End of the Omega

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Chapter 9

“Do you like it?” Damian sounded nervous, I looked back to him, anticipation worried his features. I strode towards him and leapt into his arms “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. It’s like out of my wildest dreams, I didn’t think anything could look as amazing as this” my wolf growled happily as Damian lifted my legs so they were wrapped around his hips. “You don’t know how happy that makes me” his voice husky and sultry. His hands moved from my thighs to my butt, he began massaging gently over the pockets of my jeans. A small gasp escaped my lips before they had a Damian attached to them.

He massaged and sucked at my lips as I felt myself being carried out of the bathroom. My eyes had closed and I didn’t open them until I felt the softness of a mattress under my back. Damian still in between my legs as he hadn’t broken the kiss once. His hands now free from carrying me began untucking my blouse and his hands swiftly slipped under. I moaned, vibrating his lips as I felt his fingertips brush my flat stomach. He was barely making contact, making my body want him more, but he didn’t increase his pressure leaving tingles where his fingertips went. He worked his fingertips up brushing the underwire then cups on my bra. His touch teasingly light, I shivered and tried to pull him closer.

He pulled his lips from mine and rested back on his heels. A devilishly mischievous look over his handsome features. He grazed his fingertips on the inside of my jean clad thigh, slowly with his feather-light touch moving closer to where I want him to touch me. He chuckled as my body naturally tried to get closer to him. “Oh no my dear… I want to savour every inch of you.” Without warning he flipped me onto my stomach. His fingers caressing over the curves of my calves, then working there way up my thighs.

He stopped when he reached the base of my backside, he lightened his touch again and ran his finger tips around the contours of the tops of my thighs. I moaned into the white sheets wanting more. “Patience” he whispered above me as I felt my blouse being pushed up. He pushed it above my head and discarded it, he sucked in a small breath. “Why are you so beautiful from every angle?” he ran his fingers along the waistband of the highwaisted jeans. His short nails gently scratched my bare skin. “This isn’t fair” I moaned as his hands moved up to my pale pink bra. “No-one said it was going to be fair. I’ve waited so long for this now it’s your turn to wait. I also have to make up for not marking you in my bed”. He increased the pressure on my back digging his palms into my muscles. A groan of pleasure started in my chest as I felt my muscles ripple into his hands.

I felt my bra strap fall from my back and his hands began massaging under my shoulder blades. His warm hands went up to my neck and a burst of pleasure engulfed me when his fingers brushed the mark he had given me the day before. A moan and squeal making a probably less than sexy noise made him turn me back around so I could see his wonderful face. “I wonder what happens if I bite it again...” before I could respond, his lips were on my jaw trailing down. He stopped just before my collar bone, his mark right next to his mouth. My arms found his shoulders.

I was about to get my fingers to my own mark to make him feel what he had just done when teeth scraped against the mark. I screamed in pleasure, cold tingles shooting down my spine making my hips arch towards him. It was the most pleasure I’d ever felt. My breath became laboured, my ears burnt and my nails cut into his shoulders. “Mmm… now that was interesting” he came back up. I stared into his sapphire eyes “If you don’t fuck me right now I’m tying you up and doing it right now” I panted out to him. And I was deadly serious.

“That bad huh?” he smirked. I didn’t let him say any more when I reached up and latched onto his collar bone, teeth perfectly lined with the mark. His moan came out mixed with laboured breaths, his back arching. His hips thrust seemingly without his consent until I let go.

“Point taken” he breathed through gritted teeth, his body twitching. Without a word he ripped open my jeans, how he didn’t rip the buttons I had no idea. I reached up unbuttoning his shirt desperate to see what his body looked like. He slid my jeans from my hips and down my legs, his thumbs grazing my bare flesh. He came back up and I managed to finish undoing his shirt. Slipping it from his rippling shoulders. His toned carved torso came into view and it was my turn to just stare. I traced each individual ab moving up to his muscular chest. My gaze moved up to his face as he smiled “Like what you see?” I nodded, fingers still trailing around his chest and stomach. Most wolves are well toned and muscular, but Damian was something else.

It was Damian’s turn to get impatient; he moved my hands to above my head. “If you’re not going to undress me you can watch” he slowly undid his belt and trousers. They slipped from his hips. His almost naked body met mine as our lips crashed together. A neediness had entered the kiss, he deepened it pushing his tongue into my mouth. His hand trailed down my stomach while his other found my hair. He pulled gently on the strands making me moan, his tongue retracted and I took the opportunity to nibble on his bottom lip.

A growl rumbled through his chest and his hand suddenly cupped between my legs, massaging through my panties “Mmm, someone seems very ready for this” A blush crept over my face but I didn’t think he noticed because he was looking down. Fingers hooking under my panties between my thighs making me shiver and buck my hips towards him. “Please” I whispered to him. His eyes met mine “Once the mating process is complete there’s no going back”. I could tell he almost didn’t want to say it in case I changed my mind. But the thought of going back to my pack and leaving Damian was the last thing I wanted. I nodded “I want you”.

He smiled, laid a kiss on my lips and we were naked – I don’t actually know how that happened. He supported his weight with one arm looking deep into my eyes as he slowly entered, filling me with his tip. I moaned as he began thrusting, then I gasped as he kept going deeper inside. I hadn’t actually been able to see how big he was but he was huge, he was slowly thrusting to enter me fully, allowing my body to stretch to him. “Damian” I cried as with one more push he was all the way in.

“Eva… your so” he grunted as he thrust “Tight” his teeth gritted in pleasure.

Sweat began pooling on my back with every thrust, waves of ecstasy rendering my mind useless. All I knew was I was in heaven as I gripped his shoulders, feeling a pressure building in my lower stomach. I hadn’t felt that before. I arched my hips towards him and I didn’t think possible I felt him deeper. The pressure got so much I almost wanted to stop, the pressure became close to discomfort, I was about to gasp at him to stop when an overwhelming heat burst inside me. My back arched making Damian have to drop down to stay inside me. A scream came from deep within me when the pressure exploded. I gripped the sheets under my hands and my toes curled. I felt myself tighten around him, and then pulse. I quivered my whole body feeling suddenly exhausted. Damian grunted with another thrust, sweat beading on his forehead as he released.

I laid there feeling unable to move, my body twitching, between my legs throbbing pleasantly. Damian crawled next to me and pulled me into his chest. I felt almost delirious as I listened to his heart beating quickly in his chest, my breathing uneven and ragged as I tried to calm down. “May sound stupid...” I took a few breaths “what was that?”

“Well… we had sex” he chuckled “Where were you?”

“No, the… the feeling, the explosion” Damian sat up a little pulling away from me. He gazed into my face, I wonder if he’s searching to see if I’m serious. “Have you not orgasmed before?” I shake my head “Women can orgasm?” he pulled me back into him stroking my hair

“Oh wow, now I’m exceptionally glad I punched the daylights out of him. You have had sex before right?”

“Yeah” my wolf grumbled at the thought of being with anyone but Damian. Now she knew she had a mate and the mate bond was fully set it was like she knew about mates. Like it was as natural as eating “I just never felt that before”

“You’re going to feel that a lot, I’ll make it my mission” he kissed the top of my head sending tingles down my head. I nuzzled my face into his chest feeling exactly where I should be.

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