End of the Omega

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Chapter 3

I tried to clear my vision when a strong large hand gripped around my wrist. The only way I could describe it was sparks, like static electricity coursed up my arm. I yelped instinctively, the feeling not painful, but nothing I’d ever experienced.

I felt fine again, my vision came into sharp focus and my head stopped it’s ballerina twirling. I looked up as the strong hand pulled me back to my feet. I could see olive skin, dark heavy eyebrows. Piercing sapphire eyes that were boring into my dull steel eyes. His chestnut brown hair perfectly in place. “I didn’t mean to startle you,” his low rumble of a voice sent shivers down my back.

“I’m sorry… I thought the door was there,” I responded lamely. My wolf began scratching and pawing to get to the front, take control. She didn’t seem to know why though. “Eva, you OK?” Cameron’s voice came from behind me. I peeled my eyes from the man in front of me. “Yeah, I just fell.” I reached for Cameron but noticed the dark man still had hold of my wrist. “Erm… I’m fine now. Thank you for helping me up.” I moved to tug my wrist free. I felt like I should be feeling something other than calm, as that’s what I felt… There was another emotion I should feel as the broad man refused to let go.

“High Alpha Damian, please my pack is waiting.” I turn to Alpha Jeremy, his dark hair streaked with grey. His eyes looked up as he bowed respectfully… this is High Alpha Damian? “Of course, apologies.” He started walking, my wrist still firmly clutched in his grasp. I looked back to Cameron who looked confusedly towards me, I tried to portray that I can’t get my wrist out. Telling him with my eyes that I want to get back to him. For some reason, my mouth had become very uncooperative and not moving. Cameron followed us until Alpha Damian ascended the steps to the stage… still dragging me along.

I didn’t want to make a scene so I stood next to The High Alpha, my eyes downcast. I didn’t want to be in front of the crowd and I certainly didn’t want to be up here. I could feel every eye on me wondering why I was there without Cameron. I couldn’t take in a word of Alpha Jeremy or High Alpha Damian’s speech. The only thing I knew… for some strange reason I still felt calm. I was very aware an original werewolf was holding onto my wrist tightly, but I wasn’t panicking. I felt like I should be exactly where I was.

A thought hits me in a tidal wave… I crashed into the High Alpha.... I walked straight into the bloodthirsty monster, and he wasn’t letting me go. Oh fuck, Oh shit… I’m dead. I’m dead meat, I insulted him, and quite frankly assaulted him. I’ve embarrassed my Cameron, I’ve embarrassed my pack. Is he going to do it in front of everyone? Am I standing here to be punished? I’ve heard his favourite hobby is tearing off limbs. OK can safely say the calm disappeared and I began to panic as I heard claps.

The crowd clapped and howled then High Alpha Damian was led back down the steps. I blink, oh he’s not going to do it in front of everyone. I peeked up to the High Alpha, wanting to ask if I’d offended him. Explain I didn’t mean to but Cameron made a grab at me, trying to wrap his arms around me. High Alpha Damian growled, his chest filled with thunder as it rumbled guttural through to his throat. It was a rumble that would make any wolf flinch, including Cameron. But I didn’t seem affected, I could hear the power of the growl, but my wolf didn’t want to submit. She didn’t feel the need to bow down. “Don’t touch her,” his Alpha command evident. I began to wriggle again. He can’t talk to my future husband like that. I twisted my wrist and managed to free it. He can kill me later.

As soon as his skin left mine that dizzy feeling returned. The smell was overpowering again “Cam...” I stumbled towards him, a panic flooding through me… what was going on? Why did I go dizzy so quickly? I hoped I was going in the right direction for Cameron, I needed his comfort. I felt fabric under my fingers before it was wrenched suddenly away “MINE!” A growl reverberated around the hall as strong powerful arms wrapped around my middle. My senses came back aligned to see Cameron, sprawled on the floor ten feet away.

I made a move to go to him but I was lifted from my feet “What are you doing?!” I began to kick out

“I’m not letting you out of my sight.” His breath tickled my ear as it sent chills and tingles all over my body. “What’s happening?” I found myself saying “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you! I’m sorry!” I beg.

“You haven’t offended me my dear, far from it.” His lips touched my ear and cold tingles shot down my spine. “What’s going on!?”

“I’ll explain, stop struggling.” I struggled again but his growl made me stop. I went limp, my breathing heavy with the effort of attempting to get out of his arms. He’s ridiculously strong.

His arms released me as he gently placed me on a sawn log a minute walk from the hall. He moved his hand so he was holding mine. I’m not sure I wanted him to hold my hand but it did seem if he wasn’t touching me I’m dizzy so I let him… not really that I could stop him. In his presence, I suddenly felt my status. I’m an omega… I can’t do anything to him.

“What’s going on?” I mumbled, avoiding his sapphire eyes, so I looked to my feet.

“You’re my mate,” he stated as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“Mate’s don’t exist… they haven’t for a hundred years.” I shouldn’t need to explain that to him. He chuckled, “I’m a lot older than one hundred my dear.” I looked up to him this time, looking into his unlined face. “You don’t look a day over thirty,” I was being very bold, I didn’t know what came over me. Another chuckle came from his perfect lips… why do I think they’re perfect? I’m engaged to Cameron; Cameron’s mine.

“I want to go check on my fiancée.” I made a move to stand but he tugged me back down.

“He’s not your fiancée.” Another growl rumbled in his chest “I hate that you wolves have decided to adopt such a human behaviour.” I stay silent. I wanted to argue, but how could I argue with him? He’s the original Alpha. There’s nothing I could do. “Until I mark you you won’t be able to leave my side. It’ll be too painful for you.”

“Mark? What? Why?” my voice quiet, mouse like. Instantly his hand left mine. The feelings flooded back, and then they started getting worse. The uneasy feeling. My wolf scratched in my head, whining. Then an overwhelming pain surged through my chest. I whimpered and slipped from the log, clutching at the pain trying to rip at it. My wolf panted and howled at the pain.

Then it was gone, High Alpha Damian’s arm was under my shoulders helping me up. “I got twenty paces,” he muttered as he picked me up, setting me back on the log. “What did you feel?” he asked.

“Like my senses were overloaded... then a pain... Wolf goes crazy.” I stated through gritted teeth. Almost a remnant of the pain still throbbing in my chest.

He nestled himself on the ground, looking up to me, his fingers dancing on my knee “Why me?” my voice coming out as a whine

“I didn’t pick you. The Goddess did, a long time ago. I’ve been waiting for you for almost five-hundred years.” I bury my face in my hands. His hand stopped their dance and began stroking soothing circles on my knee gently.

“It’s too much High Alpha… I… mates don’t exist,” my voice muffled, he pulled my hands from my face.

“Please, it’s Damian to you.” He kissed the palms of my hands “I’m sorry it’s so intense, it’s because I’m an original. The mate bond for normal wolves isn’t normally this bad.” It became too much as I felt sobs wrack my body.

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