End of the Omega

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Chapter 19

Alpha Christopher was now sat in the car talking to the two girls. Theo had managed to slip out of the car when Sonia went to give Amy a hug. A man with greying hair and deep brown eyes walked up to us “High Alpha.” He nodded

“Beta Josh, sure you’ve heard you’re getting new pack members today.” Damian shook his hand

“Yes, I’m sorry for the reason though High Alpha… I guess they’re going to need lots of looking after?”

“Yes, naturally they’re traumatised.”

“We’ll take good care of them, get them on the mend first. How old are they?” Damian looked down to me at the question realising he didn’t know the answer. “Twelve and Fifteen… but I would say mentally younger,” I responded solemnly

“And how long have they been…”

“Five years,” Damian answered, Beta Josh whistled a low pitch

“Fuck.” We both nodded at him. “They’ll be looked after and well-loved here, can guarantee it”.

The back door opened to the car and I could hear Alpha Christopher “Come one then, let’s find you a perfectly princessy film.” He slowly approached them as they began to tentatively take steps, “Maybe I’ve got some ice cream too?” Sonia nodded and grabbed Amy’s hand pulling her. Alpha Christopher slowly led the girls to his house. “Can we have chocolate?” Sonia asked as they disappeared inside. I smiled, Damian was right… they’ll be fine here.

I turn around “Where’s Allianna?” I asked Damian looked around as well

“She’ll be somewhere.” I hummed in response when a noise drew our attention to the Alpha house “We have children present, out!” with those words Allianna’s back came out the door, her legs wrapped around someone. “Ash?” Beta Josh asked as the man came a little more into view.

“Who’s Ash?” I whispered to Damian

“Alpha Christopher’s son… Now my dear, that! Is how mates usually react when they first meet.” Damian nudged me “Congrats sister!” he shouted over to her, the pair’s lips locked together, hands doing a little too much wondering for a public area. Allianna gave a dismissive wave behind her as Ash turned, getting closer to us. I could see his cropped blond hair, but not a lot else as the pair appeared to not need to breathe.

“If he’s Alpha’s son...”

“He’s the youngest of his son’s, he has three.” I nodded in understanding “Feel sorry for whoever drives them back… who’s pissed me off recently.” A mischievous smile set firm on his face. I shook my head “Remind me not to get on your bad side” I wrapped my arms around his waist

“Not possible,” his chest vibrating against me with his words, “I’m proud of you today, you were the epitome of a Luna, and the perfect High Luna.” He hooked his finger gently under my chin and lifted my head so he could lay a gentle kiss on my lips “Really?” I muttered against him

“Yes, you’re perfect.” He deepened the kiss making me unable to respond as my knees weakened and I groaned against him. His tongue easily slipped between my lips, our tongues crashing together in a battle of dominance. He won.

A cough behind us made him break away, I looked behind to see Gregor. “Not wanting to interrupt… but High Alpha are we making a move?”

“Second time you’ve interrupted...” Damian commented shooting him a hard glare

“Damian,” I growled a warning to him, he was not making Gregor drive his sister home, he looked to me innocently. “What?”

“You know what.” I glared at him “I’m going to check on the girls before we leave.” I flounced away and into the cottage.

Inside, the only way I could describe it was homely, the entranceway led to a few doors and all the doors were open showing a mismatch of furniture and general nick-nacks. I could hear a TV so moved towards that door peeking inside. Alpha Christopher sat comfortably on a blue sofa. I walked in quietly seeing the girls huddled together on a cream chair. Their eyes glued to the screen which was a cartoon, bowls of ice cream in hand. I smiled to myself before squatting next to Alpha Christopher. “Thank you for this,” I whispered, not wanting to disturb the film. “We’re going to head off, but can I visit? See how they’re doing?”

“Of course High Luna, I’m going to keep them here, looks like my youngest won’t need his room any more. Please look after him.”

“We will, thank you again.” I wanted to hug him but knew that wouldn’t be proper. So I squeezed his arm trying to put my gratitude into the gesture.

We drove back home, Damian did make Gregor drive his sister and her new mate… Gregor stopped the car behind ours as soon as we pulled up outside our home. He got out his face beetroot red. I guessed he couldn’t cope any more as exiting the car I heard numerous moans coming from the back seat. Damian smirked and grabbed my hand “They physically can’t control themselves, Ash’s wolf will be in control… and probably so will Allianna’s”

“Is it not embarrassing for you… you’re her brother.” He shrugged

“It’s natural, male wolf, with Alpha blood I’ll add, and female original. We won’t see them for a few weeks.”

We made something quick to eat; spaghetti. “So, what do you know about Ash?” I asked before putting a forkful of spaghetti in my mouth, I made a small groan of pleasure at the taste. Damian just seemed to make flavours happen with no effort “Er… last time I saw him he was about fifteen… So I don’t know that much. If I’d known he was born on the eclipse… I may have had an inkling though.”

“I wonder why the moon goddess chose your mates born on the same day… I presume that’s what you’re saying?”

“Do you not know?” He cocked his head questioningly to me

“Know what?” I took a large bite of the pasta, how does this taste so good?

“We’re twins…” I choked on my food “Allianna of course likes to rub it in that she’s five minutes older than me.” I swallowed and coughed

“I… had no idea,” I croaked while I grabbed a drink. “What else don’t I know?”

“Not sure… what do you want to know?” He cocked his head again as he ate

“How old were you when the Fae cursed you?”

“Twenty-eight, Nicos was twenty-two”

“What were your parents’ names?”

“Stuart and Eliza, they were loving and caring parents that encouraged us to be independent, including Allianna,” his voice softened at the mention of his parents,

“Do you miss them?”

“Of course. Decades feel like years… so, it doesn’t feel that long ago they were alive.” I smile, of course who wouldn’t miss their parents? They sounded like wonderful people, especially when they probably shaped the gentleman Damian was.

I miss mine. I wondered if I’ll get to see them again? Well… more if they’ll ever accept me. Will they ever want to see me again? “You OK?” Damian’s voice pulled me out of my questions

“Yeah, sorry.” I grinned before taking another bite.

I decided to ask the question that’s been burning and bugging me “Why do you and Nicos fight so much?” Damian looked up to me, his eyebrows drawing together,

“We don’t fight that much.”

“I’ve barely seen you together not fighting, the only time you haven’t argued was when the Fae did their creepy cold magic.”

“We bicker, sure. He’s always hated I was given the Alpha wolf, not that I’m much into rank. Here, Nicos and Allianna have as much power as I do… every now and then he’ll try and show off in front of other Alpha’s… I don’t know, little brother syndrome I suppose.” He shrugged.

I couldn’t think of any other questions after that. I suppose it made sense if it was little brother trying to outdo big brother. But something didn’t add up, I knew they loved each other. There was no denying that. But it wasn’t always Nicos instigating. I changed the subject to break the silence, “I can’t wait to see your wolf.” He smiled

“Full moon in two days. I can’t wait. You definitely have a treat in store.”

“Pfft, I know you don’t… my wolf is as boring as they come… brown… brown and a bit more brown.”

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