End of the Omega

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Chapter 6

My eyes felt heavy, there was a warmth under my head and I suspected it was Damian as I didn’t feel the pain. I could hear raised voices in the next room. I kept my eyes closed, mainly because they didn’t want to open. “I don’t want her here, I’m getting all her stuff. She’s a bitch. She just used me to get higher in the pack, now there’s someone higher taking an interest-”

“Son, you know perfectly well that’s not true, she had no idea what fate had in store.”

“I don’t care, I hate her. I wish I’d never laid eyes on her, she was only an omega. I don’t even get why I liked her, she’s weak!” I heard a door slam, it shook the house with the force.

I kept my eyes closed pretending to still be asleep, my heart breaking at Cameron’s words “I know you’re awake,” I heard Damian’s deep rumble above me as his fingers brushed hair from my face, “No I’m not,” I mumble back

“How are you feeling?” I shrug sitting up. There’s nothing left for me here now. I was hurt Cameron could turn from me so quickly. He didn’t even sound upset, just angry. Damian also heard my status, might as well get ready for the rejection, mum was right… we’re omegas, nothing else.

“I did wonder why you’re parents weren’t at the lunch,” his voice soft

“Well now you know, He said it… I’m an omega, always am, always will be. No matter what I try,” I mutter looking away from him. I just know what’s going to come out of his mouth next. I didn’t expect him to pull me onto his lap and nuzzle my neck which is what he did. “I told you before, the moment I clapped eyes on you you’re a queen, my queen.” My wolf wanted to hug him. And I had no idea why, but so did I. I turned around in his lap and wrapped my arms tightly around him, he reciprocated.

We stayed locked in each other’s embrace until a cough made Damian look up, I turned too. A beautiful woman, I think I saw her at the lunch? Her chestnut hair flowing down her back. I noticed her eyes were the same as Damian’s “Brother… I think you’ve been causing a bit of trouble.” She smiled showing her perfectly straight teeth. “Allianna, whatever do you mean?”

“Well, I can tell from the pup on your lap you’ve finally found your mate. But there’s a very angry gentleman outside throwing things around saying you stole his wife… Brother please pray tell. You’re not up to your old tricks again?”

“Remember who you’re talking to and where sister,” a warning growl coming from his chest

“Pfft you can’t control me little brother so stop trying.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder

“Allianna… do not undermine me and help the pack out of the mess,” he said through gritted teeth

“The mess you’ve got them in you mean?” she retorted

“Just come help me sort him out.” Damian stood shifting me so I’d stood next to him.

“No, don’t hurt him.” I turned to him planning to stop him

“I’m not going to hurt him, just set him straight. I’d planned to do this later but...” In a flash he’d grabbed my waist and pulled me to him, his lips crashed onto mine.

My wolf howled ecstatically, she’s somersaulting at the connection. His lips seemed to fit perfectly into mine, the blood rushed in my ears. My knees went weak as he massaged his lips against mine, a small rumble coming from his chest. Goosebumps invaded my skin, tingles firing. I gripped onto his biceps to stop me falling over.

He pulled away as quickly as it began, I stumbled a little forward as I was surprised by the lack of him. I could hear his heart beat quicker, and his chest rising and falling heavier. “I didn’t really need to see that,” Allianna scoffed behind me.

“Whatever,” Damian responded, snaking his arm around my waist and leading us outside.

The commotion that greeted us made my eyes go wide. My clothes were being flung from the beta house. While Beta Adrian and Nicos picked them up. We could hear shouting from within the ground floor I called home for a month. I couldn’t quite pick up what was being said, but I could hear Cameron’s mum and Alpha Jeremy shouting.

My parents came running from the woods, looking around at the scene wildly. Dad saw me and strode towards us “What’s going on?!” he shouted, making Damian grip my waist tighter, “Who’s this?” he nodded to Damian.

