End of the Omega

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Chapter 18

“We’re here darling.” I stirred as his fingers brushed the hair from my face

“Food?” I muttered groggily.

“No, Midnight Bane. You looked too adorable to wake up, the foods in the footwell.” I sat up and stretched., looking out the window to see a village, it looked like a human village, “I thought you said we were here?”

“We are, this is Midnight Town, the pack live here, the Alpha is about a minute from the village,” he explained. Thatched houses crawled by as I reached down to the brown paper bag, “It’s probably not warm now, but will taste alright.” I pull out the sandwich taking a bite, salami, ham and cheese. Yep, nice hot or cold. While I ate we pulled up to a house set away from the others, modest size, two-story cottage with a thatched roof.

Damian got out of the car as I did, wiping crumbs from my mouth and blouse. Damian met me at the front of the car and snaked his arm around my waist pulling me gently towards the door. He knocked and a man roughly in his fifties with bright blue eyes answered, “High Alpha, you made good time!”

“Alpha Christopher, I’m glad to see you well. Please let me introduce you to my Luna, Eva.”

“Lovely to meet you High Luna.” He bowed his head to me “Please allow me to see the girls”.

We let him step past us, “I rang before we left Blue Moon,” Damian answered my question before I asked. Damian fell in step with Alpha Christopher showing him the car which Gregor had exited. Gregor stepped out to meet me, “My Luna… the girl’s awake and she’s been panicking.” I nodded and poked my head into the driver's door. I could see Sonia still on Theo’s lap but awake. “Amy it’s OK these are nice men,” she was saying towards her sister who had pushed herself as far away from Theo. She looked like she was trying to be one with the car door. Her eyes wild. “Amy, Hey. I’m Luna Eva. I think I spoke to you on the phone.” She turned her wild green eyes to me


“Yes darling, you’re safe. We took you away and have brought you to a nice pack. A pack that will look after you.”

“I-is it your pack?”

“No darling, but I trust them with my life. We live a long long way away and you need your injuries looking at.”

“Oh.” I could see her crestfallen face, but her back was a centimetre less pressed up against the car door.

“I’ve got Alpha Christopher out here, he’s dying to meet you. Can he?” She shook her head violently

“Alpha’s are evil,” a pang tugged at my heart, poor kid. Her only experience of an Alpha was a very sad excuse for one. “Your Alpha was evil. We dealt with him. My Alpha saved your sister, isn’t that right Sonia?” She nodded her head enthusiastically, she seemed to have warmed up since I last spoke to her. “Will this Alpha… t-touch me?” she stuttered.

“Not if you don’t want him to. And only if you want a hug, he’ll never touch you in a bad way.” I may have been pitching my speech young. But that the last time they were probably spoken to like a person was five years ago, I decided to talk more as if I was talking to a ten-year-old. I just hope it worked.

“Will he r-rape me?”

“No darling, no-one will do that to you. It was a terrible thing to do and you shouldn’t have gone through that,” I explain, a small bite of disgust simmering within my tone. She dropped her eyes, I felt like she was thinking of more questions.

“Will he… will he tie me up?”

“No darling,” I reassured.

“Will he make me watch him rape my sister?” I gritted my teeth and had to close my eyes for a second. I’m hoping the appendage Damian ripped off was the one he used against these girls. I glanced over to Theo who had wrapped his arms protectively around Sonia’s small frame, his face ashen. I took a deep breath. “Never,” was all I could choke out. I blinked back the tears that I wanted to spill, I couldn’t show them tears though, they need strength and calm.

“If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to… unless it’s brushing your teeth and going to bed,” I try to put some humour into the words even though I don’t feel like it.

“Can someone read us bedtime stories? Dad used to.” A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth,

“I’m sure I can get that arranged.” Of all the things for this traumatised girl to ask for…

I poked my head out of the car looking to Alpha Christopher who looked shell shocked. “I’ll read to them myself if they trust no-one else… I can’t believe...” He looked away, his eyes glinting with unfallen tears. I looked back into the car “Hear that, girls? He’ll read you stories himself just like your dad did,” I exclaim in excitement. Amy gave me a small nod, “If you trust him maybe I can trust him.” I smiled and nodded encouragingly

“Do you want to meet him in the car? Or are you happy to get out?”

“Car.” I nod again and let Alpha Christopher take up my previous position.

I buried my face into Damian’s dark shirt “He made them watch,” my voice cracked as tears began to fall. Damian rested his head on mine and stroked comforting circles on my back. “Maybe he should have lost his eyes too...” he muttered above me

“What did he lose?” I mumbled against his chest.

“Something that made him scream like a little bitch.” A sick smile twisted my lips… I shouldn’t be happy about it… but I am.

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