End of the Omega

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Chapter 5

Alpha Jeremy and Damian were engaged in a conversation. I couldn’t focus on what they were saying until their voices raised. “Evangeline is not leaving!” I peaked up to see Alpha Jeremy half stood his eyes darkening. “Mates do not exist, you cannot claim her.”

“Remember who you’re talking to,” Damian growled back, his fist clenched on the table. Alpha Jeremy seemed to shrink a little before taking his seat.

“I don’t mean to offend… but you must understand she is engaged to be married,” Alpha Jeremy’s tone lighter, but still with a tone of authority. Damian growled lowly “A human construct which bears no meaning. Wolves are destined for their soulmates.”

“Which do not exist!” Alpha Jeremy retorted

“At least let Eva speak,” Beta Adrian had spoken, his tone calm “Speak your mind Eva, no-one will be angry.” I looked to him, he was smiling encouragingly. His slightly greying hair and laughter lines were the only difference between father and son. I always associated him as a strong father figure. I decided to address him only. It was easier that way, as if we were around the dinner table. “Adrian… I don’t know what’s happened. But I can’t be away from Damian, if he moves away the pain is intolerable. He said it’s the mate bond… I don’t know what that is. Adrian… I don’t understand.”

“So what happens when he moves?” Adrian’s kind eyes didn’t hide the confusion and disappointment “I… I can’t explain it.” I didn’t want to tell them… they’d think me weak.

“If I can interrupt.” Nicos leant forward “I understand this is a process that was lost to packs. We never understood why. Unfortunately due to our immortality and that we were created long ago… our mates were destined from that moment. My mate couldn’t be away from me, she fainted when I didn’t realise what was happening to her. I was the first to find my mate you see.”

“But she’s not with you now,” Alpha Jeremy pointed out

“As soon we marked each other, she was back to normal. The mate bond was accepted and nearly complete.”

“So do that and give her back!” Cameron stood suddenly.

Damian growled and his arms flew around my waist, I looked up to him confusedly at his apparent possessiveness, noticing his canines had extended. “Damian, calm.” Nicos placed his hand on his brother’s back. Nicos looked back to those sitting around the table “Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. As soon as the bond is marked you don’t find anyone but your mate attractive. Speaking for myself. I only have eyes for my mate, I love her dearly and miss her greatly when she isn’t by my side.”

“So I don’t even have a choice!” my voice surprised me, I didn’t expect to say anything.

I scrambled off my chair, landing heavily on my backside. The overwhelming feelings instantly hitting me but I didn’t care. I kicked with my legs sliding across the floor, unable to see but vaguely knowing where Cameron was. Maybe the longer I stayed away it would get clearer. Maybe all I had to do was to ride the pain, which was beginning to grip my chest. My wolf was clawing to go back to Damian, she realised what was happening. ‘Mate, I want my mate, go back.’

‘No, I want a choice I can’t just leave Cam.’

‘I don’t want Cameron, I want our mate!’ she cried back as she overtook my voice; I began to howl.

I kept moving, Cameron had to be close. I whimpered and howled at the pain, the longer I was away from Damian the worse it became. “What’s happening to her?” I vaguely heard Cameron’s voice but he sounded far away, maybe I’d gone the wrong way? I couldn’t move any more, the pain was spreading from my chest and gripping my limbs.

My wolf howl turned to human screams until it instantly went. The scream seemed to catch in my throat and my body stopped. The calm washed over me as Damian’s hand cupped my cheek. I looked around. Cameron was right next to me, Damian in front looked worriedly towards me. “I’m sorry I left that so long,” Damian whispered while he helped me back to my feet. “You’re strong, Nicos’ mate fainted after twenty seconds, you lasted nearly a minute,” there was a note of pride in his voice and facial expression.

I’m not strong, I tried to be. I was training to be a warrior but I couldn’t beat the others, I was the weakest trainee. I cried out in frustration, I didn’t care that there were so many strong pack members here, “If I have no choice I want one moment with my fiancée!” I bit at Damian

“He’s not your-” Damian started growling

“Yes he is! Just because you’ve decided to have some claim on me. Doesn’t change that yesterday, I was planning my wedding! Yesterday I was excited for the future! So I want a moment with him without you threatening him!” I had no idea where my confidence suddenly came from, but I wasn’t scared of Damian. There was nothing he could do to me. If he wanted to take me away from my pack, my family. He needed to give me something. “Fine! But if he touches you he won’t have a head!” Damian’s hand retracted from me instantly making my head spin, my vision blurred and I heard him storm out the room.

I knew I didn’t have long. I grabbed for where I knew Cameron was “I’m so sorry, I love you so much. I want to spend my life with you but apparently that’s not meant to be. Please don’t be...” Pain rippled through me and I couldn’t help a small cry. I gripped onto Cameron for support “-Angry at me… find someone else. I’ll always love you… I’m so sorry… I’m-” I grit my teeth as the pain got worse “I love you, I love you.” I couldn’t keep standing, Cameron hadn’t put his arms around me so I sank to my knees. I wish I could see Cameron’s face… but maybe it was better this way.

“I hate you,” were the words I heard when the world went black.

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