End of the Omega

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Chapter 15

A loud bang made me jump, I hadn’t realised I’d drifted off, the water was still hot so it couldn’t have been that long. “You scared me, you didn’t respond.” Damian strode into the bathroom, worry lined his face. “I nodded off,” I looked away from him. I wasn’t mad anymore but he’d still upset me. Part of me still wanted to be angry, and maybe I should have been but as soon as I saw him, the anger melted. “I didn’t know how to bring it up… I was going to tell you. I’m sorry, I should have told you straight away… I know it’s important to a lot of people… it was important to me.”

Damian stripped and nudged me forward in the bath, sliding in behind me and pulling me onto his lap “It just shocked me… I wasn’t expecting it.” he held me close to him and my face found the crook of his neck “I didn’t mean to upset you… it’s why this is a curse” I nodded against him “But I’ve got you… do you forgive me?”

“I suppose it’s not your fault… you didn’t ask to be pupless,” I muttered against his warm skin. His head dropped onto my neck as he began sniffing and nuzzling “You’re perfect,” he whispered kissing my shoulder then my neck. He trailed kisses up before I stopped him “I don’t really-”

“It’s OK, I’m not expecting you to today, not after that.” I nodded, happy he understood, before dropping my head back down. “What did that Fae do to me?” I felt Damian shuffle under me

“He searched through your memories… he wanted to know if we had made you immortal or you were a mate.”


“Because we pissed them off royally and had to make a treaty. We can’t turn anyone or accept anyone else into our pack unless they are a mate.”


“There are lots of things we don’t tell the packs. It’s for their own safety and our own. They can’t know of our weaknesses that’s why we developed a reputation. We interfere when it’s bad… no other reason and we’re often ruthless with our decisions when it comes to packs.” I nodded, I could understand that “I should have punished Jeremy for his insolence but I was too preoccupied.”

“Just forget about it,” I didn’t really want to see what his punishment would look like so I would prefer to keep those thoughts out of Damian’s head.

The bathwater started to cool down so I shifted, lifting myself out of the deep bath, a small growl greeted me from behind when I was standing to the side. I turn around to face him, his eyes fully blue and a lustful look over her features. “You’re teasing,” his voice husky

“I just got out of the bath… not my fault you’re a perv,” another quiet growl escaped him, so I decided to have a little fun.

I grabbed the towel and started drying myself painfully slow. I dried my legs and parted them so I knew what view Damian was getting. “Stop it,” his breathing raspy

“I’m only drying off,” I tried to keep the amusement out of my voice. I dipped my face so he couldn’t see my smirk as I trailed the towel up my body. “You know exactly what you’re doing,” and I heard the movement of water before I was swept off my feet. And I wasn’t very dry anymore as his wet body carried me to the bedroom “You can’t tease and expect to get off scot-free,” he growled as he threw me onto the bed, covering my body with his.


The next day I was exploring the house finally. It really was a house of dreams, everything in its place, and perfectly designed. I found the utility room which made me happy… could wash my clothes. I lost myself for a few hours in a games room, Damian had arcade games! It took me a while to work some of them out but I was getting good… Apart from when my character died and I burst into tears. I hadn’t a clue why, it was a little dramatic… I stood in the middle of the room balling and blubbering. Strong arms wrapped around me, turning me to face him “What’s wrong my love?”

“I diiieedd!” I wailed into his chest. I heard a small rumble in his chest, I think it was a laugh which made me cry harder “Don’t laugh at me!”

“I’m not darling, come on I’ve made you lunch,” he led me into the kitchen lifting me into a seat but I wouldn’t let him go. I didn’t want him to stop touching me. He hummed and lifted me off my feet, placing me on his lap on a sofa on the corner of the dining room. “OK, get all the tears out first, then we can eat.” He pulled me close to him and stroked my hair until I quietened.

“Going to tell me what upset you?”

“I don’t know,” I responded, it couldn’t have been losing that game, that’s a stupid reason to burst into tears. “It’s OK, I think it’s your hormones. You know I said the mate bond heat causes your hormones to go crazy?” he kissed my tear-soaked cheeks as I nodded.

