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Touch Of Asterius

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❝The touch of Asterius was enough for her to come back for more❞ Everything comes with a price, Asterius had known it from quite some years that it was forbidden to mate with the other mythical creatures out in the world. It was a sin to have a romantic relationship with the three living creatures on the earth - The Witches, The Griffins and The Angels. Asterius had been living on the earth, ruling the Kingdom of Zariva since ages, being a werewolf, he was mateless, he certainly was not complete without his other half whom he considered did not exist. But when he comes across a small house in the middle of the forest, near the outskirts of the city, he finds Thea, the sweet, brave and fiery girl. What makes his heart shatter is the fact that she was forbidden for him, she was an Angel and he was a werewolf, the King. It takes him everything to ignore every instinct to come closer to Thea as his.wolf grew impatient whenever away from his mate. Asterius has to choose between his kingdom and his mate, will he make a wise choice or will he keep Thea away for the rest of his life?

Fantasy / Romance
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The sounds of crickets at night fill my ears, the pounding of my heart quiet audible to myself. The more time I stay here, the more I might fall into danger. A wheezing sound of a male some distance away, grabs my attention, this was like Roshella all over again. I had been stuck at the same place since hours but still they couldn't catch me, no one would. The hollow tree trunk had been hiding for the past few weeks, I was unable to locate it due to the nuisance of werewolves.
"I know you are here, somewhere" I hear a voice from nearby and I draw my legs closer to my chest, fearing if I was going to get caught anytime sooner. The bunch of weapons I had were not sharp, they certainly weren't killing a werewolf. Only silver could. The darkness inside the trunk was filling in, a hole couldn't help me look outside to see if someone was in vicinity. It was too dark, in and out.
"Come out troublemaker, this is your last warning, after this, if we find you, we will show no mercy while dragging you to our Alpha" I sucked my breath in hearing those words, my heart was shattering on fear but my mind was totally against the idea of giving in so easily. It's been weeks since they were to spot me, but they had no luck in finding me, I was hard to crack.
After some minutes of closing my eyes and sucking the limited oxygen inside the trunk, I found sweat beads forming on my forehead. I had to stay awake, for the sake of living, for the sake of proving my father innocent. I had to fight. With shaky breaths, I hear the breaking of a twig nearby. Werewolf had the ability to smell a scent and locate, it seems like, it's not working for them.
"Troublemaker, stop playing games, this time, we will kill you rather than taking you to the Alpha" I could have laughed out at those words loudly but then, wouldn't I be falling in trouble for saying such words, such delusional world they were living in. They don't know who I am, they don't know what ran in my blood, they don't know how harmful I can be to their kind. Resting my head on my arm, my teeth chattered with the coldness that was starting to grow on me.
Damn these werewolves. I had gone without eating or drinking for hours and they still haven't given up looking for me. It was a bad idea to jump off the tree and pluck an apple out of the tree and make my presence noticeable. The wound on my ankle was throbbing in pain, I had unknowingly ran against a twitched stem of the tree, cutting myself deep. I don't know how long I was going to hold on in here until I had to run out to suck fresh air in.
For the next half an hour, while I counted each second, the heaviness in my head kept growing, my last straw of patience was nearing, it was pretty clear to me that I was going to pass out because of dehydration and suffocation. It wasn't until I heard a kick land on the trunk of the tree which snapped me out of my daze, holding onto my breath, my face was dripping with sweat.
"Alpha is going to kill us if we don't find her? What do we do?"
"Let's just say we killed her and dumped her in the lake" Another voice suggested and I had to keep myself awake to know what they really were planning at this point, it was necessary for me to know if they kept me alive in their story or not.
"We can say that and find her tomorrow, we will kill her" Another voice suggested and I smiled at those words, stupid werewolf. They were so close on finding me, those dumb people hadn't even realised I was right there, hiding in the hollow tree trunk, listening to their conversation. This was my only chance to escape Cyria, at the night when everyone was asleep, I was awake, planning on which town to land myself in.
But it won't take long enough for everyone to notice that a girl was on a run and was jumping from one town to another. I had to settle down somewhere for some months before starting to do what I wanted to until I had gotten justice.
Within some minutes, when I was sure that their conversation was not a trap and I had gotten the green signal that they left, I took wary steps outside, trying my best not to make any noise while I did so. It was complete silence outside except from the noise of the insects. Some fireflies in the air made me look at them with adoration. I released a sigh, gently trapping one firefly between my hands and opening my palms a bit to look at it. "Don't worry, I will not keep you with me forever, you are, just so beautiful"
I let my palms open and it flew away in the air, leaving me behind. Everyone did that, they left me behind. I walked away from Cyria in minutes, I was already on the edge of the town, that way, it didn't take me a long time to step out of their boundaries. Those little werewolves had no idea I would be gone when they will come looking for me tomorrow, it would be great to know if they got punished for lying.
The wound at my ankle had started bleeding, making me unable to walk any further, with a frustrated breath, I sat down at the ground. The forest was dense and awfully silent, I had no idea where I was. The next town was Cresia, or Crosica, I had no idea. Tearing a bit of cloth from my grey cotton long sleeved dress, I tied it around my ankle, I refused to release a whimper when I did so. This was absolutely nothing in front of the pain I had felt several times.
Once done, I got up, dusting away the dirt off my dress and walking towards the place I had no idea about. The sky above me was dark, the only one who witnessed me and my journey was the dark, black moon that travelled with me everywhere I went. It could have known until now how much of a troublemaker I was.
It was tiring for me to walk endlessly without any certain destination to reach to. So, once I came across a small pond, I sat down there, out of breath and completely tired. Walking towards the edge of the pond, I examined the water to find my own reflection staring back at me. My silver hair was rummaged, my face had dirt all over it, hiding how I truly looked like, the dress I wore had cuts on it. I bit my lower lip, refusing to break down at this moment of time.
So I did not pay attention to how truly miserable I looked and got myself some water to drink. "deliciae, the water you drank from, belongs to me, the pond is mine" I was taken aback by the sudden voice, my first instinct was to get up and trap him between the tree and me. Holding his neck a bit tightly in order to make him stay in this position for a longer time.
"quid agis? Why are you trying to kill me?" His latin accent made me look at him even harder, to me, he looked nothing sort of a threat to me, but there are double faced human beings still living on this planet who were capable of lying onto my face, I had come across many. The fear in his eyes was pure, at some point, I was in his place and I was pretty sure he was confused, scared for his life.
I left his neck, leaving some distance between us so as to let him recover and breathe some air in. He started to cough out loudly, that had me frowning, I hadn't even really strangled him, so why was he coughing out so loudly like I almost killed him? "Can you stop?"
"I hadn't thought that a person who looked so gorgeous was able to use such a force" I controlled my urge to land a punch at his face, he was already getting onto my nerves, were these kind of humans still alive who were capable of making me feel this way? Annoyed?
"I should get going. Here is your money because I drank water from the pond of yours" Taking some silver coins from the pocket of my pants, I grabbed his arm and snapped my hand into his by giving him the money and closing his fist tightly, a look of disbelief on his face. I turned around, starting to walk away from him.
Not knowing where really I was heading towards, no destination to reach.
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