End of the Omega

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Chapter 30

“Alpha! Vampires!” Damian’s head snapped around to one of the guards who was panting at the window opening of his office “Capture them, I want to know why they keep trying to sneak in.”

“That’s the thing Alpha… they want to talk to you and Luna.” Damian stood

“I’ll go, Eva isn’t though, stay with her.” I got off from the sofa.

“I’m coming,” I declared, Damian looked at me

“I… it’s dangerous,” he replied beginning to walk out the ground floor

“I’m coming,” I said more forcefully, slipping my hand into his as he walked, he sighed.

“OK, stay behind me, do not let them touch you, do not look into their eyes.” I nodded as we strode quickly towards the other side of the land.

As we approached I saw multiple guards and warriors surrounding five individuals that looked an awful lot like the Fae. Pale skin and tall, but their eyes were maroon, like dried blood. And I could see white fangs poking their bottom lips. Damian pushed me behind him as the guards parted for us.

“Alpha of all wolves… we have come in peace.” One of the vampires with mahogany hair dropped his head in a bow. “I’ve been wishing to talk to you for a long time, how can I address you?”

“I am King of the Vampires. But as King of wolves you may address me as Lazarus. Please is there somewhere we can talk?”

“We can talk here,” Damian replied shortly

“Very well. The reason I wished to speak to you. The Fae, I’ve heard they’ve been causing problems for you.” Damian remained silent, I could see his back tense “We have been quarrelling with the Fae since time began. They make many enemies believing themselves to be untouchable. Invincible even.” Damian nodded for him to continue “We think we’ve found a way… a way to kill them.”

“I’m listening,” Damian’s voice low

“You don’t talk much do you? Anyway. We believe the mixture of original werewolf, and pureblood vampire blood will prevent their magic.”

“You… believe...” I could hear the slight dissatisfaction in Damian’s voice

“We can’t test the theory without your blood. We have captured a Fae, we need a small amount of your blood to confirm our suspicions.”

“How can we trust you?”

“We wish the Fae dead as much as you do. We heard of the unfortunate incident with your... mate, they broke the treaty they wrote. They kill at least one vampire a month to prove they can. I want Archimedes’ head mounted on my wall,” the King growled, I peeked around Damian to see his fangs bared, but he didn’t appear to be threatening Damian. “What do you think my love?”

“I’m not sure… what’s the worst they could do with your blood?” I pushed back to him

“Study our weaknesses? Injure me to strike?”

“Are you saying a little cut is really going to weaken you? And they probably know our weaknesses already.”

“Hmm… good point.”

“We can ask them to bring the prisoner here? See if it works?” I suggested.

“OK, I will give you my blood… when you bring your prisoner here. I wish for the experiment to happen in front of me.” King Lazarus turned to the man to his right and they muttered together for a while. “Very well. Please be aware when we come back… if harm comes to us all our people have been ordered to bring war on your valley.”

“I would be upset if that wasn’t the way. You will be granted two car entrance via our road.”

“Please allow three, with the transport of the prisoner we will need two of our guards… as you can appreciate the Fae are incredibly strong. Keeping him detained has led to a few unfortunate deaths.”

“Very well, I will grant three cars. You will be directed where to go upon your arrival. Is twenty-four hours sufficient amount of time?”

“Yes, we will come back tomorrow when the sun is halfway through it’s decent.” Damian nodded and the five vampires turned on their heels. Walking to the sheer wall of the mountain and leapt, landing thirty feet above, I saw them disappear up the mountain.

“Do you trust them?” I asked as he turned around

“Not really. But if it’s a chance to kill the Fae? I’m willing to try.” I nodded a slight uneasiness that we were to have vampires on the pack land, even if it had been my idea. “Well, we have twenty-four hours. Come on, let’s do something, maybe go in the hot tub?” He grabbed my hand and started pulling me back across the land. “Hey! I’ve been wanting to use that since I got here!”

“You should have said!” he winked.

I got changed while Damian turned the jets on. I was excited I’d never been in a hot tub before but heard they were super relaxing. I’d heard other things but let’s keep our minds out of the gutter shall we?

I came out of the closet with a towel wrapped around my bikini. “Feels warm, I’ll be out in a second,” Damian said as he walked past me, heading for the door. I shrugged and looked into the bubbling water. Dipping my hand in the heat was lovely against the cool air. I slipped off the towel and slid in. Letting out a pleasant sigh. The warm water lapped at my skin, a cacoon of warmth wherever the water was versus the frigid air. I snuggled down into the duvet warmth of the water, resting my head back.

“I realised we didn’t celebrate your ceremony,” Damian’s low voice drifted above me. I looked up to see him in shorts easing into the water with two champagne glasses and a bottle. “Here.” He passed me a glass as he set his own down on the side. Popping the cork and pouring the golden bubbly liquid into both glasses. “To my queen.” He raised his full glass, I matched and we chinked before sipping. “Thank you.” I moved closer to him so our legs were touching under the water. “What for?”

“Just being you, I had so many pre-perceptions of you. They were all false.” Damian chuckled taking another sip “Was it something like I was going to be an old codger with ancient views and would treat a woman like crap?” I laughed nervously… he was spot on “Heard it all before darling. The young humans would probably call me an equalist. I call it second nature.”

“But, the time you come from… women weren’t treated like equals. And there was a definite hierarchy.”

“They also believed in a book that was used to control the masses claiming it as ‘god’s will’ when it was actually kings’ and bureaucrats’ will. Sixteenth-century humanity was nothing to base your beliefs and morals on.”

“But we learn through what’s around,” I challenged

“We can also learn what we don’t like. Darling, I’ve travelled the world at different points in time. I was there when Jamestown was founded in the Americas, I saw them murder the natives just ‘because’. I was there during the French revolution. I was there for the slaughter of almost a million innocents for having small noses and ‘Tutsi’ on their ID card. I’ve seen many atrocities. And many things I agreed with; suffragettes gaining the right to vote. The protests for the abolishment of segregation.” I stared at him, of course I knew bits of human history. We were taught it during schooling. I also quite enjoyed reading, I hadn’t heard of some of these though. I drained my glass and rested my head on his shoulder, allowing the bubbling water to lap gently at my face “So through seeing history you’ve changed your opinion on things?”

“Partly, I’m pretty sure I don’t have the same beliefs as four-hundred years ago… but then, I’m not sure.”

“I love everything about you.” I reached up to kiss his strong jaw, he turned into my kiss, catching my lips with his “I love everything about you, even if you won’t be the same person in four-hundred years,” he replied

“I’m sure I’ll be wiser.” He hummed against my lips

“You’re pretty wise already. I ask your opinion not because you’re my mate. But because I value what you have to say. You often say the right thing.”

“I don’t always.” I nuzzled into his neck sniffing his familiar and calming scent.

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