Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 2

2. Qanat

There are many myths about this land, but nobody knows the truth. Few tried to find out what’s down there and they never came back…so this land has always been a myth and nightmare to people around this desert.

History says, there were many kingdoms in Qanat. All the kingdoms were very rich. There were secret underground passages below the kingdoms, which connected. Those secret passages were used by the kings, queens, and royals. Out of ego and greed of wealth, the kingdoms went on a war with each other. All the kingdoms lost the battle to each other, leaving tons of dead people behind in the desert. Some say that a tsunami hit and washed away all the kingdoms and all their wealth, except the pyramid.

For the people who see the pyramid, it’s just a land pyramid, a desert, and a myth now. The pyramid was in immaculate condition. Its smooth sides reflect the sunlight during the day and the moonlight during the night. It’s visible from hundreds of miles, illuminated like beacons. What a sight it is. And what’s underneath the pyramid is amazing and at the same time mysterious too. The sight below is breathtakingly amusing; a set of the staircase leads the way down, inside the pyramid. As you go down through the pyramid you can see a huge polished cut diamond suspended down from the ceiling, in such a manner where it illuminates the entire underground area. There are pillars made of diamonds, thus the light reflects on other pillars, these reflecting lights, lits up the entire place. It’s a fabulous view at night, under moonlight. There is a river flowing down there, which gets connected to the Mediterranean Sea. The water in the river is crystal clear and blue also so deep that sometimes at day time whales, dolphins, colored jellyfish and many other different kinds of fishes are spotted. At night the view is even more beautiful with colorful corals on the riverbed and shining pearls. Once in a while, it mists at night over the river and view is even mesmerizing when the reflected moonlight from the diamond falls upon the river. There are downward hills in the river, one is a hill of gold and another one is a hill of diamond.

People down there are, all blue-eyed, 6ft tall with pale skin. They eat river fishes, snakes, even scorpions, and camel too. Venomous snakes and scorpions are found roaming in and around this place and up in the desert, all these creatures are soldiers and hunters of these 6ft tall people. The people down there, swim through the river and dive with dolphins in the sea. Men go up to the desert to hunt. The women in this place are not allowed to go up to the desert. They swim across the river to get gold and diamond. The women are as strong as every man down there.

The ancestors of the people living inside the pyramid now lived on land, around the pyramid decades ago and back then all the kings, queens and some of the people went down to the secret passages when tsunami had hit and lived there since then. Initially, while they were starving they had to eat snake and other animals down there, which made few die but they didn’t have any other options as to survive because everything except pyramid was wiped out. Slowly they became immune to poison and as years went by they learned to survive underneath, taking everything back in order. They made their language to communicate amongst themselves, to communicate with animals they made special sounds, they spoke common language mostly, they learned to live by hunting and they built home with limestone of different colors, windows were made with bones of animals. Boats were of bones from whales and camels. The place is made of limestones top and bottom. They polished the limestone, up on the ceiling, as it shined well. They mined more diamonds and used it to enlighten the place. They used fluorescent diamonds to decorate their houses and to see while there was no moonlight. They built secret ways for the snakes to go up and check what happens above in the desert. They took snakes to hunt, the camels walking through the desert. As generations passed everything changed, it was a perfect kingdom for them. Everyone forgot their egos; they started to live as one. All of them trained to fight, survive, hunt and swim. They did survive a huge natural calamity, yet without knowing what is coming for them.

Present-day, Qanat is ruled by four masters, each one has different duties to look after. The first master is in charge of sea territory, who looks after defense and food. The second master is master of snakes, scorpions, and all other deadly animals on the land and in the water. The third master takes care of people’s needs, pyramid, and diamonds. And the fourth master is the one who looks after the things above their land, the one who keeps an eye on the movement above land. The masters select and announce their successors when they know their time has come to leave the table. The masters were never wrong about the decisions they made, to date.

When an elderly person dies, their body is put on a boat and is floated away in the river; next three days nobody is supposed to go by the river and all must mourn for the deceased person. About 1000 people are living happily inside the pyramid, nobody knows anything this place inside the pyramid…except for the myths which fly around like wind in the desert land.

Born with poison immunity the children there run around and play with snakes without any fear. While the children are young and naive, they are taught their language, they are taught to swim and also every other aspect of life needed to live further. People there, live like one big happy family, no secrets kept, everyone share their joy and sadness.

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