End of the Omega

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Chapter 35

The day we had waited for arrived. We stood on a bruised grassy knoll, the moon reflecting over the small woodland. The trees appearing to reflect the watchful eye of our goddess, she said she’d be here and with the almost sun-like glow coming from the lunar orb. I knew she was supporting us... wolves and vampires alike.

I watched as our wolves ran around us into the trees, the vampires already in place at the other side of the wood. It had been decided the leaders would go in last if the fight wasn’t brought to us. It didn’t set well with Damian, I knew that. But their pack could be recreated… that sat well with no-one. We listened at the sounds of gunfire, the beating of wings. I chewed on my lip, just hoping the Fae were being injured, but the fallback signal hadn’t been howled. I could only assume we were able to kill. “They’re coming this way, my warriors are pushing the fight to us,” Lazarus stated. We could see nothing, but we could hear at least a hundred feet stepping as one.

The beating of wings got closer as a few I recognised as our warriors ran out of the tree line. Theo ran to us, “It’s all going according to plan,” he panted. I gripped onto Damian’s hand briefly before releasing to ready for the onslaught that we could hear was getting closer. My heart pounded in my chest, how many of our wolves had fallen? I gulped as translucent wings caught the moonlight.

The fae I’d just caught a glimpse of came out of the trees backwards locked in a ferocious fight with Gregor. He jumped, landing behind the silver-haired fae, Gregor ripped at his wing. A cry so terrible my heart clenched, it was the wail of death. The cry of a mother who lost her child. Gregor had frozen at the sound, allowing the fae with the ripped wing to turn and plunging his hand into Gregor’s chest. “NO!” I found myself shouting as the fae’s other hand ripped Gregor’s throat clean away from his body.

Damian aimed the crossbow and fired, the bolt burying straight into the silver-haired fae. He faltered mid-step, looking towards us twenty paces away. And laughed. Damian frowned, locking another bolt in place. But before he fired a gunshot echoed next to me making me jump. Nicos had picked a glittering gold revolver, which was now smoking in front of him. However, to all our horrors, despite the bullet hole in the fae’s forehead, he kept laughing.

More of our warriors spilled onto the grass, some fae behind, some in front. A younger coppered haired warrior I knew to be called Terry fired an automatic assault riffle, five fae dropped. Dead. The silver-haired fae that had been laughing turned just as a vampire lunged out of the trees, snapping his neck.

The beating of wings caught my attention amongst the chaos in front of us, Damian and Nicos kept firing into the onslaught, seemingly having no effect apart from slowing those they hit. Iris aimed her hunting bow. I just made out the twang of her string as she released. Her carbon fibre arrow flying true and burying into an oak-haired fae, killing him on impact. “What the fuck!” Nicos glanced to her. Then we all heard a thump behind us.

“My dear, dear friends… you thought a little blood mixing could change the fact we created you?” Archimedes smirked. Damian shot automatically, the bolt thudding into Archimedes leather vest, he stumbled before righting himself. “You can’t kill me, Damian, when will you learn?” He pulled out a sword, the brilliant moonlight glinting off the silver blade. “I think I’ve had enough of you causing trouble, I may be unable to kill you, but let’s right the wrong shall we?” Iris’ arrow shot through the air but Archimedes blocked the arrow with a flick of his sword. “Now now, no need for that, dear.” Ash threw three throwing knives in quick succession. Quick as a flash, Archimedes blocked all but one. A knife buried deep into his thigh. His purple eyes landed on Ash, a look of fury set on his face as he pulled the blade from his thigh.

I glanced behind us as Archimedes limped towards Ash. The number of fae were dwindling, I counted five of our own dead on the grass, but at least thirty fae. “You’re going to lose Archimedes!” I shouted to gain his attention. It worked, he stopped and turned to me.

“I was surprised to see you here… strong child aren’t you?”

Do not stop me, distract him,’ I directed to the three siblings. I felt Damian flinch next to me.

