End of the Omega

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Chapter 31

Damian hummed and pulled me onto his lap, his finger lightly grazing his mark. A shiver instantly went down my spine while I stifled a moan “You’re perfect.” He pecked my lips quickly “Perfect for me.” I moved to straddle him, my knees either side of his thighs. I grabbed the champagne pouring both our glasses, Damian had set his down so I handed it to him. “You’re perfect too. And as a bonus, you’re incredibly hot for a very old man.” I winked before taking a few sips of the slightly tart liquid. “Want to say that again?” He raised one of his eyebrows challengingly. “Which part?” I smirked as I took another few sips “That you’re incredibly hot?”

“I think it’s the bit after that don’t you?” he growled, a growl which suggested danger. But Damian was harmless, I knew that now. I smiled innocently “I don’t know what you mean.” I drained the glass.

“I’ll show you.” He fisted my hair and pulled so my neck was extended and latched onto his mark with his teeth. I squealed and began inadvertently thrusting against him. Tingles and ice shot down my back in sheer ecstasy. He didn’t let go and I began wriggling as it was getting too much. Sweat beaded on my forehead “Damian,” I gasped. He grunted against my skin and ripped my bikini bottoms from me. He released his grip on my mark when I started almost convulsing with shivers, as soon as he let go I felt the now familiar explosion.

I laid against his chest twitching as I orgasmed, he hadn’t even done anything! He chuckled, his chest vibrating against me “That… was… mean,” I panted

“So worth it,” he gloated “If you ever piss me off, maybe I’ll do that in public.” He smirked

“Don’t you dare!” I shot up glaring at his smug face.

“Mhm.” He reached down and his fingers were playing with my clit, arousing me all over again. Well two can play at that game, I pulled his already hard member out of his shorts, stroking up and down. He shut his eyes as I began kissing down his jaw, still stroking. His hand had moved, both his hands now on my arse, rubbing circles.

I moved down his neck placing feather light kisses down, approaching my goal. Damian groaned as I quickened my pace with my hand, I smiled against his skin. I didn’t realise his eyes snapped open until his hands had lifted me and sat me directly on his member. I squealed at the sudden pleasure. “Don’t even think about biting that,” he muttered huskily as he moved me up and down, thrusting his hips at the same time. I moaned and gasped I tried to match his rhythm, pumping my knees but he growled holding my hips firmly in place. I bit my lip trying to quieten my moans- we were outside. I gripped onto his shoulder beginning to feel the pressure build up, “Damian,” I groaned when suddenly he pulled me off. I yelped at the sudden lack of stimulus. He winked and got out of the hot tub. “Damian!” I cried, scrambling out after him grabbing the towel to wrap around myself.

I walked into the bedroom for Damian to have disappeared “Damian!” I cried stamping my foot

“That’s what you get for calling me an old man.” His breath tickling my neck. I hadn’t even heard his footsteps. Or seen where he was hiding “OK, OK I’m sorry.” I turned, circling my arms around his neck. “How sorry are you?”

“Very?” He folded his arms looking at me disbelievingly. I sighed and turned him to push him onto the bed. At first he was unmovable but I used all my strength and managed to force him backwards. “I’m very very sorry.” I laid over him to lay a kiss before trailing kisses down his chest. He let out a little sigh and I continued. Pulling his wet shorts down as I went. I trailed my hands up and down his upper thighs. I looked up to him as I kissed the tip of his rock hard member. “I’m very-” I kissed again “Very.” I licked “Sorry.” And I took as much as I could of him in my mouth. He gasped and his hands instantly went to my head. Tangling his fingers in my hair. I gripped where I couldn’t reach and bobbed up and down. Rewarding me with his grunts and moans. “Fuck,” he gasped before he began to thrust into my mouth.

Before he released he growled and pulled me up, throwing me onto the bed. I landed on all fours and Damian positioned himself behind me, pushing my head down he slammed his whole length in. I screamed into the pillow, a mixture of pleasure and pain. My spine instantly shot into tingles. With the next thrust it was all pleasure. He wasn’t going gentle though. “Fuck… me,” I gasped into the pillow, my voice muffled against the soft fabric, the pleasure was intense and exciting. “Thought that’s what I was… doing,” he grunted. Thrusting in as he held onto my hips pulling me into his strong and rhythmic thrusting. He was pushing me to the edge fast.

“D-Damian! I’m g-gonna…!” I moaned and gripped the pillow, my fingers twisting in the fabric as my teeth bit into it. His thrusts sped up. I moaned and screamed at the same time into the pillow as I felt the release. Damian did the same, he twitched inside of me as I pulsated, tightening around him. He gave another thrust and I dropped unable to stay on my knees and Damian came with me, his warm slick chest against my back. He was still inside me, twitching, which in turn automatically made me tense and release around him. I moved my head so I could breathe, listening to Damian’s pants above me as he calmed down. He pulled out making me gasp and shiver at no longer being filled. He settled himself next to me. Trailing his fingers up and down my back, “Am I old?” He laid a kiss on my shoulder

“N-no,” I breathed shifting closer to him, he was already touching his chest against my side, but I wanted to be engulfed in him. He chuckled, kissing my sweaty temple, drawing me closer, giving me the warmth and calmness his body engulfed me in.

His hands trailed up and down my body as I snuggled my face into his chest. I let my fingertips trace his rippling muscles. Curving around each bump of hardness, working my fingers in, massaging. He hummed a deep sigh, his hands trailing lower down my back until he was going over the curve of my arse cheeks. “Damian,” my tone in a slight warning


“If you get me worked up again, we’re doing it again.” His hand wrapped around my upper thigh, fingers dangerously close to my opening. “Planning on it darling,” his voice husky, I looked up to see his darkened eyes, his pupils dilated as he expertly flipped me onto my back.

I awoke with my cheek stuck to Damian’s chest, I barely remembered falling asleep. The moon had been high in the sky by the time we finished, it was the perfect stress relief in all honesty. I peeled myself from Damian peering to the balcony, the sun was up but only just peaking over the mountain. I noticed the soreness between my legs, as well as my legs aching.

I swung my legs out of bed and stood, my legs turned to jelly. I grunted gripping onto the bedside table to steady myself. The throbbing between my legs worsening. “You OK?” Damian mumbled, voice laced with sleep “Yeah…” I managed to start hobbling towards the bathroom to a chuckle from Damian “Shut up,” I replied earning me a bark of laughter. Before I knew it, arms were wrapped around my waist “Let me help you with that,” he muttered lowly into my ear before sweeping me up into his arms “I can walk thank you!”

“Apparently you can’t,” he replied smugly, carrying me into the bathroom. I folded my arms and pouted. “Your fault.”

“Why yes, yes it is.” He smirked down to me as he set me on the platform for the bath “Bath or shower m’ lady?”

“Bath.” I began to turn around to crawl to the taps

“Allow me.” Damian pulled me back to sitting and went to turn the taps.

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