MIND NIGHT BLUE 3rd Night with a Bampire

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On the 3rd night all hell breaks loose. Will LB be able to hold onto his love? Something is terrorizing everyone. Will Cristina fall for the guy? What will happen between LB and the guy? So much action and drama in each chapter.

Fantasy / Erotica
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MIND NIGHT BLUE 3rd Night with A Bampire Book 3

This Book is unlike any other. You will feel happiness, sadness, joy, desires, love, and sometimes, hate.

In order to get the most from this book, you will need to have a music channel like YouTube, Spotify, or some sort of music playlist. You can play certain songs at certain times throughout this book to delve deeper into the story. Here are the songs to have ready to play, if you choose to do so. If you do have Spotify, then Type in MIND NIGHT BLUE in the search and you are ready to go.

1) THE DANCE sung by Garth Brooks

2) FINAL GOODBYE sung by Rihanna

3) LIGHT DOWN LOW sung by Max

4) UN-BREAK MY HEART sung by Toni Braxton

5) I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU WITH HER sung by Maria Mena

6) PLEASE STAY DON’T GO sung by Francois Klark

7) I LOVE YOU GOODBYE sung by Celine Dion

8) WHO AM I TO STAND IN YOUR WAY sung by Chester See

9) ALREADY MINE sung by Us The Duo

These songs will help connect you to the characters in this book as well as feel what they feel. Remember, what you read is very erotic, so please read responsibly. And make sure you are alone and relaxed.

I wish you much passion in your life, from LB Harpdog

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