Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 21

21 Minister

Six guards were waiting for them, “Maybe the king wants more jewels” the uncle said. Faham felt as if something is bad. He walked along with his uncle. Two guards in front and two insides and two behind them. All were well built “I can take them down “ Faham thought. “But what if uncle is right or maybe the king want to say sorry to me for throwing me out of the country, wait what no what kind of king does that no king says sorry to their people, it hurts their ego.”

They reached near the palace gate, Faham heart started to beat faster he looked at his uncle, he was calm. “Something is wrong uncle “, Faham said. “What nothing is wrong, look at our hands it’s free if anything was wrong they might have tied our hands and they might have pushed us or dragged us till here but look at us we are free . “The uncle said taping Faham shoulder. Faham felt some sense in his uncle’s words. But his heart was beating faster.

He turned his ring towards his palm and closed his fist. Started to walk along with the guards. They finally reached a big hall where there was a lot of guards all around. He could see the big chair of the king right ahead of him. It had lots of diamonds and gold in it. Background was decorated by different colors of silks, may be the finest silks ever Faham thought. There were a lot of other people sitting insides in their respective chairs According to their positions.

All were staring at the uncle and nephew. Walking to the hall. The magic workers of jewelry, the people who brought new kind of diamond into the market from some unknown place. Suddenly drums started to play everyone bowed, it was a king coming by with his beautiful queen and guards following them.

The king stopped by Faham and told the queen to go and sit in her chair. King just clapped. A guard brought a small plate covered by a silk.

“How are you young man, I forgot your name … you look good and different,” King said. “Faham” he replied.

“Would you like to join my ministry???” king surprised Faham with an unusual question. People around there started to mummer a lot of things to one another. “Quiet,” the king said raising his hand.

Faham looked surprised. His uncle was in shock not knowing what to do and he looked Faham. “I… I… I would like to join, but but…. I have no... the experience “ Faham said.

“Who said you don’t have experience, you know how to make jewelry, how to make money how to know the market and everything then what’s is your problem, you can be a fine minister of jewels and money affairs,” King said

Faham couldn’t believe his ears he was awed. And the uncle was still standing without a flick in his eyes nor taking a breath he was standing there like a statue.

“BUT,” the king said and paused for a second every eye was on to the king. Ministers guards queen and everyone. “You should tell me from where did you get these stones,” king told with a bit hard tone removing the covering from the plate which the guard was holding.

Faham looked at the plate it was those colored diamonds the self-illuminating diamonds all those he sold in the morning, how did the king get those . “ tell him that u got it from Qanat, my king it’s a small village after 4 kingdoms to the east. People there don’t know it’s valued but he knew it that’s why he brought there here. He’s going to bring more in few days” uncle blabbered coming out of shock and continued “ Faham, my nephew, my son you are going to be a minister a powerful person just tell them about Qanat and land around there, be powerful”, then he stopped saying anything and fall.

Everyone got terrified, murmurs started and uncles body started turning blue . “Oh no it’s the snake, there is a snake here. Everyone run,” Faham tried to run but his hands were held by the guards.

“Take that body away and bring the maps of this kingdom and neighbor kingdoms all of them” the king ordered and sat there in his throne.

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