The Deaf Mate

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***This book updates every Monday at 12 noon central time and is currently in progress and not expected to be completed before April 18th, 2022.*** A deaf orphaned child was found in the dead of the night. Adopted by a she-wolf who has yet to find her mate and start a family all her own. The heir of the pack come home after 12 years away at Alpha school to find the deaf wolf-less girl his mother always wrote to him about was none other than his mate.

Fantasy / Romance
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A Bitter-Sweet Night

It was the middle of the night. The woods were silent and the surrounding towns were fast asleep. There wasn’t a single sound except for the engine of a 2000 honda civic. A middle-aged woman was speeding like a mad man down the highway.

Glowing gold eyes surveyed her from the trees. Pairs and pairs of eyes silently kept pace with her car. It wasn’t long before her car came hurtling around the bend of the highway smashing into the rail.

As soon as the engine cut and silence fell, the wolf-like creatures began to emerge from the darkness. Their noses sniffed the air as they crept slowly in the direction of the accident.

The driver's door of the car was open and hanging by its hinges. The smell of blood was heavy in the air. But what stopped the wolves in their tracks was the helpless cry of a baby. One brave she-wolf shifted and approached the car.

“Naomi don’t!” came the stern call of another.

Ignoring the other she kept going until she reached the woman. Checking her pulse before sighing and glancing towards the back seat where there was a tipped-over car seat and a crying infant.

Naomi gently removed the baby from the car seat before rummaging through a diaper bag on the floor of the car to find a blanket. She wrapped the little girl in a thin pink and purple striped blanket before adding a fluffy purple one around that one.

“Naomi we don’t interfere with humans. Leave the child and we’ll call the police,” a male wolf snapped.

“Jonathan this child is not completely human,” Naomi snapped, holding the child closer to her naked chest.

Jonathan approached her taking a whiff of the infant then of the deceased mother.

“The mother is dead. And the child is definitely half-wolf,” he said with a grimace.

“What’s this?” said a different female.

“What have you found Anita?” Jonathan asked.

“A note taped to the dashboard,” she said, handing him the note.

“Please whether you are human or not. I was impregnated by a wolf who halfway into my pregnancy discovered his mate. He wanted me to abort my daughter but it was too late and even if it wasn’t I could think of nothing worse than to accept his request. I told him if he wanted nothing to do with me or the child then fine I would raise her on my own. This wasn’t good enough for him. He swore he would kill us both if I didn’t carry out his request before the next full moon when his mating ceremony was to take place. I have been running from him ever since. Please if anything happens to me take care of my child, please. She never asked to be brought into this world by an ungrateful brute of a father and a hopeless weak and frightened human mother. Give her a family and home she deserves. You should know if you accept to take care of her and raise her as your own that she is deaf. I don’t know if she’ll ever have a wolf side of how her lack of hearing will affect that but I hope you’ll love her as she is and cherish her until her last breath,” Jonathan read the letter aloud.

“Oh Jonathan please let me keep her please,” Naomi asked.

“You haven’t even found your mate yet. What happens when you do?” he asked.

“Oh, brother I’ll explain how I came upon her. That she isn’t mine but I raised her as such and if he chooses to not accept her I’ll reject him on the spot,” Naomi said with fire in her eyes.

Jonathan sighed. He knew arguing with his twin sister was always a losing battle. Shaking his head he ran a hand through his messy hair.

“Let’s go talk to Alpha Henry and Luna Mary, you need their approval, not mine,” he answered.

As Beta, he could tell his sister, no but he could not tell her yes. And knowing how fond Luna Mary is of his sister she is sure to say yes and make sure Alpha Henry is on the same page and agrees as well.

They hurried to the packhouse where the Alpha pair resided. Jonathan, Naomi, and Anita headed upstairs to the Alpha’s office while the rest of their patrol was to turn in after calling the police about the accident. They made sure to grab any of the baby’s things and clean up any evidence of wolves being near the accident.

Humans and wolves lived amongst each other and mostly in harmony but some humans in government positions would do anything to put a wolf behind bars just to see it drive them mad. Of course, they had special prisons for wolves so that when they did go crazy there were no human prisoners around to be caught up in the fray.

*Knock, knock*. Jonathan knocked on the Alpha’s office door.

“Come in,” came the burly voice of Alpha Henry.

Luna Mary was sitting on his lap as they entered the office.

“Oh my,” she said standing up.

“Naomi, what’s going on?” Luna Mary asked, rushing to her side.

“We were on patrol and a human woman crashed her car on the highway along the south border sir,” Jonathan said, directing his answer and gaze to Alpha Henry.

“So you brought the baby here did you,” Alpha Henry responded, slightly irked at the idea of taking in a human orphan.

“Alpha Henry the child is half-wolf,” Naomi said with pleading eyes.

Jonathan handed him the note, “Anita found this in the car.”

The Alpha read the note before passing it to his Luna to read.

“So I’m correct to assume Naomi wants to rear the child?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” Naomi said stepping forward with the child wrapped in her arms and bowing her head.

“Very well then. We will move you to another room in the packhouse on the west side with a joined nursery. Unless you want your own home?” he asked.

“You read the note sir,” Naomi said, gazing down at the child, “I think with her being deaf and me being the Beta’s sister and on many border patrols and hunting patrols she would be safer in the packhouse rather than an empty house further out.”

“Hm,” was all he said with a head nod.

“What will you call her?” Luna Mary asked.

“Anne-Marie, her name will be Anne-Marie Rae Sutton,” Naomi said with pride.

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