End of the Omega

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Chapter 7

I picked up the duffel bag feeling rejected by my pack. And scared for my future with strangers. As soon as I left the house my head flung back as a fist connected to my jaw. I staggered back into Damian’s chest, clutching the pain. My eyes watered as I saw Cameron being restrained again, this time by Beta Adrian and Nicos. They got him to his knees to help them keep hold of him.

Damian turned me to him and looked imploringly into my eyes “Are you OK?” I nodded, tears spilling over my eyelids. His jaw hardened and his eyes darkened, until the whites of his eyes were fully blue… his wolf. He looked behind me and back to me. “I wanted it romantic…” His lips came crashing down on mine. I gasp at the force and suddenness of the kiss. But kiss back, I couldn’t help it. Something about him made me kiss back, it was me and him alone in our own little world. Sparks exploded within me, I felt like fireworks were erupting around me. I’d completely forgotten what he had said before he kissed me. Can’t be that bad whatever it is right?

I could feel his canines against my lips as he worked his tongue into my mouth. He released my lips and kissed down my jaw, his teeth scraping down my flesh until he’d pulled my blouse from my shoulder and sunk his teeth above my collar bone. I struggled against him, a hiss escaped me at the pain but then it was gone. He licked around the area, sending shivers down my spine.

My own wolf instantly took hold. My hands found his hair and shoulders and I was dragging him down towards me. His laboured breath came down to the area he’s just bitten. I moved the collar of his dark grey shirt, my wolf seemed to know what to do. I felt my teeth elongate as she sunk her long sharp teeth into the dip above his collar bone. I licked while biting, then I released him and licked the four puncture wounds as well as the straight lines of the rest of my front teeth.

A shot of electricity ran through me, a heat radiating through my chest, down my torso. I continued my grip on Damian as my legs turned to jelly, and an uncomfortable burn of arousal coursed between my legs.

I looked up to him and I knew he’s the only man for me. He’s mine no-one else can touch him. A flood of emotions filled me, jealously, hatred, love, admiration… but they’re not mine. I realised their Damian’s. I also felt powerful, I felt like I could take on every wolf and win. “You’re wolf’s eyes are stunning,” his forehead on mine. “I wasn’t expecting turquoise.” I hum, feeling completely content and happy in his arms. “We can go home in a second. I just have something to deal with” he moved from me and I feel completely normal, no dizziness or pain. The only thing was his scent, the first step he took away was the strongest then it evened out again. I was in a daze, a smile had found its way onto my lips and it felt like it would never leave. I watched my mate… he’s my mate as he walked towards Cameron.

“Please don’t kill him Alpha… he made a mistake” Beta Adrian begged as he kept his son knelt.

“I’m not going to kill him… despite my reputation I don’t kill everyone.” Damian’s voice sent my mind to cloud nine, I wanted to listen to his voice forever. “Let him go” Nicos released first. It took Beta Adrian a couple of seconds. Cameron didn’t move, he just looked at me. He now looked sad, he looked lost. “I can’t believe you did that in front of me” he was speaking to me instead of Damian, his voice cracking. He hated me two seconds ago.

For a second I can’t think why he would be upset about it, I shrug “You said you hated me, said you couldn’t believe you liked me… you got your wish. I’m not yours… you can find someone more suited to your rank” I don’t feel anything to him any more, I wonder why I don’t like him... but then Nicos’ voice echoes from earlier in the day ‘you don’t find anyone but you’re mate attractive’ the mate bond won’t allow me to be attracted to Cameron, and I’m not. He’s just a man on his knees in the grass.

“Stand” Damian demanded, Cameron did slowly. As soon as he was on his feet Damian delivered an uppercut to Cameron’s jaw so powerful it would break a human’s neck. Cameron flew in the air, limp like a ragdoll and landed crumpled in a heap. Beta Adrian went to him, checking for a pulse. He seemed to find one “He deserved that Alpha, thank you for showing mercy” Damian nodded seemingly satisfied and walked back to me, his arm around my waist. I smiled up to him “No-one will ever hurt you.” he nuzzled my neck, sniffing me.

“I need to say goodbye to my parents.” I know I’m not staying here. I should be angry that Damian’s taking me away, and I have no choice. But for some reason, I don’t care. I want to be with the man wrapping his arms protectively around my waist. Damian looked around

“They’re there” he had pointed to the side, where I could see Alpha Jeremy, Luna, my parents and Pearse were standing talking. I took a deep breath before leading Damian over to them. Alpha Jeremy stiffened when he saw me. “I told you to leave” his teeth gritted

“I came to say goodbye...” I looked away… realising maybe no-one would want to.

Damian let me go and I felt mum’s arms around me “It’ll be OK darling” she squeezed me but quickly let go “Oh so now he doesn’t need to touch you?” Alpha Jeremy sneered,

“Alpha… he marked me...” I fiddled with the hem of my blouse

“You don’t need to call him Alpha darling, you’re High Luna… you outrank him” I don’t feel like I outrank him. I’m just Eva.

“Get out of my pack land” He snarled.

“I’m starting to dislike your tone… I wonder what I would find if I start digging around your pack? Any laws broken I wonder?” I could hear the blatant threat in Damian’s tone

“We’re leaving… Goodbye dad” I looked over to dad who wasn’t looking to me. He grunted in response “I love you” I tried to both my parents but mum’s hugging dad and they were ignoring me. I looked down blinking away tears so Damian steered me towards the wood.

“Are you alright?” I nodded stiffly not looking up to him “I’m sorry your pack turned against you… finding your mate should be a joyous occasion” I nodded not really listening to him, I just felt so numb, I wanted to hug dad, I wanted him to accept that I’d found my mate… I huffed. We had almost made it to the car when Damian stopped me. “Eva, they’ll accept it, they’ll be happy for you. They just need time” he pulled me tightly into him, I allowed all the positive feelings he had to wash through my mind, and his calming aura and scent cascade around me. I closed my eyes against his chest.

“And we have all the time in the world, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” he muttered against my hair, kissing the top of my head. I moved away from him slightly “But… you’re immortal”

“Very observant of you my love” he slipped his arm around my waist and we took the couple of steps to the car “Won’t I die and leave you without a mate?” he chuckled, pulling me closer to him. I listened to his steady heartbeat thudding rhythmically against my ear… I don’t want to die knowing he’ll live forever.

“Did I not mention?… As soon as I marked you… you became immortal” I was sure I could hear him smirking. I stopped, reluctantly pulling my ear from his chest. Taking in that tiny little nugget of information he ‘forgot’ to mention. “I’m… I’m… Immortal?” I stuttered in disbelief

“Yes, don’t you feel the power, like you could take on everything at once?” I nodded “I can’t wait to show you our home, come on, we need to finish the mating process” I giggled as we slid into the car and drove from the place I used to call home, but now. Damian’s my home, and something was telling me we were going to live peacefully together.

… Yeah turns out… Original werewolf’s do NOT live peacefully.

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