End of the Omega

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Chapter 29

I waited until I knew Damian was fast asleep before creeping out of bed and tiptoed to the window easing it open. I checked behind me, Damian hadn’t moved so I slipped through, closing it behind me. I felt the chill on my bare shoulders and legs, enjoying the smells that the night air brings. I leant over the balcony just enjoying the sounds of crickets. Far off I could hear a few guards patrolling, the only thing that disturbed the nature.

I looked up to the glowing half-moon, at least it was shining bright tonight, it meant she may be listening. I thought of the words I had prepared and sank to my knees, eyes still trained to the moon.

“Moon Goddess, I hope you’re listening. Please give us your support in destroying the Fae. I’m sure you know they have decided to kill your creations mates. I don’t care about me, but Damian wouldn’t be able to live without me. And I worry for Ash and Iris, I just know they will be targeted next. You gave me the strength to survive their attack, and I’m eternally grateful. We have to attack them, but Goddess… I don’t know how. We need your strength more than ever, but most of all… we need your wisdom. Please find it in your heart to help us.”

I squeezed my eyes shut and bowed my head before rising back to my feet. I opened them back to the shining moon “Please,” I begged before creeping back to bed. I closed my eyes unsure if she had heard my plea or how a message would be received if she spoke. What if she felt she’d made a mistake allowing the originals mates? Questions and doubts swam through my mind as I tossed and turned. Damian slept peacefully next to me as if he wasn’t the slightest bit worried - traitor.

I decided sleep was futile, I’d tried for two hours and no closer to drifting off. I left Damian and crept downstairs creaking the door open to the TV room. Sitting on one of the squishy leather chairs I clicked it on realising I didn’t want to watch anything. I flicked it to reruns of an old comedy and just mindlessly stared, not watching but not thinking either.

A particularly funny sketch happened and I smiled, I heard a laugh. I didn’t laugh. I looked around to see a woman sat on the sofa, watching the screen. I leapt to my feet “Who are you?” My eyes wide in fear and surprise. “Why dear, you called me. Do you not remember?”

“What…?” I looked to her properly, her flowing sliver hair spread down her back. Her pristine white dress seemed to glow in the TV glare. Her high cheekbones popped as she smiled showing a perfect row of teeth “How’s the arm dear? It took a lot of my power to prevent that silver killing you, you know.”

“Moon Goddess?”

“Of course, who else would be sat here with you? I’m Celestial, I’ve been watching over your mate since the day he became my child. Now I will watch over you.”

“Do you not look over all wolves?” I asked, surprised by her wording

“I used to, but the amount of wolves are too great. I don’t mean to have favourites but I’ve had to reduce the flock I protect so to speak.”

“Who do you protect now?” The question came before I could stop myself,

“The worthy, like you. I can never turn my back on my three children, even if they do disappoint.” I frowned at her,

“They don’t disappoint you do they?” I cocked my head to the side with my question. “My eldest son; your mate didn’t protect you, neither did the rest of my flock. That atrocity shouldn’t have been able to lay a hand on you… but he did. Your pure soul does not allow for you to blame them… but I do.” Pure soul? Me? Yeah right.

“It wasn’t their fault. I walked away from the crowd. If I had stayed amongst the others they wouldn’t have been able to touch me.”

“There you are, your pure soul. Anyway, my dear, you asked me a question. I shall help you, I shall find their weakness. The only piece of knowledge I can bestow upon you now is that they are weakest when away from their forest. Take them away from their home, allow me to find a weapon before you do this, however. I don’t want any more wolves to be injured because of them. They’ve killed enough, it’s our turn,” she advised cautiously, I nodded in understanding, we weren’t ready but we would be. “Thank you Moon Goddess.”

“My son is awake, be the Luna he needs. He worries for you, I see it in his dreams,” after her words I heard Damain’s soft footsteps I looked up to the noise “Why don’t you stay? Say...” I looked down to see her gone.

“Who were you talking to?” Damian’s voice gruff and husky from sleep as he walked into the room. His pyjama pants low on his hips. Do I tell him?

“It was just the TV, sorry I think I had it too loud.” He ran his hand through his dishevelled hair

“Oh… I thought I heard… Ah never mind. Why you not in bed?”

“I couldn’t sleep, thought I’d disturb you with my tossing and turning.” Damian grunted, he was still half asleep. He budged me over in my chair sitting down before pulling me gently onto his lap. He instantly fell back to sleep, his arms loosening around my waist. I hummed before leaning in to him, eyes back on the TV.

My mind went to Celestial’s words, they’re weakest when out of the trees, but she needed to find a weapon. Was it going to be a physical weapon? Maybe something of pure magic as they seem to be. I didn’t feel as hopeless, but I was nonetheless worried as Damian’s quiet snores filled the room I felt myself drift off in his arms.

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