Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 10

10. Dolphin

“What?? Do you know??? How come you know??? Have you been there??? Is that how you saved me?? Tell me! Did it try to kill you too???” He bombarded her with questions. She just continued to row the boat with a smile. “Hey...Why aren’t you answering? Tell me!! What’s it?” he questioned again. “I will tell you everything, but first we should reach the shore, sea is going to be rough after some time” He looked around and it seemed calm. A slow breeze started to blow, which slowly picked up the speed. The boat and wind were in the same direction, the boat too picked up speed as the sea was getting rough. The height of waves started to increase, the boat started to tremble and shake. He looked at her, she still has a smile on her face and she kept on rowing.

They reached shore it was windy, she pushed the boat to the land, Faham helped her this time. He could see more boats nearing the shore at a distance. “Where do these people live?” he asked her. “There,” she pointed towards a distant shore where he saw shadows moving.

“Why don’t you live with them?” he asked. “They don’t accept me” she replied with a smile. “She always has that smile.” he thought. They reached the hut, she kept the basket aside, took the fish out and went in.

It was dark, he was sitting looking at the sea. She came up to him with a fried fish in her hand. She sat next to him and gave him the fried fish, she looked at his face, he was sad.

“They have my Al Hamra, he’s there, dead…alone, for them to cut and eat,” he said by keeping the fish aside and continued, “He was my everything, I am going to kill her one day”

“Who?” she asked “I don’t know she was there, with a dead body which she sent with me in a boat by the river then to this sea and she was going let me die drowning in this sea or eaten by a whale”

“No, she wouldn’t!” Isra replied. Faham gave her a confused look, she continued “That dolphin, you see” she pointed towards the sea and all of a sudden, a dolphin jumps up at a height showing him the diamond. His eyes became wide, he couldn’t believe what he saw, that dolphin just jumped while she said sitting right next to him, he was amazed. And when he walked towards the sea, it was gone.

Isra continued, “She told me about you that’s why I could reach on time to save you.” He was in shock, Isra continued “You’re the first one to come out alive through that way, but you can never tell about that place to anyone else I will have to kill you for her”

“No! No! I won’t” Faham said “But how did you talk to dolphins, I want to go in again”. “No, you can’t, you shouldn’t, if anyone finds out, you’re going to die. Moreover, you can’t get inside so easily, the pyramid is guarded by snakes and here the other entrance is guarded by whales. It’s Isha who should tell them to allow us inside and she won’t, she hasn’t left me inside until today, I’ve tried many times.” she exhaled looking at the sea, as they sat there for a while. Faham dozed off there.

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