in it.

“You two look amazing,” I said to them honestly, as I looked at them.

They both smiled at me as they agreed.

“You should buy those,” I said to them.

“O most definitely we are. Now only we have to find the right one for you too.” Mandy said happily.

Her enthusiasm was contagious as I got back inside my changing room and took off the dress I was currently wearing.

Looking through the dresses Mandy has been accumulating in my hands, I saw one that catches my eyes.

It was light pink with a sweetheart neckline and an open back.

Little sparkles were all over her as they were making the color of the dress look like it’s changing.

I smiled as I was inspecting it. I hurried to put it on, and I walk outside the changing room towards the long length floor mirror.

Hearing the gasps from Mandy and Annie, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I couldn’t believe that it was me.

“You look so beautiful,” Annie said in a mesmerizing voice.

Slightly blushing at the compliment, I had to agree that dress was fabulous.

Twirling slowly around to take a better look at all sides, I loved everything about it.

It was following my body shape right up to a little over my knees. The back was naked with little straps that cross out over the back-line.

It was not revealing, and its unique color was just adding to the look.

Deciding on taking the dress, we went to change and pay for our dresses.

For the rest of the shopping spree, we got all other needed accessories, like shoes, accessories, and we went to do our nails.

Finally, as the shopping fever was down and our bags safely placed in our car, we went to sit down and grab some needed food.

My stomach grumbled at how hungry I was, making Annie next to me chuckle.

“You’re insatiable Ollie. Thank God you’re a shifter otherwise as how much you can eat you would be fat.”

She teased me.

“Well, haven’t you heard that love comes from the tummy?” I joked.

They both laughed at me.

What? So kill me... I love food.

It gives us energy, and I definitely needed energy after this shopping fever that my friends pulled me into.

“O, that is why you looked as you could eat that dark hot stud as you were devouring him with your eyes,” Mandy said teasingly, taking a bite of her pizza.

Unfortunately, at that moment, I was taking a sip of my juice, and hearing her words made me almost choke on my drink.

Coughing as Annie was gently rubbing at my back, I gave Mandy a stinky eye look.

“What? Don’t even try to deny it.” She said, batting her eyelashes as she was trying to look innocent.

“Who are we talking about?” Annie was confused.

“Oh, just three hot werewolves,” Mandy said.

“O. Who are they?” Annie asked.

As I was about to say something, Mandy cut in.

“Well, I was told they belong to a Blue Moon pack, and the dark beauty is supposedly a soon to be Alpha of the pack.”

My eyes snapped at Mandy as she spoke. How the hell did she know, and I didn’t?

She saw my look and giggled.

“I know you want to know their names, you’re too curious.” She teased.

“No... they don’t interest me.” I lied.

Snorting at my response, she said, “Right.”

“Oh, just tell me, I want to know if Ollie doesn’t.” Annie was jumping in her seat as she leaned over the table towards Mandy.

“Well, the one with blond hair I think is Tanner, brown-haired one... umm... wait I forgot... no, no, I know he is Logan and dark hair one is Marcus.”

I finally got to know their names.


Just the name sent a shiver run through me.

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