“Of course she’s here.” Damian took a step to shield me from view, ’Wait until he’s closer.’ Damian warned, knowing my weapon of a sword needed close combat. I was regretting choosing a sword, Damian had warned me, saying a projectile would be better, but me being me felt stubborn that I wanted the sword.

I heard Archimedes’ footsteps, one foot heavier than the other as he limped. “It’s a shame Damian, you went against me. You decided a life of loneliness and war was above you, grovelling to your little goddess. Now watch me kill all your mates, your life will be exactly what I planned and you’ll grow to realise my way is the only way.” His confident tone boiled my blood.

“That reminds me,” I shouted from behind Damian, the sword up ready but still being hidden by Damian’s height. “Need to thank you, your people are dead because you tried to kill me. So thank you, their deaths are on your hands!”

“Stop hiding, child, I’ll make it quicker this time.”

“You killed your people, you’re the reason for their destruction…”

Now,’ Damian told me as he shifted.

“And yours.” Before he knew what had happened or how to react I brought the sword swishing through the air. I misjudged my own strength as I almost let go at the end of my swing. I frowned at the lack of resistance and panicked, I raised the sword to strike thinking I’d missed.

I hadn’t.

Oh I really hadn’t.

I looked to see a frozen stunned expression on Archimedes’ face, before his torso fell from his body. A still pushed on the air, it felt as if everything had stopped, the swaying of the trees, the rustle of the foliage. Even the movement of the world. Everything. Was completely still. There were no birds, no insects, the night stopped.

Even our thundering hearts. Stopped.

I couldn’t breathe. No… I just wasn’t breathing. Nothing was.... No-one was, not even the moles deep in the grounds, not even the foxes that had hidden from the battle. The hoots of the owls had been strangled in their throats.


I breathed.

I let in the breath that had locked in my throat.

My ears registered sound again, but I didn’t notice as the battle had stopped, the night air always held silence and this night was like no other, apart from a feeling. The air felt different. I didn’t know how, I couldn’t tell you what in the air felt different… but something was missing.

I felt Damain’s hand in mine, which snapped me more to reality. I looked around to see all still standing looking around much how I must have looked.


“What…?” Nicos’ voice came from behind me.


“My hearts beating,” the voice made all of our heads snap around. King Lazarus looked wildly towards us with green eyes. His tongue ran along his straight teeth. He looked to the previous battlefield.

A dark oak coloured vampire… although he didn’t much look like a vampire, approached King Lazarus, I’m sure his eyes were previously maroon… but now a stark aqua blue. “Cousin! What’s going on?” He gripped the king with pink-hued flesh… a far cry from their pale, almost translucent skin before.

“Your ears, Alphaeus,” King Lazarus breathed, touching the rounded tips… they both looked… human.

I frowned, a fear gripping my stomach. I tried to wrench Damian towards me although wasn’t very successful. “Bend over!” I snapped. He gulped and did so. I smelt his neck… smelling nothing, just a hint of grime and sweetness, but not him not the chocolate and old books. “Something’s wrong.” Peta strode over to us. “Something feels wrong,” a small panic laced in his voice.

If others were noticing what I was… I didn’t blame the panic.

I had no sense of my wolf. My wolf was nowhere in my mind.

Damian let go of my hand and went to a nearby tree. He punched then gripped his fist a cry of pain leaving him. “Fuck! That hurt!” he cried. I looked to Allianna as Damian jogged back to us, she was clutching to Ash, a fearful, confused look on her face. She whispered something but I couldn’t hear her, the only tell was her lips had moved.

Damian growled as he reached us, snarls leaving his mouth. But they sounded… off, like someone pretending to growl. “Can anyone part shift?” he shouted. I did what I usually did, imagining my teeth coming out, pushing my nails from their beds.

I looked down to see normal pink nails instead of black claws.

I shook my head at Damian. “I can’t,” I whispered. He pulled me into his chest, I knew we were all thinking it… I could feel the ripples of fear and despair as everyone came to a conclusion no-one wanted.

We’re human.

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