End of the Omega

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Chapter 11

My feet dangled lazily as he bustled around, clearing the mess he made then putting some green beans in a pan to boil. I’d offered to help but he refused. “What do you think of Iris?” Damian asked while he dried a pan. “She seems nice, I quite like her.” I shifted in my stool, it was strange not helping in the kitchen. “I would have preferred you to meet her without being ambushed but,” he shrugged “Nicos isn’t one to follow rules or respect me when we’re home.” He rested his forearms on the island, his sapphire eyes staring intently at me. I blushed a little under his gaze. I recovered from embarrassment enough to say, “I’ll make my own opinion of him, then let you know” I grinned, I had a feeling there was something behind their seemingly turbulent relationship.

Damian served bacon wrapped pork, lemon potatoes and green beans. I cut into the meat, finding pesto in the middle. I tried it and instantly a small groan left my throat “This is really good!” I exclaimed as he took his first bite. How much better can this guy get? He’s hot, he can cook, he’s amazing in bed. ’Good father to pups’ my wolf piped up, swear that was all she wanted to talk about right now. “You like it?” his question careful.

“Yes!” I confirmed enthusiastically while I stabbed a bit of everything onto the fork taking a slightly too bigger bite. Many noises left my mouth, it’s the tastiest food I’d ever had, and I thought my mum’s cooking was good! I demolished the food before Damian’s was three quarters of the way through. “That! Was better than sex!” I declared, wiping my mouth on a napkin he’d put next to me. “Oh was it?” His eye brow raised. “Maybe I need to try a little harder” a growl rumbled in his chest.

I giggled, “I can’t believe I thought you were a big bad Alpha” Damian raised his eyebrow to me as he finished his last bite. “I am the big bad Alpha” he folded his arms puffing out his chest. I chortled at him, “Sorry to say… no.”

“Hmm… maybe I should show you the big bad Alpha… maybe that’ll convince you” his tone low in threat, he rose from his chair slowly. My ears went hot, a small niggle of fear bubbled feeling like I’d spoken out of turn.

Goddess I need to remember my place, why was I so rude? I felt comfortable I suppose. He was coming over, a glint in his eye that I wasn’t sure of. I shrank in the stool slightly as he got closer, his face set, I was certain in anger. He’s going to hit me, or something oh shit I was screwed.

I was just about to get out an apology when he lifted me from the stool and set me face down on the kitchen island, my feet dangling below “Now, call me Alpha” he growled

“Alpha” I whispered then let out a gasp as a pleasurable pain hit my backside; he’d smacked it with a cupped hand. “I don’t think that was sincere enough” he rumbled, spanking me again. I had to admit, it felt good, he wasn’t doing it hard, just enough. “I’ll punish you until you call me the big bad Alpha” I giggled slightly “Oh! I amuse you do I?” another spank. I stifled the second giggle I want to do; he’s turning me on. “No” another spank

“No what?”

“No Damian,” a slightly harder spank which made me moan, that one gave a small sting but I could feel wetness between my legs. “Do I need to fuck you into submission?” Was that a threat or a promise? “Yes Alpha” I breathed flirtily. In a flash he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing and took me upstairs.


I lay breathless, struggling to sit up against the headboard “OK, that was better than the food” I panted out as Damian’s damp forehead rested against my stomach “It better have been”

“Damian…?” he lifted his head up a little to look up to me “Why am I so horny with you?” His chuckle tickled my stomach. “It’s just the mate bond heat, it’ll settle down after a week or so.” His hand lazily grazed up my thigh. “It plays havoc on your hormones though,” he added. “I think that’s why I was so irritated by Nicos; he knows what it’s like.” His head went back into my stomach, nuzzling at the flesh. “I think he’s just happy for you… imagine if you had your mate first and had to wait 200 years for your brother to get one.” I tried to reason, at least I could imagine that’s how Nicos felt. “I’d still respect his privacy,” Damian stated against my skin, then turning his face towards me. “Would you?” My voice came out gentle while I stroked a piece of hair from his forehead. He hummed in response.

Damian shifted further up the bed, enveloping me in a strong, comforting embrace “I can’t believe I found you” he muttered, I closed my eyes against him, breathing in his sweet scent.

“Why did mates disappear?” I asked quietly,

“We don’t know, it seemed quite sudden, a generation couldn’t find their mates… wasn’t one or two, that’s common but… no-one found their mates.”

“What happened?” my nose running over his pecks, my wolf completely content

“Chaos, wolves had always relied on the bond, was how we reproduced effectively, couples were perfectly matched by our goddess. It took a while, not all packs marry you know? Many just settle, marriage comes from a human religion.” I hummed, my fingers drawing patterns over his olive skin “Would we have liked each other without the bond?”

“Of course, we fit together. We’re half of a wolf alone, together we make one. An Alpha is nothing without his Luna.” I smiled against him, I did feel complete.

“I need to shower, then I need to do some work” I nodded, so he raised his body from the mattress, pressing a tender kiss to my lips. I rolled off the bed as soon as he was up. “Where are you going?” he inquired, looking back to me. I grinned, shrugging,

“Getting dressed” I replied nonchalantly, grabbing the clothes that were previously discarded. “Might do some training while you’re working if that’s OK?” I shouted after him as he went through the door to the bathroom, “You can do whatever you like!” he shouted back.

“Anything I like huh?” I whispered to myself disregarding the clothes and following him into the bathroom.

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