End of the Omega

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Chapter 13

I elbowed Damian, “Who are they?” I nodded over to the three figures who were approaching a little too quickly. Damian looked up to where I gestured and a growl ripped through his chest. Everyone around us stopped with the sound. Damian yanked me a little too roughly behind him “Seize them!” he ordered. The warriors look around, seemingly unsure what he’s talking about until I saw Peta head towards the three figures. As they got closer I could see they had an elvish appearance, pale skin, tall and thin. Their faces were angular and extraordinarily beautiful.

Other warriors began to approach when they realised what was going on. The figures didn’t put up a fight as they were manhandled towards Damian “I told you to stay off my lands!” He roared, I peaked around Damian. The middle elven looking creature merely smiled at Damian, “My old friend, there is no need for such hostilities.” His smooth, almost regal voice sounded like a spell.

“You killed my men Archimedes.” Damian spat back. I placed my hand on his back hoping it would calm him, the creatures didn’t seem to want trouble. “My dear Damian… that was a century ago. Are you telling me your grudges last that long? I’ve come in peace after all.” The elvan Archimedes had an air of authority around him, his voice one of calm, sure leadership.

“How do I know you’ve come in peace?” Damian looked above Archimedes’ head “Warriors parameter search now! Make sure they haven’t brought anyone else with them!” Most of the warriors scurried off leaving the three holding the creatures and six surrounding us. I noticed those surrounding us were some of those who had won their sparring match.

“Now now Damian, you surely realise that was a misunderstanding before? But I am intrigued to see a little mouse behind you.” I shrank a little at realising he was talking about me. “You know the rules Damian… increasing your pack without telling us? Tut tut” I could hear movement as if someone was struggling against the warriors. Who the hell are these people?

“And you seem to forget the treaty’s sub-clause on that” Damian snapped back.

“Well I need to inspect her to check then” I pressed my face against Damian’s back. Check? Check what? “You’re not touching her Archimedes, now get off my territory.” A bone crunching crack came from somewhere and then a groan. “Damian, you do not want to breach the treaty, you know the consequences of that.” I felt Damian tense and then a long thin hand gripped my wrist. I squealed at the sudden cold of the pale hand.

The hand yanked me around Damian and I was in front of the middle creature; Archimedes. I looked up into his purple eyes. Terrified. The warrior who had been holding him was laying on the grass behind him, his shoulder and arm at odd angles. Why was no-one doing anything? Everyone was just standing there.

I looked back to Damian but before I could see him, long fingers had gripped around my chin pulling my head back towards Archimedes. “Release my comrades,” the two elven creatures were instantly released. “Now child, what’s your name?” His voice softer than before but I was still scared of him, his grip on my wrist strong “E-Eva” I stuttered out.

“Now Eva, I bet Damian hasn’t told you about us, and all will come clear to you. I must ensure the treaty has not been broken. This won’t hurt,” the hand that had been around my chin moved. His palm against my forehead.

A chill seemed to wrap itself around my mind, I shivered at the feeling. My teeth began chattering as if I was in minus ten. Flashes of my memories seemed to play out in my head. My parent’s faces, Cameron, the first spar I tried (where I was destroyed). I saw my initiation into the Bloodmoon pack, I saw Damian. I saw Damian mark me, Damian showing me around his house, then Damian shagging my brains out. The cold tendrils shrank back and Archimedes removed his palm. My teeth still chattered with the coldness that seemed to be in my blood. I was cold down to my core.

“Very well, you are correct Damian, no treaty has been broken.” Archimedes’ hand released my wrist gently and as soon as his fingers were away Damian yanked me so my back was pressed firmly against his chest. “That was not necessary,” Damian snarled.

“You’ve lied before, I had to check. We’ll be on our way.” Thin membranes spread from their backs, they’re translucent and refracted the light into hundreds of colours. If I wasn’t so scared and cold I probably would have been able to take in the beauty as their wings flapped.

The three rose into the air and I watched them fly towards the mountains. “W-what w-was th-that?” I chatter as my teeth continue to try and make a tune against each other. “I need to get you warm, I’ll explain, I promise.” Damian swept me from my feet, his hands under my legs and back as he carried me to the car. “Wayne can you drive us back? She needs body heat.”

“Certainly Alpha” one of the dark haired men jogged to the car while Damian climbed into the backseat cuddling me close to him while I shivered. I’d never felt this cold. Damian placed his hands under my t-shirt rubbing his warm hands over my back and stomach “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop him. I can’t war with them they’d destroy us.”

“W-what a-are th-they?”

“I want you warm first, you’re mind’s going to be fuzzy” he was right, my mind was fuzzy and cold, everything was cold.

Damian carried me into the sitting room. A circular sofa was sunk into the wooden floor, rosewood bookshelves lined the walls and a large fireplace sat at one end. “You called brother?”

“Nicos I need your body heat” Damian replied as he threw logs into the unlit fire

“I’ll light that, take your shirt off” Nicos’ voice suddenly became serious. Damian sat me down straddling him in front of the fire Nicos was busy lighting.

Damian pulled off his own shirt before pulling mine off, I was wearing a sports bra underneath so I was still decent. Not that I cared in that moment I just needed heat and instantly buried myself in Damian’s warm chest. I could hear the crackle of the fire and felt movement behind me, Damian shifted forward and I felt another chest on my back. I peeked behind me to see Nicos sat engulfing my back into his broad chest. “You’ll warm soon” I was already warming up, I was still cold but I didn’t feel like I was about to freeze.

I stayed in the two brothers’ embrace until my teeth stopped chattering and my arms felt normal. “Is anyone going to tell me who they were and what’s going on?” My tone demanding as I unpeeled myself from Damian’s chest.

I put my t-shirt back on as Nicos dropped down to sit on the sofa. Damian pulled me over to the sofa too “You’re going to want to sit down for this… it’s a long story”.

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