End of the Omega

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Chapter 4

Yesterday I was planning my wedding with the one I love. Today, I’m being told I’m High Alpha Damian’s mate… what’s going on? I ripped my hands from his and leant over, hiding my face in my arms. “Shh, I know. It must be a lot to take in.” I felt his arms around me, then movement and he pulled me to the floor into his lap. Despite this strange calm he seemed to exude, I couldn’t help the emotions that flooded from me.

“Damian… the Bloodmoon Alpha is asking questions. I don’t know what to say,” a voice came from above us.

“Brother, I’m sorry I’ve left this on you. I found my mate.”

“I can see that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman be allowed to touch you. Let alone be on your lap,” a mirth had entered his voice. I peered up to the man speaking. The family resemblance was striking, they had the same eyes and jawline, the only difference was their hair colour, his was golden. “Nicos,” Damian’s voice giving a warning, Nicos dropped his head a little. “Give me five minutes.” I could feel Damian’s chest vibrate as he spoke.

“Do you want me to wait?”

“Out of earshot, then you can take me to Jeremy.” Nicos nodded and stepped away.

“I just need to do some business, all you have to do is hold my hand and you’ll be fine.” He stood, helping me to my feet. The realisation that I had to go with him made me gasp and begin rambling “How do I explain… I’m meant to be marrying the beta’s son… he’ll be there… I… they’re going to be so mad… I can’t hurt Cameron like that… I love him.” Panic had gripped my stomach making my voice come out breathless. I could feel my breathing becoming erratic. Damian gripped my elbows tightly. “You know my wolf wants to kill him every time you mention him.” His teeth gritted as he spoke. I shrunk in his arms, fear rising, mixing with the panic. “Please don’t,” I whimpered.

Damian slid his hand around my waist crashing me into his chest, my shoulders fitting perfectly into him. My head slotted under his chin (I was still wearing heels). My knees went weak with the proximity, his scent washing over me in beautiful calming waves. I was both terrified of this man, and enchanted by him. I pulled away a little just to look up to him. His whole being screaming power and dominance, he was after all the oldest Alpha.

I didn’t know much about mates, but I guessed the calming sensation could be due to that? The first generation that lost the ability to find their mate destroyed all information on mates and mating. They were so angry they wanted no future generations to feel the disappointment. I’d ask Damian after the meeting, I needed to know what this meant.

He was peering down to me, he moved one of his arms and began tracing my jaw with his fingertips. Energy buzzed in me as his touch electrified me. His fingers moved up to my cheek, gently moving over my soft skin until he was stroking up my nose, sending goosebumps up my arms. “You’re so beautiful,” his whisper sent my body in overdrive. A blush crept over my neck, spreading up to my cheeks.

I dropped my head away from his eyes roaming over every inch of my face. “You shouldn’t think that.” I was embarrassed he thought so much of me, embarrassed that he seemed to not appear to realise my low rank in our society. I wanted to move from him but I knew I’d feel worse if I did. So I did the next best thing and just turned, his hand still on my waist but no longer facing him.

I felt his gaze on the back of my head but at least I could now look at the trees. I took a deep breath for what I was about to say “High Alpha Damian, I think you’ve made a mistake. Your rank… your status… I’m not worthy of you.” My chest tightened as I said the words, my wolf whined. What was that? I felt his chest against my back as he’d stepped towards me. His arms wrapping tightly around my waist again, his hands met his elbows so my midsection was engulfed by his thick muscular arms.

“I don’t care what rank you are, or think you are,” his tone almost that of disgust, he’s disgusted by me. I knew it. “The moment I clapped eyes on you, you became my queen.” His breath fanned over my ear sending tingles and goosebumps over my skin. But I didn’t believe him… Me? A queen? He continued, obviously not hearing my inner monologue of doubt. “You’ll become an original. Now we need to go. Either walk or I carry you.” He had moved his head away, his tone one of simplicity. “I-I’ll w-walk,” I stutter, worried what Alpha Jeremy would think of me being carried around like a pup.

We reached the Alpha house and I was just a bundle of nerves. My stomach had knotted so tightly it felt like it was going to implode. I was certain Damian could feel my hand shaking in his as my whole body shook making it hard to walk. “Nothings going to happen to you, I’m here, there’s nothing they can do,” and with those words Damian pulled me into the house. Nicos stood by a door which I knew to be a meeting room. He opened it and Damian strolled right in like he owned the place. His back straight, head held high, pulling me along behind him.

The wooden meeting room was a large space with a long mahogany table centred. Pictures of wolves, streams and forests adorned the walls with lights arched over them to illuminate the paintings. A low growl echoed around, I knew that growl. It was Cameron. I couldn’t look at him, salty tears stung at my eyes while I was sat in a chair. Damian’s hand still firmly holding mine.

“Get off her, she’s my wife!” Cameron shouted, but he wasn’t close. I peeked through my eyelashes to see Beta Adrian at the far end of the table, his hand on Cameron’s shoulder, keeping him in place. “We will discuss that matter later.” Alpha Jeremy stood, his commanding voice rippled over everyone in the room. Damian slid my chair closer to him so our legs were touching. I heard movements around me and the smell of food wafted around. Damian let go of my hand and leant forward. Touch through clothing seemed to have the same effect, I wasn’t dizzy which I was grateful for… not that I had anything to look at, I was avoiding everyone’s gaze.

Silence descended, I could feel eyes on me as the sound of eating filled the room. “Eat something,” Damian whispered in my ear. I glanced to the table to see a plate of spaghetti in front of me. I looked back down shaking my head. My stomach was too knotted to eat. I glanced at Cameron who was also not eating, just glowering in my direction. My heart panged with the furious and hurt look on his face. Tears splashed into my lap, this day couldn’t get any worse.

Oh it so could.

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