End of the Omega

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Chapter 28

The next few days I have to admit I felt quite clingy. I went from wanting my own space to wanting to be connected to Damian’s hip. “Darling, I really need to go get some work done,” Damian sighed as I sat on his lap eating breakfast. “Can I come?”

“It’ll be really boring, why don’t you go train? Peta’s going to be in the meeting but Theo could take over your training.”

“Prefer to come with you,” I muttered into his chest. Damian pushed me away so he was looking straight into my eyes “Darling, not that I’m complaining of all the hugs and love I’m getting… but what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” I tried to move closer to him but he kept his arms out stopping me

“For someone who two days ago was desperate to train and get away from me… you’ve changed your tune… so something is wrong.” I traced up and down my scarring arm, it barely hurt now which I was happy about. “You were right… I’m not safe, and if I die you said you’d die… I don’t want you to die,” I whined at him.

“And you were right that you are safe around our pack, as long as there are others around you will be safe…” He rubbed up and down my back. “Besides, the Fae would be foolish to come back here to attack… they committed an act of war, they’re waiting for us to strike… they won’t strike again, they don’t have the numbers.”

“Then why don’t we attack now?”

“Because last time I went in there unprepared… there were many fatalities… all wolves.” I frowned at his response,

“What do you mean?” I stared directly into his sapphire orbs

“We can’t hurt them Eva…” he sighed “Their magic… we couldn’t strike them… it doesn’t work.” My frown deepened. So there was nothing we could do?

“… But if they came here we could capture them and they know that” I said thoughtfully

“Yes, I just don’t know how to kill them.” I chewed my lip

“That doesn’t exactly make me feel any better...” I slid off his lap and started pacing the kitchen “You’re saying the Fae can do whatever they like?”

“They can’t kill us… as in me, Allianna and Nicos… again, something to do with their magic or something. That’s why we made the treaty.”

“Was that what your meeting’s about? The Fae?”

“Yes, we need to work out a way to kill them, we need to work out a way to infiltrate and destroy them.” I nodded, and made a decision.

“Go, I want to come… but I get you need to think of a plan first.”

“You can come if you want, maybe you’ll have an insight we’ve never thought of.”

“Really? I didn’t think you wanted me to.”

“I’ve told you the situation now, you’re pretty much up to speed same as everyone else.” I nodded, smiling to him “OK, do we have five minutes?”

“We have twenty.” He stood and pressed a kiss to my lips, I kissed back and pulled away, “I’ll go put some proper clothes on then.” I was currently sporting leggings and a too-big t-shirt. Damian chuckled to me but let my waist go, and patted my butt as I turned around.

Damian and I approached a small two-story log cabin. It looked like an average two-bed house but it was in the middle of the wood, the tree branches overhanging the wooden roof. Damian entwined our fingers before stepping inside. The hallway was almost non-existent, it had two doors on either side then stairs straight ahead.

Damian lead me to the left-hand door which looked like a meeting room. Peta and Nicos were seated at a long rosewood table, along with two men, one with striking ginger hair, the other light brown. I recognised them but didn’t know their names. Damian sat at the head of the table and I sank into the seat next to him, pulling out the notebook I’d grabbed from home. Damian gave me a look, “I’m going to write everything we know down, that way we can look back on it,” I responded to his unasked question. He gave a proud smile towards me. “Good thinking.” He turned his attention to Nicos “Where’s Allianna?”

“She should be here.” The door creaked open,

“I’m here.” Allianna flounced in, followed by another man with a very long nose, again I recognised him but wasn’t sure of his name.

Once everyone was seated Damian began “So, we’ve discussed louring the Fae here yes?” Nods were had around the room “And going there… but we don’t know how to kill them.” More nods, I thought it was for my benefit as I scribbled down what’s been discussed “What methods of killing have you tried?” I asked

“Blades, fists, teeth.” I jotted that down. The meeting continued. We discussed different tactics, many that had been discussed or tried before.

“What if killing them kills you?” I voiced a thought that had been circling around my head while Nicos and the long-nosed man argued over whether fire would work. A silence descended around the table. “Hadn’t thought about that,” Damian whispered.

“It’s a chance we have to take,” Nicos declared. I chewed on my lip.

After the meeting we were no closer to a solution, and I felt both helpless and scared that it really was true the Fae could do anything and there could never be repercussions. There had to be a weakness, right? They had to have something that could kill them? Nothing is infallible, even the hardest, toughest creature has a weakness… we just had to find the Fae’s.

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