End of the Omega

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Chapter 8

“Nearly there,” Nicos said from the driver’s seat as the car went dark- we had hit a tunnel. We had been driving for 6 hours non stop, Nicos had taken over driving from one of their men after they had driven for 8 hours so he could sleep. I hadn’t realised how many of Damian’s men had been in my old pack. We were in a convoy of ten cars. I shifted in the leather seat for the hundredth time. Damian pulled me to his lap “We’re entering our lands now”.

I looked out the window watching rolling fields of crops appear as the car was basked in morning sunlight. Fields were in view as far as the eye could see towards the mountains in the horizon. I craned my neck over Damian’s shoulder realising we had just gone through a mountain range.

As if realising what I was looking at Damian explained “Mountains surround our land. You know you hit the edge because you hit a mountain”

“How big is your territory?”

“About 50 square miles… give or take” I sat back a little from him, mouth agape

“How much?!” he chuckled at my reaction

“You can’t expect our pack to be as small as yours could you?”

“Well… no but… over 10 times the size?” Damian shrugged

“We need space, immortality brings an irritation with having lots of people around. So our pack is spread out within the confines of our mountains.” As if on cue the car slipped past a few houses before entering a woodland that seemed to stretch the entire width of their lands.

I relished in the familiarity “Do you live near the woodland?”

“Yes, I built my home just on the edge so the garden leads right into the trees. I hope you like it, I built it having my mate in mind” he nuzzled his nose against my jaw

“Where do you live Nicos?”

“Only a 5 minute walk away. Couldn’t leave my big brother to be completely alone, he’d get himself into mischief” Nicos’ amusement was evident, he seemed to like to take the mick out of Damian, but Damian didn’t seem to mind that much as he chuckled shaking his head “I’ve never needed looking after Nicos, it’s more you need me. I built my house first after all little one” a small growl reverberated around the car as Damian’s words seem to rile Nicos a little before his growl died and he covered it with a humourless laugh.

“We’re here” Nicos ground the car to a little too harsh stop. Damian had to pull me closer so I didn’t hit my head on the seat “Little warning before you bounce our foreheads against the interior next time” Damian growled as he opened the car door

“Only wanted to knock some sense into you” Nicos turned in his seat to look back “Now get out so I can see my dearly beloved because I can smell her and she smells divine.” Damian rolled his eyes pushing me gently out the car before he stepped out himself “I do wish you’d remember I’m your Alpha”

“Only out of these mountains brother. Bye!” the car sped off giving me only one sight… Damian’s house. I gasped.

It was the size of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma houses put together. The only thing that will make me call it a log cabin is that it’s made out of logs… but it was closer to a mansion. Sleeper pillars held up a huge balcony that wrapped around the main house. The ground floor was smaller than the rest of the log cabin. Windows gave the impression there were no walls, showing a gym, office and lounge area separated by bookshelves.

I didn’t wait for an invitation. I walked right up to the ground floor… realising I wasn’t sure where a door was as there didn’t appear to be one. Damian came up behind me and pushed the glass which instantly swivelled on its axis. He stopped the window/door’s movement before it hit me. “They all open apart from the corners, I like to be open to nature particularly when I’m working.” I nod, I could understand that. “When did you build it?”

“Started 21 years ago, took a few years, then I changed my mind changing the layout a few times.”

I looked to him “Why did you build a house with your mate in mind… 21 years ago?” Damian looked a little uncomfortable as he led me into the ground floor. Behind a bookcase was a spiral staircase. “This is going to sound a little… I felt when my mate came into the world. Don’t ask how but I just knew. You were born May weren’t you?” I stopped not quite at the top of the stairs

“You… you knew I was born?” I turned on the step to look at him below me

“I didn’t know it was you obviously, but… yes. My wolf felt a pull during the eclipse, at first I thought it was because of the sun and moon goddesses fighting, but no-one else felt it… Apart from Allianna. I… just knew. My wolf knew. So I waited.”

“I’m not sure whether to be horrified or elated...” Damian shrugged before throwing me over his shoulder. I yelped feeling like I was going to fall but he had a firm grip as he climbed the last steps to the first floor.

