End of the Omega

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Chapter 24

I yelped at the sudden cold and movement. The hand spun me to face him. Archimedes. “What are you doing all alone, child?”

“I was admiring the view,” I said nonchalantly, trying to quieten my rapid heart beat.

“Hmm… yes wolves do have some eye for beauty… not as much as us of course.” I tried to twist my wrist free but his grip remained. “I haven’t been introduced to your fellows,” I couldn’t help the small quake in my voice.

Archimedes’ grip was tightening painfully around my wrist, despite the pleasantness of the ‘conversation’. “Ah, how rude of me. We have my right hand man Brieuc.” the man stood next to him nodded. His long silver hair lay straight down his back, his purple eyes piercing into my grey. His angular face and pointed ears made all the Fae look very similar. I couldn’t discern many differences in the five Fae that were before me, apart from the difference in hair colour. “You do not need to concern yourself with my other comrades, for I wish to warn you High Luna. We never agreed for the wolves we created to have the joy of mates or companionship. The moon goddess deceived us in her magic.-” I sensed danger so called “Damian help!” through the new mind link thing.

Ice was trickling down my spine, I couldn't release his grip, I looked around to see no-one rushing towards us. I was alone, why was I stupid enough to isolate myself? I tugged again, knowing full well my fear was plastered over my face as plain as day.

“And your beloved mate betrayed us. So a warning child… you are not safe, you will never be safe.” He yanked my arm toward him and I let out a scream as I felt a searing pain up my arm. He let go and I fell backwards. The five Fae sprinted into the darkness. Then I heard the beat of wings.

I grasped at my still burning arm and felt blood. I shook on the floor, grasping desperately at the pain “My darling, what happened?” Damian's voice came from above me before he dropped to his knees next to me.

“Fae… I don’t know.” I tried to look at my arm that felt like it was engulfed in flames. “Damian it hurts!” I yelled as the burning grew worse. A blinding light exploded in my head, I felt like my two hemispheres were trying to rip away from each other.

Damian grabbed at my arm and grunted, “Pure silver, I’ve got to get it out.” I could hear his panic which only increased my own. He grasped above the burning and squeezed, I groaned at the new pain “I’m sorry my love, I need to stop it spreading.” I heard the sound of a belt and then the leather was looped onto the top of my forearm pulling it tight. I screamed.

I could hear movement around me, black spots were on my vision but I couldn’t black out. I shook my head “I’ll get it out, I’ll get it out,” said a male voice but it wasn’t Damian.

“If she dies,” Damian’s growl

“Damian,” I muttered weakly and his face appeared in my failing vision

“I’m here, hold on Eva, hold on, please don’t leave me.” Another excruciating pain and my vision gave out. I heard “Hold on.” Before I allowed the darkness to take me away from the pain.


I heard footsteps, the birds, and the rustle of leaves. My eyes felt heavy so I didn’t bother opening them, I could smell Damian so I knew I wasn’t in danger. I felt under my fingers feeling soft fabric, a soft pillow under my head. I was in a bed. I heard movement then a warm hand brushing against my forehead. The tingles telling me it was Damian. “Are you awake?” his voice soft, full of sadness and worry. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out so I hummed in response. I forced my lids to open but the light blinded and I automatically shut them. “I’ll get you some water.” Damian’s footsteps faded, and then returned.

I tried to open my eyes again and peered through my lashes, I was in our bedroom. I struggled to sit up until strong arms gently pulled me so my back was against the headboard, a glass gently put to my lips. I took a few sips until the glass was taken away and I blinked allowing my eyes to open fully. I remembered the pain in my arm and looked down, thick white bandages covered my forearm. I turned my gaze to Damian, the gorgeous handsome man looked tired, dark circles framed his beautiful sapphire eyes.

“What?” I croaked.

“The Fae tried to kill you, they cut you with a jagged blade. It had been dipped in silver and the teeth broke off in your arm. I should never have left you alone.” I reached up with my left arm and pulled him down to me, wanting his comfort and his warmth “Why?” It hurt to talk, it felt like all my energy was being dragged out with any movement. “Did he say anything?” I nodded against his shoulder but the number of words I would have to use were too much.

Damian kissed my temple and sat back “OK, tell me after the doctor’s been. I’ve asked Nicos to fetch him… Darling, please don’t look at your arm, you have some more healing to do.” He held my hand gently. I looked up to him, my eyebrows coming together. But before I could ask a young man with freckles and light brown hair walking into the room “High Luna, I’m glad you’re awake.” He placed a bag down on the floor “How are you feeling?”

“Not sure,” I croaked to him, it was true I don’t know how I felt. Tired? Achy? Disorientated? Confused? How should I feel?

“That’s OK, let me undo the bandages. They were due a change in an hour anyway.” I looked down to the thick bandages as the doctor began unwrapping but Damian’s hand cupped my chin and pulled me to face him. “Don’t look,” he whispered, laying a gentle kiss on my forehead. I felt the air hit my arm and I wrenched my face from his grasp.

Oh goddess that is not my arm.

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