End of the Omega

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Chapter 32

We were huddled in one of the houses closest to the entrance to our land. We had kept Nicos and Allianna away just in case. Damian looked over the Fae who was heavily chained, sat on a chair in the middle of the room, surrounded by Vampires and Wolves. “Won’t Damian’s blood kill you?” I asked remembering Damian mentioning that our bite could kill them… our venom was in our blood as well as our fangs. “We’ve thought of that so I have a brave young man who has volunteered to take both our bloods, he is a pure-blood but to be safe, I’ll give him my blood too.” King Lazarus gestured and a young man with oak coloured hair stepped forward, his maroon eyes laced with fear but he held himself proudly.

Damian nodded “Let’s get on with this,” he growled producing an iron dagger, pulling a bowl towards him “Ready?” Damian nodded to King Lazarus as he also produced a dagger, the two men drew blood from their palms simultaneously, their blood pooling into the bowl. Lazarus picked up a syringe, swirling the bowl he dipped the shining needle, breaking the surface of the liquid. The blood coloured the syringe as he pulled on the plunger. “Are you ready, Abel?” The young man nodded producing his arm. King Lazarus shook his head and pulled the young man forward, plunging the needle into his jugular.

Abel’s eyes went wide with shock, his fangs bared, the crimson disappearing from the needle as it was plunged into his veins. King Lazarus let go and we all watched as Abel stood there, seemingly waiting. His eyes bulged then he started ripping at his skin, cries and snarls leaving his mouth. His maroon eyes shut as his cries grew, claw marks up and down his arms were evident as he ripped at his skin. He fell to the floor writhing in pain. He flipped himself onto all fours, panting. Gasps of pain still leaving his mouth. Until he was silent. The only sounds were of his laboured breaths.

Two of the vampires helped Abel to his feet. His jaw was clenched. “How do you feel boy?” King Lazarus asked, putting his hand to Abel’s chest. But as quickly as it was there the King removed his hand, a gasp escaping his lips. “You… your heartbeat.” I looked confused towards the men. “Listen, listen to the difference.” I tried to isolate Abel versus everyone else in the room but it was impossible. Damian growled and grabbed Abel, his hand on the young man’s chest. “It’s normal what are you talking about?”

“Exactly… our heartbeats are closer to five beats a minute.” It was Abel’s turn to look confusedly down to his own chest, as Damian removed his hand. “You feel anything else?” he grunted towards Abel. “I… I don’t know, I just felt burning.”

A silence suffocated the room, no-one seemed to know what to do; no-one had known what to expect. “Well, boy. I think we should do what we came here for. Kill him.” King Lazarus nodded to the chained Fae, his head visible above the chains. A smug look on his face “You can’t kill me, your little blood mixing did nothing.” Abel puffed out his chest and strode confidently over to the Fae. He opened his mouth and latched onto the Fae’s neck, his sharp fangs piercing the pale flesh.

I didn’t know if that had been possible before but the murmurs around the room suggested this was important, and surprising. The Fae began struggling, fear evident on his face as his skin turned grey. “Enough Abel,” Damian ordered. The 'young' man straightened from his prey, blood oozing from the two puncture marks on the Fae’s neck. “We know we can injure them,” King Lazarus mused, I could tell he was pleased

“But can we kill them?” Damian asked, his eyes narrowing. He transformed as much as he could without the full moon, his nails elongated into black claws, his teeth extended in long points, his eyes pure blue. “I wonder.” He swiped at the Fae. His claws making contact but there was no gash, no blood. It was as if he hadn’t made contact, but he definitely did. “Just checking.” He turned back to normal. “I need your blood Lazarus… I need to make sure it works both ways, I’d prefer you not need to kill the Fae alone.”

“Alpha… I will gladly take the blood on your behalf; just in case.” A curly black haired man stepped forward, I tried to recall his name, Leo? Leroy? “That’s very noble of you Levii.” Damian nodded for him to step in front of the two leaders. Damian clapped Levii on the shoulder before drawing the dagger across his palm once more.

Levii appeared to have a similar reaction to the vampire, writhing in pain however he was able to straighten himself instead of needing help. “How do you feel?” Damian asked

“Apart from the burning, no different.”

“Well, try and strike him, see what happens.” Damian gestured to the Fae, his tone impatient. Levii did. Extending his claws; he swiped at the pale face. I expected a spurt of blood… nothing, the Fae’s perfect porcelain face was unscathed. “You… you touched him right?” King Lazarus asked incredulously

“Yes!” Levii tried again, his claws definitely made contact with the smug purple eye.

“Fuck,” Damian exclaimed

“Weak, weak wolves.” The Fae curled his unmarked lips into a smirk. Snarls echoed around the room “Archimedes did say your mate was perfect Damian… I wonder how perfect she is in bed.” Damian growled in warning, I flushed at his blatant disrespect of my mate, and me. I felt his purple eyes run up and down my body “You know… when I get out of these chains maybe I’ll take her as my own… not like you can do anything about it eh Damian?” Every wolf’s canines extended. Bile rose in my throat at the thought of him. Before anyone knew what had happened I’d punched the smug bastard, his head flung to the left with the force of my punch. Then I was throwing punches, a rage burning deep inside, no-one stopped me so I didn’t stop.

I stepped away panting, his previous perfect complexion marred in cuts and bruises. His head limp and lolling to the side. “Sorry,” I muttered looking around the room to looks of disbelief. The room was eerily silent, no-one but me seemed to be moving. Damian broke the silence “Eva… you hit him.” I looked up to him, was he angry?

“I’m sorry… I lost it.” I looked away from his disbelieving look, I’d just ruined our chance of working out how we could kill the Fae…

Wait… did I just kill him?

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