End of the Omega

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Chapter 22

“Everyone rise,” Damian declared. The crowd rose almost as one, getting to their feet. “Can I request every Alpha to the stage?” I saw movement in the crowd and gradually men of all ages were climbing onto the stage with us. “Each Alpha must pledge their elegance to their High Luna…” Damian seemed to be looking over the men gathering on the stage.

“Blue Moon! Where is your Alpha!” Nobody made a sound, “Is anyone here from Blue moon?” I saw movement in the crowd and a young man stepped forward, shaking. “H-High Alpha… m-my fath-father is still healing, he could n-not make th-the journey.” Damian surveyed the man in front of him, he was young, around eighteen, too young to be Alpha yet. I knew that was the only reason he had not stripped Blue Moon of their Alpha. “Hmm, perfect opportunity pup to explain to the packs why he was injured don’t you think?” The man shook his head violently, “I never agreed with his actions High Alpha.”

“The only reason you’re still alive, pup. Alpha Christopher, please bring the pup to me.” Alpha Christopher nodded and left the stage, he approached the man and dragged him by the arm. They reached Damian who had fire behind his eyes.

“Pup! Tell everyone about your father’s crimes and the punishment he received.” I could see tears in the young man’s eyes, he was terrified. He shook his head “You disobey a direct order boy?” Damian’s voice harsh, demonstrating his power. “N-no High Alpha… I just…” Damian grabbed the man’s shirt pulling him roughly towards him. “Damian,” I said softly putting my hand on his arm, “Damian, let him go.” I squeezed his bicep getting his attention. He looked back to me, his eyes softening. “I’ll deal with this.” This was my chance to show how we would work to the packs. How Damian was harsh and ruthless, while I would be the soft and just side, so everyone knew that punishment was deserved and not through anger.

Damian released the young man and stepped back, realising what I was doing. I stepped towards the young man “What’s your name?”

“Seth, High Luna.”

“OK Seth, now we know you weren’t behind the crimes of your father, those who were behind it were punished, yes?” I kept my voice light but loud enough so everyone could hear.

“Yes High Luna,” his voice was calming a little now Damian wasn’t speaking to him.

“Seth, please tell the packs the hideous crime he committed. You are not in trouble and I know you will run the pack well as soon as you come of age.”

“H-High Luna… What he did was wrong… I didn’t agree and I tried to stop him,” a hint of embarrassment evident within his voice. “I know Seth.” I gently gripped his shoulder and turned him to face the crowd, “Tell them, so it never happens again.” He looked to me briefly but took a deep breath,

“The Alpha of the Blue Moon pack kept two rogues prisoner… they were beaten and… raped. They were seven and ten… when th-they first...” Horrified gasps echoed around the crowd. Growls could be heard amongst the Alpha’s assembled. “That was five years ago… nearly a month ago the High Alpha and Luna came… saved them.”

“And what did I do to your father, pup?” Damian growled from his chair

“Y-you ripped off his manhood.” Seth looked down, avoiding the disgusted gaze of the crowd. Mutters of agreement could be heard around the crowd and Alpha’s.

“High Luna, where are the girls now? Are they safe?” one of the Alpha’s spoke, I didn’t need to respond. “Yes Alpha Bane, They are within my pack, they are doing well,” Alpha Christopher replied. I guessed to hide their identity he did not state he had adopted them. He had grown fond of the girls and didn’t want them to move from his home.

“Pup, you can be part of the blood oath on behalf of your father.” Damian stood and a bit too roughly pushed Seth into the crowd of Alphas. There were fifteen, fifteen Alphas for the fifteen packs. And I caught a glimpse of the Alpha I had been most worried about seeing… Alpha Jeremy.

Damian pulled out a sapphire hilted dagger from his hip. Allianna produced a quartz bowl. “Each Alpha will pledge their allegiance to our High Luna, they will mark this allegiance with their blood. The Alpha’s represent their pack”.

Each Alpha stepped forward, cut their palm with the dagger and squeezed their hand over the bowl. They would then say “I pledge my and my packs wolves to you, High Luna.” Alpha Jeremy was the last. Please don’t make a scene, please don’t say anything. I pressed my teeth together in nerves as he stepped forward. He took the dagger from Damian and looked down to me, looking me straight in the eye. I bit the inside of my lip, I shouldn’t say anything I hadn’t even said anything to Alpha Christopher. “I’m glad you’re looking well Ev-” A small growl stopped him “High Luna, I pledge mine and the Bloodmoon Pack’s wolves to you.”

“Thank you… are my… are my parents here?” I whispered as he cut his palm down the middle

“No, there’s only one omega here…” He dropped his head looking into the bowl and whispered almost inaudibly “…you.” I blanched as he squeezed his palm, the drops hitting the existing crimson and disappearing.

Alpha Jeremy turned to leave, but he tripped. I didn’t see it but I suspected Damian tripped him as Damian caught his arm pulling him to him. A spattering of laughter crossed the sea of people. A few coughs amongst the Alphas. Alpha Jeremy had turned red, but paled at Damian’s words “Do you want to repeat that to my face?”

“I-I don’t know w-what you mean.”

“If you’re so hung up on rank maybe you should be demoted to Omega.”

“High Alpha… I don’t… I’m sorry,” he gulped, his fear evident in his voice

“Next time I come to your pack her parent’s better have been given everything they need and want. They are the parents of a High Luna now. Don’t you think?”

“O-of course High Alpha.”

“Very good, now be more careful next time.” Damian released his arm and Alpha Jeremy hurried back to the Alphas.

Damian swirled the blood “The High Luna will wash her hands in the blood of her allies.” He turned the bowl to me and I did as he said, dipping my hands into the lukewarm crimson liquid that seemed to cling to my hands. Taking my hands out, they were now red. I was careful not to drip on my dress until Damian produced a towel for me to wipe the blood. “Thank you Alphas.” The men shuffled off the stage.

We got to the third and final stage, I was glad it was nearly over, my calves were burning with the heels as I hadn’t been able to sit yet. I could sit after the next bit. Nicos produced another dagger, this one pure gold with one single sapphire in the hilt. Nicos and Allianna rose to join us at the front of the stage. “This won’t hurt for long.” Nicos gently pulled my hand palm up to him. I would prefer Damian to do it, but he couldn’t physically hurt his mate, so Nicos had to do it.

Nicos slid the blade against my flesh, a searing hot sting crossed my palm. The blood pooled as Damian had his palm slit, as soon as it was cut he pressed out hands together, mixing our blood. Damian took the blade and cut Nicos’ hand, who did the same as Damian, mixing our blood, finally Alliana. Once all three had touched their bloody palms to me, a fog clouded my mind for a second. I felt sluggish and sick.

The cloud lifted, my mind clear. It was the clearest it had ever felt. Everything felt sharper, more defined. Colours seemed brighter “Hello Beautiful,” I heard Damian’s voice, but his lips hadn’t moved. “Don’t react,” Nicos was next to ‘speak’

Welcome to the family,” Alliana was the next voice. I did as Nicos said and didn’t react but my mind was reeling… what was happening? It was like their voices were in my head. Damian closed the ceremony, I barely heard him state that a BBQ would be held in a few hours, anyone was welcome but they were also welcome to leave.

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