End of the Omega

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Chapter 33

I looked around the room again, now I was in disbelief. “Did I just…?” I asked the room, Peta stepped from behind the Fae and pressed his fingers to his neck “No, he’s not dead… but duckling you punched him… you made contact.” I furrowed my brow, looking between maroon eyes and the eyes of my mate.

Silence was all that could be heard. I looked around, I didn’t understand, how could I hurt the Fae? I’m just me.

“High Alpha… can I try something?” King Lazarus asked carefully

“Try what?”

“Her blood.”

“It doesn’t make sense it didn’t work,” I blurted out suddenly, “If your blood makes the vampires able… wolves… we need to be in wolf form!”

“But that doesn’t explain you,” Damian said gently

“I’ll try anything, you can have my blood… but Damian… the Moon Goddess said she’d find a way… she can’t control our humans. I think… I think we’ll have to be in wolf form.”

“You spoke to Celestial?” Damian peered down to me

“Yes… she watched TV with me,” I admitted.

“I knew I heard her! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was going to when we found an answer… I think we’ve found an answer”.

I cut my palm with the dagger Damian was still holding, squeezing into the bowl. King Lazarus saw what I was doing and copied. Mixing our bloods, before anyone could volunteer, Damian grabbed the needle and jabbed it into his own neck. He grunted as the obvious pain started. I put my hand on the back of his neck trying to soothe him, feeling his skin hotter than on a transformation night. He crouched, not falling to the floor but he was doubled over. My hand still placed on his neck just hoping that my skin contact was preventing some of the pain.

He straightened, his chest heaving a little. He smiled to me as I dropped my hand “Thanks you perfect beauty.” His eyes quickly became hooded, his pupils dilated. He took a step towards me, his intentions obvious until Peta cleared his throat “Alpha… the task?” he said cautiously. Damian shook his head, blinking several times before he turned, clearing his own throat.

He turned to the still unconscious Fae, “Feels wrong to hit a knocked out creature...” he said thoughtfully before he again, transformed as much as he could. He used his shiny black claws glinted in the artificial light before he struck. Swiping his claws against the Fae’s cheek.

Blood instantly poured from two claw marks. I was unsure if he had only touched with two claws, or it only half worked? My question was soon answered “Yes!” Damian exclaimed, excitement evident in his voice.

Throughout the afternoon, and long into the night every wolf in the room tried the concoction of mine, the vampire king and Damian’s blood. The results were the same, by the time everyone had given it a go… the chained Fae was close to death.

Damian sent me back home with Peta, I argued but I couldn’t make him change his mind. He needed to talk to the vampires, sort when the battle would occur, organise. I supposed I wouldn’t be much help so I followed Peta. “Why did my blood work?” I asked him as we reached my home. “I don’t have an answer. It did though and that's the important thing. We know how to kill the fae. Just take solace in that,” he advised. I nodded thoughtfully before going to make us both some food.


I awoke hearing a noise, I was cuddling the pillow so initially thought it was Damian, but sliding my leg back soon showed me he was in bed. I shifted trying to get comfortable again, but another sound made me crack my eye open. Then I sat up, seeing a figure in the chair in the corner. Before I recognised a glow seeming to emanate from her, and her flowing silver hair “M-moon- I mean, Celestial, you scared me.” She laughed her melodic laugh

“Not my intention child, but you two do sleep very heavily.”

“Er… sorry?” Another laugh before she waved my apology “Should I wake him?”

“No need.” A second later Damian stirred, his arm finding me before his eye cracked open

“Why you...?” His gaze travelled before he sat up “Celestial… what?”

“Good to speak to you again, my son.”

“Yes…” He rubbed his eyes “Sorry, how are you?” She sighed, her crater looking eyes staring at him with apparent adoration. “My child, I don’t think we need pleasantries, do you?”

“Sorry.” He shook himself a little, seemingly to wake himself up better “Are you here about our findings?” She hummed, a smile playing on her lips

“Yes son, well done. I’m proud.”

“Celestial… why was it my blood… I’m no-”

“What makes you different to the others, child?”

“I- erm… I’m Damian’s mate?” She shook her head.

I furrowed my brow in thought, what did make me different? I’m just me… Damian appeared to have been thinking also “Silver?” He said slowly. A broad smile showed her perfect white teeth “Yes, the fae inadvertently made you able to kill them. Vampires are killed by?”

“Werewolf venom,” Damian responded instantly

“And we’re killed by silver… we have to weaken ourselves,” I finished.

“Yes. The Fae may be weaker out of their trees… However I suggest a sneak attack,” she said airily as if she was talking about the weather. “Would a full moon help… give us more power?” Damian asked hopefully.

“If you have to weaken yourself to strike them… is more power going to help?” she asked a little patronisingly

“No,” I answered for Damian.

“I can see your logic my son, but your mate is right, you need to be weak to have the strongest attack. The humans have developed some interesting weapons...”

“The human weapons will work?”

“You still have a prisoner… Try it.”

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