End of the Omega

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Chapter 23

Damian wrapped his arm around my waist and lead me down off the stage “What the fuck was that?” I hissed at him

“Mixing our blood gave you access to our mind link, Originals and their mates are the only ones that have access.”

“Mind link?” He was leading me back to the car, we both needed to change for the BBQ

“Just, try and speak to me, think about it and just say what you want in your head.” I furrowed my brow as we got into the car, Damian in the driver’s seat. I concentrated on him, and ‘pushed’ “You’re a dickhead,” to him… not thinking it would work

I heard that,” Damian’s voice came into my head

That worked?” I thought

Yes, you’ve got it.

So I can contact you wherever I am?

Yup,” his voice still in my head “But when we’re together, I’d prefer to actually speak,” he spoke (lips moving this time)

“Can I speak to Nicos, Allianna?” I asked

“Yes, that’s how I get either of my siblings to our house whenever I want, I mind link them. Now you can do the same.”

“That’s useful,” I commented, he nodded. Pulling up outside our house.

I went into the large closet going over to my side to pick up the dress for the party. It was similar to the ceremony dress but shorter. Golden champagne colour, sweetheart neckline. But it brushed my knees so I could move around easier. I also had shorter heels to change into, for comfort. “I’m really proud of you today,” Damian said as he shrugged out of his jacket.

“Really? Oh, can you undo me?” I walked over to him turning around to show him the lace back.

“Of course. The way you handled the Blue moon future Alpha, I was about to throttle him in front of everyone.” He unlaced my dress as he spoke

“I know, that’s why I stopped you. He wasn’t disrespecting you, he was scared, he’s a boy.” I felt the dress loosen enough for me to slip it off.

I began walking back over to my side of the dressing room when I heard a growl. I turned to see Damian staring at me “Drop the dress,” his husky voice interrupted by his chest rumbling in a growl. I laughed at him, his jaw clenched as he closed the gap between us crashing his lips down to mine pulling my head up at the same time. The ferocity of the kiss took my breath away. “Damian,” I mumbled against him “We need to get ready.” He pulled away, pulling my arms from the dress so it dropped to the floor. “Don’t care, I’ve been turned on since I saw you, and then you stopped me tearing that kids throat out. You showed how much of my Luna you are. You’re mine.” His eyes raked over the champagne lace strapless bra and panties that were now visible. I forced myself to break away from him stepping out of the dress.

“You can rip them off later, I need them for the next dress.” I quickly went to the next dress and slipped it on before Damian could do anything else. “Tease,” he grumbled as he replaced his white dress shirt with a dark grey shirt, leaving it open at the collar. “Come on, they’ll be waiting.” I pulled on his hand “Can you control yourself for another few hours?” I looked back at him. Maybe a bit too flirtatiously because he grabbed me yanking up my dress and slammed into me almost instantly. I couldn’t really complain, well I couldn’t say a word as a scream mixed with a moan left my throat.

My knees weakened, tingles of ice and fire shot up my spine while he rammed into me with such ferocity I thought he may split me in two. If being split in two felt this good he could do it any day of the week.


We made it back to the field (albeit quite a bit later than we should have) where BBQs were lit waiting for food to sizzle on its scorching grills. Groups were milling around talking. I caught some introductions so guessed they weren’t from the same packs. Damian and I walked, my hand nestled in the crook of his arm. Everyone bowed their heads as we passed. I caught sight of Beta Adrian standing with his wife, talking to a younger man I did not recognise. I pulled Damian slightly in the opposite direction. I didn’t want to talk to anyone of my old pack. Yes, I'm a complete coward.

Damian dropped my hand to go and get food, I decided to walk to the edge of the crowd. All the noise was making me uncomfortable so I walked a little further away so the many voices became more murmurs. I breathed in the now night air, lanterns adorned the field, erected on poles basking the area in a warm glow. I looked towards the trees, seeing fairy lights amongst the branches.

I hadn’t really taken in the decorations until now. And looking from further away I really could appreciate the beauty of the lights, flickering and washing everyone’s faces in warmth. I sighed, I was officially a Luna. High Luna at that, how everything had changed. I wished my parents had been able to be here today… would they be proud though? Or still disgusted that I had left so quickly. I honestly hadn’t given it much thought because I knew I’d get upset.

I oversee the many people spotting members from the pack I now belonged to, all warriors or guards, all treated the same. Many having mates attached to their arms. I hadn’t met many of them, I should really go and meet them. I took a step forward when a cold hand gripped my wrist tightly, spinning me around.

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