Qanat - An Underground Valley

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12. Pebbles

He lay there looking at the star, it was another full moon night. The sky looked mesmerizing with the full moon, the bright stars and shooting stars moving through the sky. “People say, you should make a wish if you happen to see a shooting star,” Isra said while walking towards the boat. He just closed his eyes and made a wish. “You know what I wished for?” Faham asked her, she smiled nodded, her head and said “I know, but let it be your wish, secret wish. If you share it, that wish might not come true. Ok come, help me now.”

He looked at her as she waved him to come along, he followed her. There were lots of bags and buckets kept with rocks and stones of different colors, he was confused “What are all these for?” he asked. “Can you help me keep these in the boat first? I will tell you on our way in the sea” saying that Isra picked up one bag and walked towards the boat. He stood there looking at here. Then he picked a bag and walked towards the boat. Slowly they kept all bags in the boat.

“You want to come?” she asked him pushing the boat to the sea, he stood there for a minute thinking what to do as he didn’t understand what was happening. Then he helped her push the boat into the sea and slowly they reached the sea as she started to row.

It was a beautiful sight, calm sea with blue trails left behind as the boat moved forward in the reflection of the silver pearl of the sky with all the diamonds around it. Fishes moving up to the surface of the water. And he looked all together with amusement.

He looked at Isra, she still had the smile and she was looking at him and said “Do you know, where are we going?” he said no, there she pointed at a silhouette and he looked at the direction she pointed. A humongous whale jumped out of the water, flipped its tail and dived back into the water. Faham became speechless as he saw that sight for the first time. He was awestruck, seeing the whale come out of water in the moonlight and dive back into water with a big splash of bioluminescent water. He took a closer look and saw jellyfishes emitting a neon blue glow, which made water twinkle. “What’s there? Why are we going towards the whale, moreover how do you do that? Last time it was a dolphin now it’s a whale!” Faham said.

“Where do you think I get these many pebbles? From the sea? Sea doesn’t have that many pebbles and we should not hurt the corals too, they all have their own rules and ways. So, what I do is I put these stones in some places and let the sea do its work, and believe me it does as these fishes too helps and gives me all these pebbles.” Isra said pointing out to fishes which were all around the boat going along with it.

And she continued… “There are lots of rivers reaching this sea above the land and below the land and all these fishes, dolphins, whales help me show the way to it so that I can do my work” he listened to her in amusement as if he was in some kind of a dreamland. A young boy from a desert land, now standing in a boat in the sea hearing all the surprising elements of nature.

They stopped “Jump!!” Isra exclaimed while she jumped into the water “Come on…” she waved her hand asking him to jump. He jumped into the water and then looked around, she understood his fear and said: “Don’t worry he’s not nearby, whales are here to show me the way and they leave, except for the one.” She started to untie the bags and then tilted the boat and told him to keep it tilted. He did as she said and she started to unpack the bags into sea one by one. They were done in some time and he took a dip, opened his eyes, he could see some light, reflection of the moon but his eyes were burning so he got back to boat and started to row back, looking at her.

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