Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 14

14. Whale

He sat on the shore until morning, looking at the sea in anger thinking of, how to get inside Qanat. The sun was rising as he sat there. Isra was seen nowhere around.

He got up as if he had decided something, he started to push the boat into the sea and started to row the boat towards the first location where he saw the whale for the first time, while he came with Isra, he recollected every area they came to fetch pebbles. It was all new for him. He wanted to try, so he was on to it. After some time, he reached, where he saw the whale for the first time he looked around everything looked everywhere the same.

He inhaled deeply, and jumped into the water went deep down with his eyes open, he kept swimming and looked around, in between, he discharged bubbles out from his mouth. He went right and left, all around searching for a way in.

Then he saw an area where there was sand and had pebbles too. He swam towards that direction for a while, he was exhausted, his muscles tightened… his body wanted some air, yet he kept swimming. It was getting darker and darker as he went ahead. His body started to give and wanted to come up to the surface, so slowly he came up to the surface from under the sea.

It was pitch dark in where was, bats were prowling and other noise of other creatures were echoing in there. He took a deep breath and murmured to himself, “This is not Qanat everything here is exactly opposite of Qanat.” The air was hot in there, wherein the air in Qanat is fresh, cold, soothing and relaxed body cells. Qanat had a very unique aroma, which was pleasant and went well with the lights in there. He walked ahead and after a while, he reached near a huge rock and sat on it. He closed his eyelids and slept for a while.

“You shouldn’t have come back!” Isha yelled at him. He woke up all of a sudden looked around and found nobody, maybe someone’s there but he couldn’t see them in dark…or was it just a dream?! He felt good, his body was relaxed. He was ready to swim back. He walked until his feets touched the water and dived in.

He swam back to the sea with the flow of water. Searched for the rope of anchor, which had a red cloth tied around...which he had taken from Isra’s hut. He saw the red cloth and swam towards it.

The sky was orange and the sun was setting down in the west. His eyes were glued to the sky and the sea was calm. The boat kept moving in circles with the wave. All of a sudden, a small sparkle came up to his eyes and disappeared with the sound of hitting the water, and it happened again he stood up looked around he couldn’t see anything. He dipped his face inside water, nothing was seen…and to his surprise a whale came up nearby his boat and dived back into the sea, the whole boat started to shake and water splashed on his face. It reminded him of what Isra had said. “The way is guarded by whales…so this is it.” he thought of giving it a try again and he jumped into the water.

He again saw the sparkle inside water, yes, it’s the dolphin, the one with diamond stud, the one I saw inside Qanat. He followed the sparkle... swam as fast as he could to catch up with the dolphin, as it was too fast. Sparkle was gone, it was getting dark inside, his heart started thudding faster with joy, hoping that he found the entrance finally!! And all of a sudden, something hit him hard…before he could realize what it was, it moved far. It hurt him a bit. “What was it?” he thought. “I need some air. So that’s it, that’s the entrance. Yes, I did it, let’s go back!” but his body was paining, his lungs craved for oxygen. He came up to the surface, inhaled some air. He made the jump holding his hand above his head, cutting through the water going fast, deep and straight. Faham swam as fast as he could ignoring the pain, towards the spot where he got attacked, he saw a whale circling there. “This was the one, which attacked me.” he thought.

He slowly swam ahead, all of a sudden, the whale stopped moving. He stood still looking at him as he too stopped to move. The whale looked at him and opened its mouth wide, its sharp teeth were seen, its fins were firm and steady to dive and attack in a go. Seeing it, Faham trembled a bit, his body got the cold shiver which he was unaware of until now, his blood started to pump faster. He wanted to move but he couldn’t, his body was going up slowly as did the whale, without even moving its fin. The whale’s eye looked killer to him. All of a sudden Faham opened his mouth and blurted some blood out, the whale sensed it and it started to move towards him at full speed with wide-open mouth.

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