End of the Omega

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Many packs disbanded after we killed the fae. What we hadn’t realised was destroying the fae destroyed all magic. All wolves felt the same as we had at the same moment, we decided it was the magic leaving our bodies. Some packs decided to remain away from humans, still fearful of them finding out a secret we no longer possessed.

The siblings went back to the mountains, a despair had gripped them. I supposed having a wolf for five hundred years and suddenly they’re gone was a hard hit. Damian seemed harder hit. He blamed himself. But it wasn’t his fault, I killed Archimedes, no-one else. I did this to our people.

Ash left for a little while to see his pack, their community remained and they’re thinking of expanding and making it a human town. My pack semi disbanded, the high ranking ‘wolves’ remained while many omegas including my parents decided to head to the humans, they’re doing well.

But it’s been a few months, I think we’re finding some sort of normalcy but it’s hard. We just don’t know what to do with ourselves. Damian works out trying to get his strength back, Nicos has hidden away, I don’t see him much but Iris assures me he’s OK.

And then there’s me.

I’m just trying to work out how to live like this. We can’t train like we used to, now injuries last ages. Allianna, Iris and I have grown closer, sure we want to spend time with our men, but female company is a little nicer.

Without the bond, it’s… odd. I find Damian attractive, he’s an attractive man. But that pull and desire to be near him just isn’t there. We’ve all stayed with our ‘mates’ because it would feel wrong to leave. I have a fondness for Damian which I don’t have for others, and obviously, I’ve experienced a world without mates and the mate bond before. We just have to work on our flaws and keep the relationship strong. But it’s only been a few months, we haven’t really got to that point yet, we’re working on ourselves and coming together at the end of the day to talk and yeah, there’s still sex… that wasn’t a wolf thing apparently.

We’ve all started having to work out how to eat sensibly because apparently, humans can gain weight... Who knew food = fat.

Also on the food note, now I don’t have my wolf, my tastebuds are all over the place, I can’t stand meat, the smell, the taste, nope. But cheese and chocolate together? Yes!

And why the fuck do you lot throw up every morning? It’s not just me, Iris and Allianna are feeling it too.

Well, see you later I’ve got to go, Damian’s made my favourite; sardine, mash potato sandwich.

Come to think of it… he doesn’t want these weird foods.

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