Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 16

16. Diamonds

Faham swam to the shore, took a breath and sat there for some time. He looked around, it was quiet and calm. He could see colored houses at a distance. The light was, low air was cold. He started to shiver as he was drenched. He looked out for something to cover himself but didn’t anything. All of a sudden, he saw a shadow moving towards him from a distance.

e jumped into the water because he didn’t have anywhere else to hide. “Is that dream going to be true now? No, I can’t get hurt, arrow in my leg is not at all a good idea” he thought. He swam forward underwater to change his location so that whoever/whatever is coming, won’t find him where he jumped. He moved as fast as he could.

He felt something poking at his butt, he looked behind it was a dolphin. “ From where did this come now?” he thought. He turned his head and saw another one coming for him from the front. “This can’t be now, I am going to get trapped in between.” And the third one came the red studded dolphin.

All three dolphins had surrounded him from three sides, the only option he had was to escape from the forth side. And that’s what he did, he chose the only option he had and swam up to the shore at full speed. Once he reached the brim he poked his head out of the water, he saw a pair legs, strong legs, he slowly tilted his head up to look who it was He saw camel skin wrapped around the waist down, strong abs and another piece of camel skin wrapped around chest, no it’s breasts, it’s a girl. It was Isha.

She kneeled down, held his ears and said “Go” to the dolphins.

“Ahhhhhhh, it hurts,” he said coming out from the water.

“It should hurt, how dare you enter my land? Nobody comes here from outside and if anyone comes they won’t go back alive.” Her face was serious.

“No!! Please don’t kill me, I wanted to see you and thank you for letting me live that day, for getting me out of here,” He replied.

She sat there looked at him, her face was serious, all of a sudden, her expression changed and she smiled. She shook her head and looked at him again. He was confused didn’t know what was happening.

“Come ” She took his hand and said to him “We should go now,” she pointed across the river to the diamond hill. She pushed him to the river and she jumped, they swam across and reached there. She sat on the hill, putting legs in water and fishes came by started tickling her legs. Faham he did the same and the fishes did the same to his leg too.

“What did you do with my Al-Hamra???? Is that his skin that you’re wearing???” Faham asked with a sad face. Isha looked at him, “Didn’t do that. I saw the way you looked at the camel. But yes, others did. I couldn’t help it. That’s the way we live, that’s how we survive you should try to understand and accept the truth it’s dead and it’s not coming back.”

“But he didn’t even get a proper burial,” Faham said looking to the water and being silent. Isha too was silent.

“What were you thinking, while trying to enter here through that way. They are all dangerous deadly whales. They are trained to kill whoever tries to come inside through there, Isra warned you then too you kept on coming.” Isha said.

“I just wanted to come to this heaven, it is so great here also wanted to know about my camel. Wait!! What?? How do you know her? Isra? How did you know I was trying to enter?” Faham asked.

Isha looked at him and said, “Who do you think sent her?” Pointing towards the red studded dolphin and continued, “She is the marker, we send her just for our people. If any of our people tries to come in through seaway, she will be there to guide them safe, and the people who go to sea for hunting are noted and helped by her, our gem.” Faham was listening to her with amusement.

“Isra…” Isha exhaled. “ She helps us in looking after the seaway from the shore it’s all connected, we need to assure our people’s safety,” Isha said with a sad face.

Meanwhile, Faham realized what he was sitting on, “Are these diamonds??” he asked with eyes wide open. “Yes, come I will show you more.” Isha took his hand and said. They got up and walked up to the side of the diamond hill, there was this small room made out of limestones.

“We cut and shape diamonds here, into weapons, for lighting systems and all other needs”

There he saw a pile of diamonds shaped in rectangles about the size of his fingers. He took one of them it’s good, he has never seen such fine quality diamond in his life. The greediness inside him got activated for a second, he took three-four of them and kept them in his pocket.

“I can’t take you to the other side, if anyone sees you I won’t be able to help you they will kill you, as no one can know about us or this place and the resources here, moreover a master herself can’t go against the rules.” They came by the river, she jumped down the water and came up. She opened her hand and there were few red, green and yellow diamonds. It looked different than the ones he saw. It was glowing…they were self-illuminating diamonds.

She gave them to him, took one red one, “If you ever want to come back here again, keep this with you and use this to signal our dolphins. They will let me know and help you get in. You can never tell anybody about this place to anyone. I don’t know why but I believe you and if you ever break that belief I will send him to kill you,” she said pointing at the snake which was there next to him.

“What?? Where did this come from?”Faham thought and moved his leg. He slipped and fell down. He hit his head hard, thus he fainted. She looked at him and walked towards him, picked him up in her arms and walked past the limestoned houses.

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