End of the Omega

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Chapter 2

The day had arrived, the pack had been buzzing the day before when the news spread. I was still not. I just had a really uneasy feeling about them coming. It seemed too off for them to be pack touring, the Original family never pack toured. If the pack broke wolf law, they would come. If there were complaints of an Alpha, they would come. But not just… because they feel like it.

Will not lie… I was feeling the pressure. “When they getting here?” I shot at Cameron a little too harshly. I was going through my wardrobe and just couldn’t find anything to wear.

“About one, how about that black jumper?” Cameron was already dressed, a white shirt open at the collar and black trousers. The belt he’d wear was laid next to him, he complained the belt buckle was uncomfortable. “I can’t meet the original Alpha and his siblings wearing a jumper.” I snap, getting further annoyed I hadn’t been more organised. “OK, don’t rip my head off.” He put his hands up in mock surrender. “How about that pink blouse? Got dragonflies on it,” he suggested calmly. Wish I was calm, how is he so calm? “Butterflies,” I corrected, but that wasn’t a bad shout.

I pulled it out, “Needs ironing,” I muttered to myself but Cameron heard.

“I’ll iron, you find bottoms.” I smiled at him as he took the blouse from my hand.

“Thanks,” I muttered, ashamed I had snapped at him. He’s too kind for me to snap, he didn’t deserve it. I sigh, I hadn’t meant to, but my wolf was frying my nerves too. She wouldn’t stop pacing. I asked her what was wrong but she couldn’t tell me.

I pulled out a pair of nice high waisted jeans with buttons running down instead of a zipper. I decide on black heels to finish the outfit. At least with heels I would suit Cameron’s height better. He always had to bend over to kiss me, with heels he’d only have to lean a little.

I finished off my make-up as Cameron came back in with the blouse. “Come on, we need to get there before they arrive,” he said as I pulled on the blouse, tucking it into the front of my jeans. “It’s not far,” I grumbled as I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked good enough for a future beta’s wife. “You look stunning, come on.” He tugged my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist, confidently leading me out of the clearing.

We were heading to the banquet hall where the whole pack was to be assembled for the arrival. Then the high ranking wolves were going to host lunch – I was now part of that ensemble. I was really apprehensive, what if they ask me a question? What if I say something wrong? Oh Goddess I’m going to embarrass my Cameron. I can’t embarrass him… I am going to… oh why me!

We stood amongst the crowd, more to the front than others. Cameron’s arm draped lazily over my shoulder while he spoke to an auburn-haired warrior, Eric. My wolf began puffing out her chest and shaking her fur ‘What’s up with you today?!’ I snap

‘I don’t know! Something’s happening!’ It was like she was vibrating inside of me with excitement.

‘What?’ I just wish she’d tell me, then I could sort whatever’s got her tail in a twist.

‘I wish I knew!’ was all she could respond with. She was driving me crazy. Why do we have wolves again? Stupid primal animals. "I’m not stupid!” she bellowed in my head.

I gritted my teeth and buried my head into Cameron’s shoulder. He absent-mindedly kissed the top of my head, still focusing on Eric. I couldn’t concentrate on what they were talking about, I think it was about some pack that are best buds with the Original pack. Yeah right, the bloodthirsty monsters having friends? My stomach was knotting, twisting painfully when an overwhelming smell hit me.

I sniffed a little deeper, it smelt sweet like chocolate, but then musty like old books. I moved my head from Cameron to sniff the air. I looked around to see if anyone else seemed to be having the same thoughts as me. Gah, that smell was amazing! Smelt like… home? But everyone was chatting without a care in the world. “What’s up?” Cameron asked, noticing me with my nose firmly in the air sniffing. “Can you smell that?” He has to, it’s the strongest smell I’ve ever sensed. “Smell what?” I frowned at him,

“Like… sweet?” Cameron shook his head laying a kiss on my temple.

“Sure you’re not having a stroke or something?”

“That’s toast,” I replied flippantly as I looked around for the source of the smell. My wolf was also looking, the uneasy feeling spreading the stronger the smell got until I was dizzy.

I gripped onto Cameron, wrapping my arms around his waist wanting comfort. But it only seemed to make it worse. I swear my brain was twisting in its cerebrospinal fluid like the teacups at the fair. My wolf wanted to pull away from Cameron which was unusual for her. She enjoyed Cameron’s comfort as much as I did. But in that moment it was like she despised him, how can she despise our Cameron? The uneasy feeling bubbled in my stomach. I felt nauseous, bile rose in my throat. I needed to get outside. The smell was swarming all my senses, everything was that smell. How could a smell so pleasant make me feel so terrible?

My head pounded with the feeling of a hammer crashing my skull, my vision swimming. “I need some air,” I blurted out, releasing Cameron. I didn’t wait for his reply, I began cutting my way through the crowd, my vision gone. I was unable to see through the zooming teacups that my brain was trying to replicate. But the uneasy feeling was dropping the further I ran.

I just need air, that’s all I need, I just need some air. The smell became all encumbering, there was nothing but that smell when I ran into something. I thought I had my bearings but obviously I had managed to crash headfirst into the wall. Falling heavily to the ground.

Today is not my day!

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