Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 17

17 Merchants

He felt wetness on his legs, he could hear voices of waves. His mouth tasted salty. The back of his head hurts a bit. Slowly opened his eyes it was all white sand and shells here and there. He tried to get up but his body felt exhausted. He turned around sun rays hit his eyes, that hurt he couldn’t see clearly, he covered his eyes with his hand lied there for some time.

He could hear people’s distant chatter, from where is this coming. “ohhhh ok I am out of Qanat, but where am I “ he thought. He got up and sat there for some time. He felt something in his pocket. When he turned his pockets, he saw the diamonds that he slipped into his pocket inside Qanat. He was happy as now he can start a new life with these diamonds. Do a job he knew, making ornaments. He smiled.

Faham got up stretched himself, “oops, it hurts “ touching his ribs he taught, it hurt a bit. “Yes, the area which that whale hit first, but it was not that hard then how come it’s paining this much now . “ he thought. All of a sudden, he threw out his stomach out, but blood and a lot of salt water came out. He felt relaxed a bit.

He started to walk a bit, he saw lots of huts and people they were getting ready to go to the sea. He looked around and saw single hut far away on the other side “that must be Isra, I should go and tell her about what happened and what all I saw there also should give her one among these diamonds” Faham taught. He sat there looking at the people going away with their boats far away to make their livings.

Sun moved further up, his body was dried diamonds were safe inside his pockets. Pain reduced he was ready to walk till her hut. He started to walk step by step through the shore enjoying the waves and its music, he was happy inside, he sang some folk songs he knew as he walked.

Finally, he reached her boat was there. Faham looked at the sun it was ready to set, fill sky with different colors. He touched the boat, kissed it “thanks for taking me to Qanat” he said to the boat rubbing it with hand. Faham then started walking towards the hut.

“Isra, I did it, I went inside, see what I brought from there “, he screamed in joy walking towards the hut and expecting Isra to come out running, but there was no response, he looked inside the hut everything was there at its places the cloths, pebbles, woods and everything except Isra. He came out and checked for her in the pool but she was not seen. He checked for the boat again, it was there itself. She might have gone somewhere else he said to himself and decided to wait for her. He came inside the hut and stayed there for some time and dozed off.

He got up he could see the orange sky. “What it’s morning again’? He got up started looking for Isra but she was nowhere around . “Israaaaaaa” he screamed aloud, going through all the places he could. She was not there but her boat was there. Where did she go now ??? He thought. Another day went by but Isra was not to be found.

He felt sad, he missed his only friend. He felt sad that they fought the last time they met. He decided to move, move to some land and start a jewelry with the money he gets from selling the diamonds.

He started to walk north, without and destination, with a bottle of water and the diamonds. As he walked he saw a group moving along with their camels. He asked them to let him join them and they happily taken him along with them. He talked with them, they were silk merchants who walks around kingdoms to kingdom selling their silk. He also held one among the camels as he had experience with the camel. It reminded him about his days with Al-Hamra. As it was night everyone started to climb on each camel’s Faham also got up on one among the camels which took the silks. The night was cold and he was tired. He felt his eyes becoming heavier and heavier with the each passing minute and slowly he drifted into a deep sleep.

“You never asked my name”, Isha said to Faham. Isha was angry and she just pushed him and ran away, “no wait” Faham screamed running behind her. Suddenly he fell off. It hurt him he opened his eyes he was in front of a big gate. “What no it was a dream”, he looked around he saw merchants laughing. “You were in deep sleep so didn’t wanted to disturb. We reached our destination for the next two days we will be here and then we will leave to next destination”. He just nodded his head in yes, “I didn’t ask her name.”

Suddenly it struck him. I knew this gate. Ohhh no it’s my homeland, the land of jewelers. I am not supposed to get in here he thought. I should have asked these merchants where they have headed too. I forgot to ask that too now. This is not a good Faham taught. “Any problem young man ???” one among the merchant asked him.

“NO!” said Faham.

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