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End of the Omega

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Eva and future beta Cameron are happily in the bliss of engagement, discussing their future. However their wedding plans soon come crashing around Eva when High Alpha Damian states she's his mate. But one problem in their world, mates haven't existed in a century. What Eva doesn't know; what no-one knows, is the Original's hide another world from the packs. They hide threats and secrets meaning as Damian's mate, Eva soon finds herself in grave danger, and her decisions forever change the course of history for the werewolves.

Fantasy / Romance
Jessica Locke
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Chapter 1

Mates disappeared in the werewolf communities. One day, there were just no more mates. At first many wolves were lost, they didn’t know how to find each other or how to have a relationship, wolves had relied on the mate bond. Gradually packs got used to the idea and began courtships then marriage. And the communities were happy with this. They soon didn’t know anything different. Apart from one, the Originals.

“So, have you picked a date?” Mum asked as she handed Cameron a plate of spaghetti

“I think so.” He looked to me with his beautiful moss green eyes, gripping my hand as his nerves seemed to get the better of him. “You want to say?” he asked. I hummed looking at the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. “We were thinking... your anniversary?” I said carefully, squeezing Cameron’s hand, he was excited but nervous for my mum’s reaction. We both were. “Aww, sweetie. You can have any date.” Mum went dewy-eyed as she handed me my plate.

“Yeah, but you and dad are so happy.”

As if on cue dad walked in “Someone say my name?” He smiled, kissing mum on the cheek as soon as he got to her. She smiled warmly, I always thought his kiss was all she needed to get through the day. “Yes, Eva and Cameron have decided their wedding should be the same as our date.” She beamed at dad in pride.

“Eva, that’s nice, I hope it’s as sunny as it was for us.” Dad gave me a small hug before taking his place around the table. “I hope so,” Cameron chipped in, digging into his food.

I couldn’t help watching his jaw move for a second, his sharp prominent jaw which he giggled like a little girl when I kissed it. I started eating when he caught me staring at him, a small blush grew over my cheeks. He shifted his leg to graze against my own, his foot sliding up my calf subtly so my parents couldn’t see. I smiled into my spaghetti, butterflies exploding and flapping within me like they always did when he touched me.

We enjoyed dinner, chatting about wedding plans and general pack news “Have you discussed our grandpups yet?” I flinched, but Cameron reached for my hand.

“We’ve spoken about it.” A small blush creeping over his face as he spoke.

“Y-you have?” Dad eyed us suspiciously “You’re pregnant aren’t you,” he growled at me

“NO! Dad, no. W-we’re thinking of trying after the wedding.”

“That’s amazing!” mum gushed, clapping her hands together. I smiled at her reaction, we’d been discussing pups since before we were engaged. We were both excited to be parents and bring up the next generation. And Cameron was going to be an excellent father, both me and my wolf knew that.

Just as we were nearly finished, “Ugh, I forgot.” Cameron looked at the cuckoo clock on the wall, “Alpha wanted to speak to me half an hour ago! This was lovely Maggie, thanks for cooking,” Cameron stated as he quickly rose from the table. “Not a problem dear, I hope it’s nothing serious with Alpha Jeremy.” Cameron gave mum a quick hug “It didn’t sound serious this morning, Thanks for having me Kev.” Cameron shook dad’s hand

“Any time son”.

I stood wrapping my arms around his neck, he slipped his arms around my waist squeezing slightly “I need to go… like now. See you at home?” he asked pressing a gentle kiss to my lips.

“Yeah, don’t take ages, I love your mum but spending ages with her alone isn’t on my top to do list.” He chuckled as he released me.

“Bye everyone!” He gave a cheerful wave as he ran out the back door.

“I can’t wait for you to be Mrs Beta Cameron Ryder,” mum gushed while she cleared the plates.

“Mum, he’s not beta yet, Pearce isn’t ready to be Alpha.”

“Oh I know darling but still! Omega’s like us, marrying a beta, and discussing pups!” She put her hand on her chest dramatically, she looked dreamily with blue eyes to the sky. “Ugh, mum don’t use that word. Everyone is worthy and helpful in a pack. Don’t belittle yourself just because you don’t have a title.”

“I know sweetie, you remind me every time.” She kissed my temple.

I stayed at my parents' cottage for another hour before bidding them both goodbyes. I stepped into the chilled night air, the sun had just set as the moon wasn’t in the sky yet. It’s dark but I could easily see the path. I trudged the usual path from my childhood home, getting to the woods in no time. The main houses lay in the centre of a small woodland. I always liked it, it’s like the ranked houses were in their own little bubble.

A few birds hadn’t gone to bed yet, I heard them rustling in the trees overhead as nocturnal creatures began to stir. I loved walking around the little woodland, it was always so peaceful. Footsteps ahead of me brought me back to looking forward. Cameron’s milk chocolate hair came into view first, “Was just coming to get you, wondered where you were.”

“Sorry, thought your meeting would take longer.” He reached me and picked me up, swinging me in a circle. “What’s got you in a good mood?” I giggle as he lowered me in his strong arms to kiss me before setting me down. “The Original pack are coming.” My head cocked to the side questioningly. “Why would they come here?” Cameron entwined our fingers and started heading home. “Not sure, High Alpha Damian rang Alpha, stated they’re visiting all the packs apparently, but isn’t it exciting!” he exclaimed. He bounced slightly as he strolled along.

“Not really Cam, they’re scary. The Pack’s been the same for centuries. I’ve heard they’re bloodthirsty.” I countered, does he not remember everything we’re told of them?

“They’re not coming to kill us Eve. I agree it’s strange, no-one’s seen them for decades. Maybe they’ve just decided now is a good time? Show that they’re still alive?” I hum not believing him “Oh, come on, don’t say my future wife is scared of the big bad wolf. I’ll protect you.” I smiled up to him as we reached the clearing with three houses nestled together like a tiny community.

Two of the houses were close to identical; three-floored large wood cabins with floor to ceiling windows, the main floor located up wooden stairs to a balcony which was their personal outdoor space. Cameron’s parents used theirs to eat breakfast when it’s nice. The third house which was central was very obviously the Alpha’s house. It’s larger than the others which was the main difference. The Alpha’s house had more room for guests and meeting rooms, so it had to be bigger.

We entered the ground floor of Cameron’s parent’s home which was essentially our little self contained flat. He’s an only child so when I moved in they offered him the full ground floor to himself. I thought it was sweet of them and thanked them profusely when I moved in the day after our engagement.

I flopped onto the sofa “So when is the big bad wolf coming?”

“Day after tomorrow, I wouldn’t call him that to his face.” I flinched slightly realising what he meant. “I forgot I’ll have to meet him,” I said quietly,

“Of course, I’m the future Beta, and you’re my future wife.” He smiled plonking next to me pulling me onto his lap. I groaned at him, resting my head on his shoulder. “That makes it worse,” I grumbled into his neck. He rubbed my back soothingly, “It’ll be fine, nothing’s going to happen. He’ll come, say hi, we’ll have a ball and feast in his honour. Then he’ll poddle off to another pack. Simple.” I could hear his smile as he spoke. He really wasn’t fazed with a five-hundred-year-old wolf coming to our small pack.

“Did you have pudding?” His hand running lower to my backside.

“Nope,” I popped the ‘p’ for effect “We just tidied up then chatted.”

“Ooo, yay. Means we can have pudding in bed!” I laughed as he captured my lips with his. “I do like toffee flavoured Eva,” he rumbled huskily.

“Oh, saucy.” I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively at him as he lifted me from the sofa, my legs wrapped around his waist. “Literally,” he muttered as he captured my lips again.

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