End of the Omega

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Chapter 16

We left in the middle of the night aiming to get to Blue Moon by the early hours to catch them by surprise. Five cars travelled in the convoy, two ahead two behind. Allianna was in the car behind while we were in the car with two of Damian’s trusted men. One being Gregor who I’d met on the first day at Damian’s pack. I still blushed thinking about what he must have seen. The other man named Theophilius – call me Theo, his long brown hair tied at the nape of his neck to keep it out of the way. He looked like a puritan and I had a suspicion he was once upon a time.

We reached a bricked mansion “This is it, their Packhouse,” I didn’t think packs had pack houses anymore, everyone living together caused arguments. And Omegas tended to be treated the worst… I looked over the mansion briefly, the red brick and multiple windows. The size was impressive but the design was boring, to say the least, it was just a rectangle sat within a field.

“Are you ready to see Big Bad Alpha?” he winked as we all got out of the cars and Damian gave three loud raps on the wooden door. An older woman answered the door “Can I help you?” she bowed her head

“High Alpha Damian. I’ve had reports of mistreatment in the pack,” his tone harsh and full of authority. The old woman nearly fell over in shock and began stammering, Damian brushed past her. I followed with Allianna behind me. “Head up remember, you’re important,” Allianna whispered behind me so I shoved my nose in the air. Trying to look like Damian’s Luna.

“ALPHA GABRIELE!” Damian roared shaking the windows of the house, his voice sending shivers down my spine as it always did. A minute later a man in his forties looking furious marched down the stairs “Who the fuck is sho...” his voice dying in his throat when he saw us “H-High Alpha… what are y-you doing here?” Damian’s eyes flashed

“I’ve had reports of mistreatment. I hope I find it to be false as you know the punishment.” His words accompanying a growl as his wolf surfaced, Alpha Gabriele went pale “R-reports? What about High Alpha?”

“The main complaint I wish to get to the bottom of is sexual assault,” I didn’t think it possible but he went even paler at those words, and I had a suspicion he knew exactly what Damian was talking about. My nose twitched as I scowled towards him. How could an Alpha allow such disgusting treatment? “Y-you won’t find th-that here… who made a complaint?” Alpha Gabriele seemed to attempt to compose himself. “An anonymous tip, you don’t mind if I look around and talk to your pack do you?” at his words I had an overwhelming urge to go into the house. Something told me I had to get to the kitchen. I motioned for Theo to follow me before I walked to the left “Y- she can’t go there!” I heard Alpha Gabriele, a panic in his voice. Damian growled but didn’t stop me as I made my way through a sitting room then a corridor.

I got to the kitchen and saw two men carrying a girl towards the back door, she was wriggling, kicking her legs. One held her legs the other had her body. “Stop right there,” I growled towards them. They gave a glance in my direction but continued. Come on wolfie, I need your strength, you’re a Luna now. I felt a little surge and roared, it wasn’t anywhere near as intimidating as Damian’s but it was enough to stop the two men. “Put her down,” Theo spoke behind me, the men’s eyes glanced to the door as if they were going to run “Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.” Damian’s booming voice came behind me this time. He stepped forward and wrenched the girl from their grasp, gripping her protectively in his own arms “What do you think you were doing?” his sapphire eyes flashing dangerously towards them. “We… Alpha… he…” the man who had been carrying most of the girl's weight stammered, the terror in his face evident.

Damian motioned to Theo who took the girl from him “It’s OK now, you’re safe, Sweetie,” Theo’s voice soft as he carried her passed me, I could see she looked young, maybe ten. Damian grabbed the back of the two men's shirts and dragged them back to the entrance hall where Gregor and another man were guarding Alpha Gabriele. “It seems the report we got was quite correct.” he whistled and all Damian’s men entered the house “Search the house… I want every nook and cranny tore open. Daniel, question everyone, determine if other mistreatment has occurred. My love, can you question the young lady we just found?”

“You’re not questioning her without my men present!” Alpha Gabriele tried to stand only to be slammed back down into the step by Gregor “Should have thought of that before you tried to sneak her out of the house,” Damian’s foot connected with the side of Alpha Gabriele’s head. I turned to go back out the door. I knew Damian was going to have to beat the shit out of the monster… but I didn’t really want to watch.

I found Theo crouched next to an open car door, I peered around him to see the girl gripping onto Theo’s shirt, her body quivering “I’m not leaving Sweetie, but you can let go,” he was saying soothingly “You need to help my sister!” she blurted looking at me. My eyes widened

“OK, we’ll help your sister,” I tried to keep my voice level “Where is she?”

“The b-basement, they caught her putting the phone down… th-they beat her and she c-can’t move,”

“OK, well Theo here needs to tell them doesn’t he?” she nodded her grip not loosening “So you need to let him go so he can save your sister,” I explained, she nodded and her grip relaxed. Theo stood and sprinted back to the house.

“Are you the Luna?” she asked her big brown eyes peering up to me

“Yes darling, I’m Eva, what’s your name?” I was trying to be soothing but I knew this wasn’t my forte

“Sonia,” her tone and demeanour made me think she was younger than ten.

“OK Sonia, I need you to tell me who hurt you, I can see the bruises.”

“I can’t! They’ll kill her!” She scrambled further back into the back seat of the car “I can’t!”

“OK Sonia, It’s OK, you’re safe now that’s why we’re here. How old are you?”

“Twelve,” she’s acting much younger, but she’s much too young to be in the state she was, I tried to keep my shock buried though. “Is your sister Amy?” Sonia nodded “How old is she?”


“Are there any others, Sonia?” Sonia shook her head. We’re silent for a moment until I heard movement behind me. I spun around on my haunches to see one of the men (can’t remember his name) carrying a limp body in his arms. “She’s breathing Luna but she’s weak.” I nodded and went to the boot of the SUV, opening it. I gestured for him to lay her down.

I checked her injuries, none seem life-threatening. Angry purple bruises littered her body from what I could see. She was malnourished but that could be sorted later. “Will she wake up?” Sonia’s head poked over the seats “I think so, she just needs rest,” I inwardly shrugged to myself, what else could I say? Sonia’s head disappeared again. I sat in the car with Sonia, she didn’t want to talk about what happened and I thought she probably still didn’t feel very safe, why would she?

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