End of the Omega

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Chapter 34

Over the next few days I didn’t see much of Damian, he was busy plotting, planning and… I don’t know, whatever else goes into commanding a war. But with being kept out of the loop, I was feeling anxious. Everyone was feeling it. The aura in the valley was tense, training had increased tenfold. Weapons had been included in this, I had never used a weapon before but I had decided on a sword, not that I was going to be in the battle per se, I still needed a weapon just in case.

I flopped onto the sofa crashing my face against Damian’s stomach after another hard training session. “If you want to suck me off you’re too far north.” I elbowed his thigh that he’d propped up by my shoulder, “Shut up, what if this doesn’t work?” I muttered into his too hard to be comfortable as a pillow stomach. “And how do we weaken every member of our pack? I don’t think I’ve got enough blood for that.”

“Stop worrying.” His fingers brushing through my hair.

“Does that mean you have a plan?” I looked up to him.

“Yes, everything’s going to be fine. A trace of silver is all that’s needed, the pack’s been experimenting. The vampires are ready. It’s all going to be fine.” I smiled at his reassurances.

His crotch twitched under my chest “You’re actually horny right now?” I pushed myself off him. He shrugged, “Your mouth was too close, can’t help it,” he rumbled, his voice lowering. My eyes rolled “Who do you think you’re rolling your eyes at?” I know that look and damn does it turn me on. I smirk, “You, Damian,” I emphasised his name.

“It’s Alpha to you,” he rumbled, eyes narrowing, his smoulder level cranking up to a million. Unconsciously my lip went between my teeth. “What you going to do about it. Damian?” I smirked cheekily at him. I knew he was going crazy, I wanted to drop my pants there and then.

I was over his shoulder in a matter of seconds. I giggled, earning my butt a spank. I trailed my fingers over his back, clamping myself to him using my legs even though he was safely holding me. “Did I say you could touch?”

“Nah but I’m going to!” I start pulling his t-shirt from his back, feeling his warm tanned flesh beneath. Sinking my hand under the waistband of his jeans. He jostled me on his shoulder, spanking again. I jolted at the sudden sting letting out an involuntary gasp of pleasure.

He threw me on the bed “Don’t move,” he growled.

“Or what?” I grin, purposefully moving to get off the bed.

“Or I won’t give you what you want,” he smirked. We both knew what I wanted so I sat cross-legged on the bed, arms folded pretending to sulk.

He disappeared into the closet, walking out moments later with a handful of his ties. “What are they for?”

“You’ll see.” He dropped them on the bedside table “So… a certain individual rolled her eyes at me.”

“Oh! That’s terrible! Who would do that to you?” I fluttered my eyelashes innocently.

“So we start with disrespect and go straight to lying, hmm?” I stand on the mattress, walking towards him. On the bed I’m taller than him by quite a few inches, it’s a nice change. He reaches down, plucking one of the ties from the bundle. “I thought I gave a clear order, why don’t you listen to your Alpha?”

“I think you’re forgetting Damian. I don’t belong to a pack.” I grinned.

“You’re marked, you belong to my pack,” he rumbled, I could see the amused glint in his eye. He loved dominating in the bedroom. And I definitely got a kick out of being dominated by him.

Before I could gather what had happened one of my wrists was captured by the tie, I looked at it a little confused. “What are you doing?”

“Teaching you a lesson.” He smirked and pulled me onto the bed so I had no choice but to lie on my back. He quickly tied my hand to the headboard. Kissing me quickly on the forehead he grabbed another tie.

I was both mildly worried and very excited as he tied my other hand above my head. “Comfortable?”

“Prefer a few less clothes on.” I made a show of tugging on the soft bonds.

“Let me know if you’re not happy,” his tone a little more serious and I knew this wasn’t part of the dominant sex game we were playing “How can I let you know? I like saying no to you.” I grinned.

“We’ll use another word.” He gently caressed my lips with his.

“OK, stop?”

"Has to be something you wouldn't normally say."

"Oh... human?" I suggest, reaching to kiss his cheek.

“That works.” He tenderly kissed my forehead before his sapphire eyes hardened again. I struggle with more force against his silk ties. He quickly ripped my t-shirt from my body, OK, that was hot.

“I think you really should have undressed me before tying my hands,” I sassed. He growled and yanked my jeans down in one swift move. I was riling him up and loving it. “You’re so bad.” I bit my lip as my panties slid down a little slower, Damian seemingly savouring the material gliding down my legs. He discarded them then stood at the end of the bed, his arms folded and still very fully dressed. I tugged my wrists in frustration, letting out a whine.

“What do you want?” He smirked, “Naughty girls that whine get very little with me.”

“I want your clothes off,” I rasped.

“I didn’t quite hear that.” I rolled my eyes (didn’t mean to that time) “Did I just see correctly?”

“No Alpha.” He went to the side of the bed and leant over, a finger slid into my already soaked opening. I gasped as he probed, his thumb rested exactly where I wanted him to rub but it didn’t move. I bit my lip, rocking my hips but his hand withdrew. I growled in frustration this time. Tugging my wrists wanting to pull him down, rip his clothes off and make him take me.

“How much are you going to defy me?”

“Please.” I really wanted him to touch me. He leant over me, (still fully dressed I’ll add) and licked his mark. I shivered “Please Alpha,” no sarcasm left in my tone. I want him.

“That’s better.” His hand trailed down my stomach and he rubbed my bud between my legs. I moaned and shut my eyes. My face grew hotter while he sunk his fingers inside me, his thumb taking up rubbing and circling. My breathing hitched and came out ragged, the pressure I now recognised and felt daily. Just as the tightening was close to release his hand disappeared and so did the pleasure.

“Damian!” I cried out. I looked to see him slowly pulling his t-shirt over his head. The building orgasm disappearing within me much to my displeasure. I tugged and accidentally snapped the tie holding one of my wrists. He’s not looking when I lunge. Tugging his jeans button open. “Look who’s being bad again? I thought you-” His words caught in his throat when I grasped his rock hard length, pulling him free to pleasure him.

I ripped my other hand free, still moving my hand over him I knelt and quickly latched my teeth on my mark. He groaned and limply pushed me away but I didn’t release him. Enjoying the feel of him squirming in pleasure. I felt him tense under my hand but he threw me back onto the bed. He pinned me down panting, his eyes fully blue and canines bared. “I didn’t tell you you could do that,” his growl laced with desire and arousal.

“Then show me how bad I’ve been.” He snarled at my challenge and sat up to flip me onto my stomach. He spanked me with three hard smacks. My arousal streamed down my thighs with the sting.

He yanked my hips up so I was on my knees before he slammed in without warning. My spine erupted in tingles while a shriek of pleasure escaped me. He tugged on my hair and I moaned with each powerful thrust of his hips. Together we dived into the world of pleasure and bliss, driving each other to the edge and over in moans that echoed within the mountain valley.

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