Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 18

18 Home

“I am not supposed to be here, I am not supposed to be here” he murmured with fear on his face thinking what to do as the camel and merchants started to move in through the gate. He took a deep breath, adjusted his litham, covered his case held a camel and started to walk ahead through the gate to inside. He felt as if the guards were staring at him, his eyes moved all around, it looked all same nothing changed, he looked at himself his body has changed, he’s strong now, confident, still, his heart was beating so fast like an arrow left from bow after a full stretch. He wanted to relax, he went to nearby shop there water was kept in a big bowl, he opened his cloth from face washed his face, Faham wiped his face and covered it again.

Faham left the camel and it walked away along with its master merchants and its pack. Faham sat in a corner, inhaled deeply with his eyes closed. He could smell the sweet aroma of raw and dry dates throughout the shops. He could hear sounds of steel plates and swords from different shops. All along the streets.

He opened his eyes slowly letting the view takeover him. He could see himself running through those streets along with other children, through the shops of handicrafts, Ovens by a big bearded man he was still standing there with all white hairs and beard looking at his eyes. Then he passed by his favorite date shop from where he used to steal some dates sometimes, it was a new guy standing there calling out people. He remembered the owner had a daughter, so this man might be his son in law. And there were houses made 2-3 storied and beautiful ladies were standing and looking down talking to one another and smiling and laughing at one another, pointing down to the streets and people moving there. And he remembered his friends used to climb up to the buildings and play with kites, running and jumping around buildings. He never did any things as he was afraid of heights.

He smiled lightly and walked ahead he passed the crockery shops and armory shops reached near the big pond in the middle of the market and he looked ahead. There it was the big palace, fully guarded by soldiers with sharp swords, and other pieces of equipment ever ready to fight and die for their king. It was all white and blue colored biggest building, large enough to occupy whole people of the kingdom in case of emergency. Memories of his mother and him rushed to him. “mom” he exhaled.

He walked away sideways passing the pound looking at the Street where he lived where he played with his Al-Hamra. He could see himself with Al-Hamra again running through the street as a child, he could see him showing his camel to everyone walking through the street. He was happy, the little me was happy he thought.

He finally reached near the jewelry of his uncle, he was dusting the crystals and ornaments, “the place where I have most of my memory” Faham thought. He wanted to get inside and give a hug to his uncle but something stopped him. Maybe it’s fear of getting caught.

He turned around and started walking away from the shop, as he made a few steps a deep voice had stopped him “Faham”, the man called out with a lot of expectations in his sound. Faham got a chill for a second, he turned looked at his uncle “uncle???” Faham hugged him tight and cried

“How did you find me, “ Faham asked his uncle, uncle put a hand on his shoulder and started walking towards his shop and said “a blood can understand his blood, and your eyes they are special just like your dad’s”

They got inside the shop and Faham took out the litham, “you are a fully grown man, you look different, I don’t know maybe I was thinking about you too much that’s why I felt like you will be back home soon, and look at you are home”

Faham smiled. And uncle continued, “you don’t have to worry they caught the thief after few days while he tried to steal again from the palace, he said the truth and since then I was trying to find you, where have you been ??? Where is our Al-Hamra???”

“He’s no more I lost him on my way through desert, rest I will say later, I need to get fresh and I need new clothes,” Faham said. Uncle smiled and took him home.

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