“High Alpha Damian Stuartson.” He shot dad a dangerous glare. Dad’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped open. “I… I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry Sir.” He bowed his head immediately “Evangeline, what do you think you’re doing? It’s all around the pack that you’ve broken off your engagement.” Dad turned his attention to me, avoiding Damian’s glare.

I looked up to Damian “I… well…” What do I say?

“You are coming straight home and explaining yourself young lady!” Dad grabbed at my arm roughly and tried to yank me away. Damian did two things, first he adjusted his grip so he had encircled my waist, and two he roared at dad. It was louder than anything I had heard before, it vibrated my chest and eardrums. Nicos and Allianna were next to us in a blink.

Allianna placed her hand on my dad’s arm “I wouldn’t do that if I were you darling. My brother is going to be exceptionally protective until he marks your daughter.” My dad blinked at her, seemingly not taking in a word she said. But his grip loosened and I removed my arm from his grip. “M-mark? Eva… what’s going on?” he spoke, still staring at Allianna.

“Your daughter is my mate. She’s the one I’ve been waiting for for hundreds of years.” Damian’s voice was calm again. But his chest heaved with anger.

Dad just stood dumbfounded staring between me and Damian. I didn’t know what to do. “Oh… How can that…? What about Cameron?” He looked confused and like he couldn’t take any of it in. “Dad… my wolf’s realised she has a mate and won’t let me near him… also if Damian isn’t… touching me… I kinda... faint,” I say meekly, hoping he doesn’t get angry. He doesn’t get angry, but he doesn’t say anything either. Dad just turns and walks to the beta house. Stopping to talk to Beta Adrian.

I let out a shaky sigh. What do I do? Damian led me by the small of my back towards the beta house. And walked in. I tried to stop and back away but Damian’s push was firm. The sight before me hurt. Cameron had shifted as much as he could without the full moon and was being restrained by Alpha Jeremy and his son Pearce. His canines were protruding from his lips, his eyes amber and due to his lack of control, grey fur was sprouting in tufts over his arms and face.

Cameron’s mum was crying and looked up at the noise of us entering. “YOU!” she screeched. Pointing to Damian… least she’s not pointing at me. Her squawk made Pearce and Alpha Jeremy look up. “I don’t think it’s best for you to be here right now.” Pearce looked to me, but he didn’t seem angry. “Cameron! Stop struggling!” Pearce’s attention turned back to Cameron who was wriggling and bucking against his friend, animalistic snarls leaving his mouth

“Let me at him!” I’d never heard Cameron so angry, I’d never witnessed this level of lack of control from him. “No!” Pearce bellowed down to him. Cameron laid still. Seemingly giving up. Alpha Jeremy let go, but Pearce kept his hold.

“High Alpha Damian… please get the rest of your mate’s stuff and leave… I think it best if you skip the banquet tonight. I don’t mean to offend, but as you can imagine I have a lot of clear up to do… rumours are flying around saying mates are back.”

“No offence taken. I understand. I can give a speech if you wish?”

“No. Please, leave my pack lands as soon as you can. Goodbye Evangeline. Your parents will not be held accountable for your behaviour today. But you are no longer welcome, I hereby break your pack ties.” Tears stung at my eyes at his words and then the feel of the pack tie severing one by one. I let out a little cry at the wrenching feeling. This had been my home for twenty-one years, how could he be so flippant? How could he cut me like that?

I looked down, tears splashing down my front as Damian led me past and found the bedroom. It’s a tip, Cameron obviously began destroying the room. Not much of my stuff was left but I grabbed my duffel bag I used to move my stuff in originally and packed the small amount left. “What a tool,” Damian said helping me sweep my make-up that was all over the counter into the bag.

“Don’t. He’s not normally like this. He’s sweet and kind.”

“The best way to gauge a man is get him angry. An angry man is his true self.” I wiped the new tears forming in my eyes. I felt bad I was the reason he was angry in the first place. “Let’s just go.” The pain and coldness in my chest throbbing with the realisation I have no pack. I took the diamond ring Cameron had given me and left it on the bedside table.

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