He set me down on my feet “Welcome home” I looked around, the stairs had brought us to an entrance hall that was bigger than the ground floor of the Beta house. The wooden floors were broken up by deep green braided rugs. An archway showed to a sitting room, curved stairs led upstairs. Behind me another archway led to an eating area; a small table and chairs sat centrally with large windows… I guessed these opened similar to downstairs.

“Let me show you the view” Damian grabbed my waist and strolled through to the sitting room, three large windows let in the orange rays, the sun still rising and despite barely sleeping in the car I didn’t feel that pull to sleep, seeing Damian’s house was way too fascinating. Damian pushed on the central window and exactly the same as downstairs it opened. The balcony was the size of a house in it’s self, stretching to each side, tables and chairs were out here too with a table tennis table. I wondered who he played against. But then the view took my breath away.

The mountains stretched up to the sky, their snowy peaks disappearing into the clouds high above, I could see other houses all of different styles and ages spread over the land, each house with generous space between them. Damian pointed “See that stone house” I nodded “That’s Nicos’, then” he pointed further to the right “that other wood cabin is Allianna’s”

“Has she found her mate?”

“No, that is why we were going around the packs, Allianna and I felt the same experience with that eclipse, so her mate is somewhere. I’ll organise her to continue the pack tour with my most trusted men until she finds her mate” I nod, the siblings seemed close and I wondered what age difference there was. Nicos had a younger appearance to Aliyanna and Damian, who seemed closer in age, I knew Allianna was older due to what she had said earlier.

“Come, there’s much more to show you, unless you’re tired”

“No, I haven’t slept in 24 hours though.”

“You’ll get used to it, we run a two moon day, our bodies and minds don’t tire as easily, although I’m surprised you’ve adapted so quickly”

“I think I’m just excited, you’re house is beautiful”

“Our house” he kissed my temple quickly “It’s our house, I built it for you. I want to show you the bedroom. If you don’t like it I’m changing it tomorrow” a warmth flooded within me, but I couldn’t see how I couldn’t like anything he showed me, the whole house was like something I had imagined.

He led me up the curved staircase, the banister a beautiful rosewood which contrasted the mostly light woods around the house. There were seven doors, I did wonder why Damian would need so many rooms, maybe he wanted lots of pups? I smiled. I maybe don’t want quite that many, but definitely three? Obviously not right now, only just met him. But… I hummed to myself thinking what kind of mum I’d be.

However the thought slipped from my mind when he opened a door. He went in first and I followed and my eyes went wide. In a similar style to the rest of the house the walls were golden oak. A log burner sat in the corner, it’s black chimney rising up. The floor, although wooden, had a beautiful soft cream rug which spread throughout the room. I didn’t want to stand on it in my shoes, it looked too clean and perfect.

Through the windows I could see another balcony, noticing that the bedroom was located to the back of the house as I could see the woodland beyond. The ebony king sized bed centred the room, it drew the eye with the contrast in wood colour. A red tartan blanket sat neatly over the end of the bed with white sheets crisp and neat. My eyes swept the room seeing a door. I slipped my shoes off and padded silently to the other side of the room opening the wooden door. A dressing room the width of the bedroom lay before me. One side lay empty while the other had Damian’s clothes neatly hung. “We can put your clothes away later and if you need more or want anything I can sort it out” Damian said as he appeared behind me.

I opened my mouth to talk but no words came… I was rendered speechless. Damian seemed to notice and hugged me “It must seem like a lot. But… I enjoy living however I wish, that means wanting for nothing”. I said nothing as Damian let me go and walked to another door on the other side “It’s just a bathroom”. He opened the door and what lay beyond was anything but just a bathroom.

My eyes roamed over the marble streaked with gold, which glinted in the many lights strategically placed to brighten the bathroom. The marble floor led to a shower which could easily fit 5 warriors, marble seating edged the shower walls with glass around the other two sides. Next to the shower was a step up to another level, getting closer I could see a bathtub sunk into the floor which again was for 2 people if not more. Opposite the bath were the double vanity sinks with drawers underneath. Finally a low wall separated a small area which was the toilet.

I was in complete awe. I didn’t realise anything could be as beautiful as what I had seen.

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