End of the Omega

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Chapter 20

We watched from the balcony as the sun slowly set, basking the snow-capped mountains in deep oranges. Damian’s chin shifted against my shoulder “We should start heading into the trees,” he muttered.

“We have an hour yet…” I whispered, enjoying the sunset and Damian’s strong arms around my waist.

“Most full moons we’ll do a pack run… but with Allianna and I finding mates we’re all just doing our own thing tonight.” I nodded. I could already feel the pull in my muscles, the moon was already calling my wolf to rip through my skin. I moved away from Damian. “It’s time,” I announced, he nodded and led me into the wood, just beyond the treeline he took his shirt off.

The stream coming from him already was insane. The chilled night air coiling his steam away from his body. I could feel my temperature rising too. I grunted as my shoulder cracked. I began stripping realising that maybe we should have come into the wood five minutes before. Damian was naked and on his all fours. I managed to watch for a moment as the steam from him turned purple… well that was different.

I had to tear my eyes away as my legs broke, sending me onto my hands and knees. My transformation seemed to take longer than it ever had. My bones popping and realigning, I growled out as the pain intensified… the fuck was happening? It was never this bad… ever.

Fur brushed up against my still skin-covered body, I couldn’t open my eyes as I gritted my teeth. I knew it was Damian rubbing against me when finally I felt the itching and burning of my own fur. Finally!

A few more minutes later I could straighten on my four paws… four white paws… I’m not white. I tried to look over my wolf form, looking over my shoulder to a blue hue around my fur. I shook and it seemed attached… ‘well this more suits me.’ My wolf ruffled her now physical fur

‘why do we look so different?’

‘No idea, but I’m not complaining… look at mate.’ I turned my head to the biggest wolf I’d ever seen, he was the size of grizzly bear… but I realised as he rubbed against me that I wasn’t that much smaller than him… when previously I was the size of a common wolf. I looked up to him as he continued to brush against me.

His pure black fur held purple, it looked like purple flames licking around him. He was stunning… his sapphire eyes locking onto my turquoise. He nipped at my neck with his long sharp teeth making me growl at him. I allowed my wolf to take hold, pushing my human mind aside.

I watched as if through a TV, we were running, knocking into each other. Damian nipping and growling. Our wolves played together, pouncing and chasing until we reached a clearing where the moon was high above. Damian’s magnificent form craned his neck and howled, other howls responded, along with my own as we responded to our Alpha.

I awoke naked, nestled into a strong muscular olive chest. “Your wolf is as beautiful as you,” he whispered, rubbing his nose against mine. “Why was it different? I was white!” I asked quickly

“The moon Goddess has granted you a wolf form fitting to your title,” his chest rumbled

“Did you know? Wait… she can do that?”

“I had a suspicion… but couldn’t be sure until last night. And of course, the moon goddess does whatever she desires.” I couldn’t believe how much being mated to Damian could possibly change. Was there anything else? But a more pressing thought came to my mind… we were both butt naked in the middle of nowhere.

“Damian… we’re nowhere near our clothes.”

“There’s clothes hidden all over the place. I’ll go find some.” He met my lips, brushing them softly before standing and walking away.

I rolled onto my front to look at where we were. We were next to a stream that led to a little pool of water. The water glittered and shimmered in the morning sun. I looked around to make sure no-one was there and made my way to the rock pool. I felt the water, it was cool. I looked down to my mud smudged body and slid in. The chill latched onto my body but it was nice. I hummed as the pool was deep enough for nearly my whole body, my feet hit the algae-covered rocks, my shoulders just visible.

I washed my face in the fresh, clean water. Hearing a noise I looked behind me. Damian hadn’t seen me, he was looking at where I had previously been lying. His side profile began looking around. I made a splash making Damian look to me and smile, his naked form glorious. I raked my eyes over him taking him all in as he walked towards me. “Are you checking me out?”

“What if I am?” He hummed as if contemplating. And leapt into the water, splashing me in the process. “Gah, it’s cold!” he let out a gasp before getting used to the temperature of the water.

I splashed him to get him back for splashing me. Squeals and laughter echoed around the clearing. I sent a tidal wave over his already wet hair. He shook his head and lunged at me, dunking me under the water. I resurfaced trying to look thunderous at him “Damian!” I scolded trying to keep the twitching at bay as my lips desperately wanted to smile. He just laughed, while his mouth was open I splashed him… water going straight into his mouth “Ha!” Damian grabbed me and pinned my arms across my stomach, twisting me so my back hit his chest. “I’ll get you for that,” his voice turning husky

“Really?” I twisted my neck to capture his lips, grabbing onto the back of his head. A low growl reverberated around his chest.

I wrestled for dominance, twisting around to face him and when he was moaning against my lips. I pushed with all my might, dunking his head under the water. I scrambled to the side lifting myself out. I saw the t-shirt and threw it over my head running barefoot. I could hear Damian’s thundering feet behind me so quickened my pace, making it to the house.

I got up the spiral staircase before he grabbed me wrestling me to the floor. I squealed as he began tickling me. “No! Ah! Help!” I gasped as his fingers danced over my sides. I gasped for breath between laughter. “Stop!” I gasped. Before another bout of giggles escaped my lips as he tickled under my arms.

He rested his forehead against mine “That’s what you get for teasing me.” Beads of water from his wet hair trickled over to my forehead. I panted trying to get my breath back from the tickle attack “Actually… I think I got my own back, you dunked me first remember.” I grinned up to him.

“I think I should be able to do what I like… I am the High Alpha after all.”

“Doesn’t wash with me. I’m the High Luna remember?”

“Oh, that reminds me… we still need to have the ceremony,” he announced, nibbling at my lip.

“Ceremony?” I asked, ducking from his mouth to ask.

“To crown you of course, and initiate you into the pack.” He grinned down to me before capturing my lips mercilessly.

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