“Why aren’t you a blubbering mess then?”

“I’ve been feeling the mate bond for twenty-one years. I’ve gone through the anger and frustration. I put all those feelings into this house. Now I just don’t want to let you go.”

“Don’t?” he chuckled

“I still have work to do, but I’ll stop work for lunch every day, then I’ll be back to cook you dinner.” I nodded against his chest “Will this last long?” I don’t want to be crying and emotional every day for the rest of my life… that would be horrid. “No, Iris got back to normal after a week,” I wiped my eyes and pushed myself off Damian’s lap “I’m good now”.

For the next week, I was a horny, blubbering mess. Damian had been right, heat played on my hormones and I was a wreck. Damian was a complete gentleman throughout, he kept others away from the house. And just as he said he stopped work for lunch and dinner every day and spent as much time with me as he could.

Once the heat was over I felt fine, I felt more like me which I was grateful for. Over the next few days I got into a routine, I trained with Peta for a few hours. Then I would go for a wander. I hadn’t found anything of note yet, just houses, with beautifully kept grass. The whole place was about five miles wide between mountains. Damian had warned me not to try and climb the mountains due to the vampires, and in all honesty, when I got to the base of one of them it was a sheer cliff face stretching high above me… I didn’t fancy trying to climb that. I was yet to explore the woodland, that was next on my to-do list.

I decided to join Damian in his office on the ground floor, I wanted to explore the woodland, but I fancied doing it with him. I wanted to spend some quality time together out of the house. Damian was working on some papers at his desk. We had opened all the windows but it was a dreary day, which scuppered my ideas of going for a walk. The rain pattering above us on the balcony and creating tiny waterfalls around us.

I had been reading but found the rain much more interesting to watch. I jumped when the phone rang which made Damian chuckle before picking it up. “High Alpha Damian, how can I help?” I could hear muffled noises. "Well you will need to give me a full list of accusations,” Damian grabbed some paper and began patting his desk for a pen, I grabbed the one next to me and sprinted over. He smiled up to me before furiously writing.

“Mhm… have you spoken to your Alpha?… Ms. Scott, are you wasting my time?” Damian sighed heavily as he put his pen down. I looked questioningly to him but he shook his head. “If you have not sought help from your own Alpha I cannot get involved.” I sat on Damian’s desk pulling the paper towards me. I turned cold with the words and grabbed the phone without warning.

Damian squawked at me as I put it to my ear “I’m Luna Eva, what do you need help with?” I could hear crying and pleading on the other end of the phone “L-Luna, p-please help me. I-I can’t get away and they’ve been u-using me… Luna please they r-rape me,” hearing the words sent a chill over my skin. She sounded young, she wasn’t any older than me.

“Which pack are you from?”

“B-Blue Moon,” she whimpered.

“It’s OK we’re coming, what was your name?”

“A-Amy S-Scott… but d-don’t tell them I t-told you.”

“We won’t, we have ways,” and I put the phone down. Damian was looking at me dumbstruck

“We can’t interfere if the Alpha doesn’t know.”

“He probably does, things like that don’t happen without the Alpha getting a whiff of it, she was terrified, Damian. If she thought she could go to her Alpha don’t you think she would? Instead, she phoned who she thinks is the scariest wolf in the world?” Damian grumbled in response while I found a map looking for Blue moon territory.

“It’s about...” I tried to work it out “Seven hours away so we better get moving,”

“I think power’s getting to your head, I’m the Alpha remember.”

“Yes Alpha now chop chop,” I pulled Damian’s address book from the shelf opening it to Packs nearby to Blue moon

“I always knew having a Luna would be a pain in the arse,” he muttered under his breath.

“Suck it!” I responded as I pushed the address book towards him “Ring the packs that could take her in.”

“We don’t even know if she’ll need another pack, we’ll just go and work out what’s been going on. It could just be one wolf that’s the issue,” he tried to reason pushing the address book away.

“Or it could be the whole pack, she said they, not him.” I pushed the address book back to him.

“Fine,” he groaned exasperatedly as he began dialling.

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