Element Academy

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Faith and hope are twins and has been in foster care for 17 years since thier parents died. They then find out that they can wield all elements and are destined to rule Ivory (a world where people wield 1 or 2 elements) can they do it? And will the hiers let them take the thrown? And can they face the evil ahead with thier new abilities?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Me and my twin sister has had a ruff life. Our parents died in a car accident when we were babies. We have been in foster care since then. We were abused by a guy named Jareld till we were 12 then we went to a different person. Her name is lenda its who we are with now. She isnt nice but she isnt that mean as well. She just lets us do our on thing while she is at work or doing something. We have learned to depend on no one but each other.

Since we were abused me and my twin sister, Hope, have been taking any form of self defense. We were voyed strongest teens in our city.

So me and my twin sister, two 17 year olds, are just trying to find our place in this world.
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