Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 19

19 The Spy

He slept for some time, it felt good sleeping in his bed, his home feeling safe with uncle around family around. He dreamt about Isha she was standing on that diamond hill waving at him. With a wide smile on her face. Suddenly he got up, looked up through the window he could see waxing crescent moon as it was nearing new moon, it looked like a locket on the sky’s chain. It was dark and the stars looked like diamonds in the sky. Suddenly he remembered about diamonds Isha gave him. He took them out, the colored ones looked so good they were glowing all alone in the dark . And the rectangle ones too gave outshine in those low light.

He kept them in a small bag and kept it aside, taught about Isha came to his mind. He never saw her smile, at first she was crying, this time she was cold and expressionless with a small curve in lips.” Ohhhh! I forgot to ask about our first meeting for why were she crying that day “ Faham taught. I should have asked her. I should go inside again and should ask her. He slept again thinking about Isha.

He woke up in the morning, he felt good, he had food and went to the jewelry taking those diamonds in a pouch .uncle was sitting there, he looked at his shop everything was in their places as he used to place them before, but there was dust in corners. He looked around it was just him and his uncle, “It used to be rush at this time, but look at this no one is here, and where is your worker uncle?? Why are their lots of dust here ?” Faham asked his uncle wiping the dust through the crystal boxes.

With a deep sigh uncle said, “after you went away I was really sad, didn’t open shop for long then once that crooked thief was caught I felt bit relaxed, but by that time I lost half of my buyers. Then I kept a boy for work he was smart and clever. I used to get a few customers a day. And one day he stopped coming. While I checked I saw him working in a new shop across the street, one day. Later I came to know it’s his shop, seems like he was more crooked and clever.” uncle sat there silent looking down at the table. Faham went near him out his hand on shoulders and said everything will be ok.

“After that, I don’t use to clean much.” Uncle continued...

“Don’t worry uncle I am here now I will take care of everything now.” he took out the pouch from his pocket and took all the diamond out to the table. Uncle looked at him in amazement, with eyes wide open, and looked at the diamonds. Touched it like a kid seeing a new toy for the first time, he couldn’t believe his eyes “I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. Where did you get this from ??” his mouth trembled

Faham smiled, “I got these from Qanat,” he said. “Ohhhh no oooo….” uncle screamed all of a sudden. Faham looked at the direction where the uncle’s fingers pointed. A SNAKE, black one, something that he saw on pyramid and Qanat with Isha. “You can never tell about this place to anyone else “ Ishas voice echoed in his ears ... he didn’t know what to do uncle shook him up but he couldn’t get out that sound of Isha.

“Go get a stick. they look poisonous we should kill it “the uncle said to Faham. But he couldn’t move his hands or do anything else. He stood there like a stick. Uncle ran out and came back with a stick but the snake was not there. “Where did it go,” uncle asked Faham. He was standing still, opened his mouth “I….I…I, I don’t know” stammering.

Faham sat there while uncle searched the whole shop for the snake but it was not found.

“It is gone I think,” said the uncle. “Let us make ornaments out of this “ uncle continued. Faham was still sitting there looking at the red diamond. Uncle collected all the diamonds and put them back in the pouch and shook Faham again. “What, where is it, where has it gone ??” Faham asked looking all around. Uncle looked at him in surprise and tapped his shoulder and said, “come let’s go”

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