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Chapter 4: Shifting

Waking up to the amazing smell of bacon coming out from the kitchen, I stretch my arms up as a big yawn left my mouth.

Wait… It is Saturday!

It is my birthday!

I am turning eighteen today, and tonight at midnight I will get to meet my Siren.

Feeling excited about today’s day, I rushed out of the bed and got inside the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.

Changing into my white fluttery dress and shoes, I rushed out into the hallway and was abruptly stopped as I crashed into a brick of a wall and fall down on my ass.

“Ouch,” I grumbled from the floor.

Hearing chuckles, I raised my head to see it was my brother.

“Not funny, James,” I said to him.

“O little one, but it is,” James said, still chuckling.

He pulled me by my hand up, still laughing at my actions.

“That is one way of waking up and celebrating your birthday,” he said.

Giving him a glare, he just ignored it.

“Happy birthday, little one.” He pulled me into his big bear hug as he kissed the top of my head.

Wrapping my arms around his waist, I snuggled into his chest.

“Thank you, J,” I spoke softly.

Walking together downstairs, I was immediately engulfed in a warm hug that came from my dad.

“Happy birthday, my sunshine.” my dad said.

“Thank you, daddy,” I answered.

He squeezed me tight, almost making me lose my breath.

“Can you do your old dad a favor, princess?” he asked me.

I looked at him “What daddy?”

“Stop growing up already.” He said seriously.

The whole room was blasting from loud laughter’s hearing my dad grumble, complain.

“Come now Jonathan, give me my baby so I can kiss her too.” my mom said.

Mom approached us as her arms were extended towards me, making my dad unwillingly letting me go.

The next thing I know, in a second I was wrapped in my mother’s arms.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

“Thank you, mommy.”

We kissed and took a seat at the table where was delicious food laid down waiting to be eaten.

“Mom, are we feeding a whole village?”

James joked as he was pilling up his plate with some eggs.

“It’s a special day today James and since we have a lot of work to do for today and prepare everything it means I won’t have time to cook so eat up good as you will be helping out as well.”

“What? But why? I have the practice to go to.”

“No practice today, no excuses. It is Ollie’s special day, so everything else is secondary today.”

He turned towards me as he winked.

“Guess I get to spend some more quality time with you today then.”

“No pranks.” Mom said without looking at him.

Grumbling under his breath, he stuffed his face with food as my dad and I chuckled at them.

After our family breakfast that was in celebratory spirits as we joked and teased and made plans for today, mom and I went to the main hall where the party will be held.

The main hall was a big restaurant, called the Diamond shell, that was right by the ocean.

From the big hall that was all in glass windows, you could see an amazing view of the ocean.

“We are here!”

A loud announcement was heard from no other but my two goofy friends Mandy and Annie.

We hugged each other as they wished me a happy birthday, feeling excited about today’s day.

Taking boxes out of the car that was brought in by a few women from our flock, we all started to decorate the place with ribbons, fairy lights, flowers, and banners.

The heavy lifting was done by men as they placed tables where my mom has instructed them to, as well as tall flower arrangements, chairs, and such.

By 4 pm we were finished as everything was set in its place and ready for the party that was to start at 7 pm.

We were rushing home with Mandy and Annie that were coming with us.

The three of us went to my room to change and get ready for the party.

Dressing up into our dresses that we got yesterday and adding accessories and shoes to the look, Mandy did our makeup.

“Stop fidgeting around Ollie or I will poke your eye out by accident.”

Mandy gave me a stern look as she was making a wing line.

“Or you will make her look like a raccoon.” Annie teased, getting a glare from her.

I chuckled at them.

As I was sitting down waiting for her to finish, I felt my palms starting to sweat as I was feeling nervous.

I wouldn’t admit that to anyone, but I was nervous, of course. In just a few hours, I might find my mate and everything will change.

I always dreamed that I will have a bond just like my parents.

Seeing the love and care for each other as it never goes down for all these years, I wanted to be that happy and complete too.

I imagined when I was little that we will meet on a beautiful starry night on the beach.

For a long time I had a crush on Tyson, and only Mandy and Annie, as well as Lizzy, knew about that, but my secret was safe with them.

The football team is returning today to be a part as well of my birthday party and knowing that he will be there it made me nervous.

Will we have an instant connection when we see each other again, when my Siren wakes up, will she call up to his?

Tyson is a soon to be alpha of a Cromwell flock. Their flock is for centuries part of a family flock with the Azores, which is a flock my family leads.

He is the same age as my brother, a year older, and he still didn’t found his mate, so Mandy thinks it is because his mate Siren is still too young and since mine is awakening tonight, in Mandy’s words: “It is a great possibility that you are his mate.”

It is true, as he is an Alpha, and I am an Alpha’s daughter, and usually, the same ranked shifters get to be mated.

Now and then would be Beta to an Alpha and rarely Gamma to Alpha or to a Beta.

“You’re ready. Take a look.”

As Mandy said so, I turned around to my dresser to see how she did her magic on me in the mirror.

It was perfect.

Just the right amount, so I don’t look like a scarecrow.

As we finished everything up, we slowly walked downstairs to be greeted by my family, and of course, who else was there

, Tyler and Max.

“O, you all look so beautiful, ladies.” My mom gushed as she took the camera and snapped pictures.

Laughing at her enthusiasm, we all stood and pose for her as she was snapping that camera from every corner.

“Come on Lizzy, the party will start without us, dear,” Dad spoke laughing at my mom.

“Unless the camera breaks first from all the clicking,” James said under his breath.

Smacking my brother James on the back of his head, mom said, “Be nice.”

Rubbing the back of his head, he said.

“Sorry, mom.”

We all left the house and went to the Diamond shell.

It was already packed with people as music could be heard playing as some couples were dancing to the rhythm.

Soon as we got inside, I was dragged from person to person as they hugged, kissed, and congratulated me.

My cheeks were stinging from how much I was smiling.

I was having fun, and I was so happy to see that so many were here to enjoy this time with me.

Tyler took me dancing, and we were goofing around as he was making up new dance styles.

“May I cut in?”

Soon as I heard his strong, gruff voice, I knew who it was.

“I wondered when you will come back,” Tyler said as he smiled and did his bro hug with him.

“I see a candy for my eyes that can become my next new conquest.”

Tyler mischievously smiled as he strode to the buffet table where a young dark-haired girl was.

“He won’t change.” Laughing, Tyson said.

I didn’t say anything as I was taking him in.

He was gorgeous, tanned, tall, and bulky in all the right places, with dark brown hair and baby blue eyes.

His blues meet with mine as a smile appeared on his face.

I could feel my heartbeat at the sight of him.

“May I have this dance with our birthday girl?”

His hand was extended in the invitation for me as I felt a blush rising up onto my cheeks, not being able to say any word.

As I took his hand, he led us further to the dance floor.

We danced close together without any word exchanged.

As time was getting close to midnight, I was feeling nervous.

“You look beautiful tonight, Ollie.”

He whispered into my ear as his breath was tickling at my skin, making goosebumps to rise up.

“Thank you,” I said shyly to him.

Next moment my father rose at the podium.

“Everyone, it is time.”

The excitement was felt in the air as we all went outside to the beach.

Everyone started to undress and enter into the water, and I knew I shouldn’t feel shy as we are shifters and all but here I was, taking off my clothes fast and rushing in the water, not stopping until it was up till my shoulders.

Everyone was waiting for the moment the moonlight will touch at my skin and awakening my Siren as we will all shift and have a celebratory swim as a bonding ceremony.

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