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Chapter 5: The scent

The weekend flew by as the memories were still fresh.

The feeling to shift for the first time it was at first scary and painful but as my whole family and my family flock were with me there to help me get through it, guiding me and supporting me, it turned out to be, soon as I let go and gave into it, it was exhilarating and out of this world.

Soon as the Moon shone upon the dark stars filled the sky, and touched my skin, I felt as some current of power surged up inside of my body and filled me with warmth.

That was the first time I heard the soft feminine voice.

“Hi Olivia, I am Aurora.”

Hearing my Sirens voice and being able to talk finally after years of feeling her, it was as a long-lost part of you has finally returned.

Soon after was when the pain erupted and the shifting process began.

My father was instructing me, trying to get me to calm down, and soon as I did, I shifted.

I heard gasps and cheers all around me as the next moment was a bonding ceremonial shifter swim.

It is important to us Sirens that when we shift the entire flock strengthens the connection with each other as we go for a swim together.

The memories of that day played inside my mind so vividly that without notice I had a huge smile plastered upon my face.

True, I haven’t found that day my mate as it turned out that Tyson was not him.

It was a little disappointing realizing that, but it still didn’t draw me away from my feelings of a crush for him.

We spent the entire night together, and I got to even meet his Siren.

He was powerful and beautiful, but Aurora was keeping a distance.

So here we are today, back in the reality of another week of school.

Waking up this morning feeling annoyed as it is just the beginning of a week, I dragged my feet into my bathroom to prepare myself for the next 8 hours of torture.

Yes, I hate Mondays!

Aurora was excited for some weird reason as she was restless trying to get me to move faster.

“Come on Ollie, we need to hurry up!” Aurora spoke loudly in my head.

Groaning as I cringe at her shouting inside, I thought of how wonderful it was when I could only hear my own thoughts and not having someone else shouts inside my head, making my head hurt from it.

“Stop being so grouchy. You love me and now hurry up!” she said to me.

Sighing, I took off my clothes and went inside the shower.

A little later, as I got ready for school, going downstairs to eat breakfast, I saw James already sitting at the counter and eating some cereal.

“Morning sleepy head.”

He was so cheery this morning as he sings sang his greeting.

What is it with everyone this morning?


I slumped down on the stool next to him and grabbed a bowl that was on the counter, already ready for me as I started pouring cereals and milk in it.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re not in a good mood today?”

With his mouthful, he asked me, making me cringe at the sight of that.

“At least swallow before you speak with your mouth full.”

He rolled his eyes at me.

“Soooo… have you found anyone worthy of me to know of yet?”

I raised my eyebrow at him in question as I continued to eat my breakfast.

“Your mate silly. Have you found him this weekend?”

Chocking on my cereals as I heard his question, he patted at my back as he was chuckling at my reaction.

“I guess that answers my question.”

Taking a glass of my juice, I drank it whole, calming myself down.

“So is it Tyson?” wiggling his eyebrows at me he poked my side.

Snapping my head in his direction as my cheeks flared with embarrassment to his teasing, I slapped his hand away.

“Stop poking me and stop putting your nose in my business…”

The front door opened as two pairs of feet rushed inside, making me stop talking.

“Like hell, you can,” Max spoke.

And the next moment Tyler and Max were in our kitchen grinning like fools.

“Hey, bro.”

Tyler said to James as they bro hugged.

“What’s up?” next was Max doing the same with James.

Tyler turned to me as he was still grinning.

“Morning princess. Missed me?”

Rolling my eyes at him, I snorted.

“Aww, I knew you can’t stay away from me for so long.”

Tilting my head to the side as I raised my eyebrow at him, making him burst out into laughter.

He put a hand on my hair as he started to mess it up, petting me as I am some pet to him.

“Hey! Stop that! You’re going to mess up my hair! Asshole!”

“Tyler leave her alone or we will be late for school then,” James said to him.

As we all finished eating, I took our bowls and placed them in a dishwasher and we were off to school now.

Soon as we parked, James and Tyler and Max went to their other friends on the side of the parking lot, while I looked around trying to find Mandy and Annie.

“Looking for someone?”

Hearing his gruff voice near my ear made me slightly jump away in fright.

Turning around, I saw him smirking at me.

“Tyson! You scared me.”

“Sorry, it was not my intention.”

He gave me a sweet smile and I couldn’t but forgive him for the fright he gave me.

“You seem as you’re on edge. What is wrong?”

His eyes were looking at me worriedly, making me smile at him as to reassure him.

“Nothing, I am fine.”

He narrowed his eyes as he nodded his head.


Who else would be shouting my name for the entire world to hear if it is not my dear friend Mandy?

Smiling, I turned around from Tyson and saw Mandy, Annie, and Lizzy coming our way.

“I see you had company. Maybe we shouldn’t have had to rush as we didn’t want you waiting for us feeling lonely.”

Mandy winked at me as I felt a heat slowly rising up at my cheeks.

Tyson chuckled behind me making the whole situation even more embarrassing for me knowing he heard her say that.

“Well, ladies, I will leave you now as am off to my class now.”

“See you at lunch?” Looking at me, he spoke.

Still blushing, I couldn’t look him in the eyes, so I just nodded my head.

Chuckling at my reaction, he took a step back.

“See you later, beautiful.”

And then he ran off inside.

“Someone has a crush.” Mandy teased.

“It is not like that…” I protested.

“O.. then what is it?” It was Annie’s turn to tease me now, too.

Groaning, I looked at her, “We are just friends.”

Snorting, Lizzy added, “Just friends… at least admit you like him as it is obvious he likes you.”

“You think so?” I asked, not being able to hide joy from my voice.

I saw them all looking at me with smirks on their faces.

“Let’s go inside, the class will start soon.”

Walking inside through the hallways, I found a hardly noticeable whiff of cinnamon and…. breathing some more in… vanilla.

Aurora was trying to push me to follow the smell, so I excused myself to my friends as I walked towards it.

It was leading me to a locker, and I tried not to look weird as I was trying to catch it.

More closer I got to it, I caught another scent as they were all mixed up together.

It was some citrus kind of scent.

Aurora was growling in my head for some reason, but I kept going.

Coming closer, I came near a locker that was open as someone was using it.

My heart was pounding and I couldn’t wait to see is that my mate I smelled.

Knowing enough from the stories of my parents and others about scent and finding our mate, I felt excited that maybe this is it.

The locker closed, and I came face to face with a blond-haired beauty with brown eyes.

“Do you need anything?”

Looking at her, I was speechless.

I was sure that I smelled that intoxicating smell that should lead me to my mate, and yet here I was standing in front of her feeling surprised.

“I-Umm… Sorry… Just you have a lovely perfume.”

She looked at me as like I was crazy, then she laughed.

“Oh, thanks.” And then she left for her group of friends.

I felt so confused.

“What was that all about?” Lizzy came behind me.

“I swear I smelled something, and I had to follow the scent and…”

“O my God, don’t tell me she is your mate?”

My head snapped up to her as her mouth was gaping.

“Dear God, Lizzy! Of course not! She just had that scent that I can’t understand…”

Pressing her palm on her chest as she took a deep breath.

“Come on scent girl, we will be late for our class.”

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