Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 22

22 Hyder

Two guards came a forward started to drag uncles’ body away and suddenly one among the guard to fall. Nobody understood what happened. Slowly the snake came out from uncle’s dress it was all black deadly and thin. The other guard left uncles hand and ran but the snake just jumped out of uncle’s body to the guard and bit him. The second guard too met with the same fate that of the first guard, snake lied on the floor without moving. Faham got terrified “what??? how did that get in uncles dress. Didn’t he feel it ??? That’s impossible, look at that, that’s so small and thin but how it kills these two now.” lots of questions sprung up in his mind. People started running around. Faham was standing where he was, still, looking at his uncle.

The snake started to move towards Faham. The king was standing beside Faham, and queen behind the king, Guards covered king and queen making a ring around them with their swords out, king ordered guards to take queen away to safety. Queen was taken away and the king stayed.

“Kill that snake now” the king ordered, guards gathered around the snake, one among the guard swung his sword aiming the snake but he missed. The snake was fast and agile. It had the ability to jump and fly. It immediately jumped and bit the guard’s hand. The guard falls off. Everyone got terrified, caught in fear started to swing the sword where ever they see the snake and the snake did its work, it killed guards one by one, jumping from one to another biting wherever it sees the flesh. Some guards got cuts from other guards’ sword.

Faham was still standing without a movement. Thinking what to do all of a sudden, an arrow just passed by him and hit the snakehead, taking the snake to the well placed its head and then to the wall killing it. Faham couldn’t believe what happened. He turned and looked back. It was Hyder kings guard general, the one who commands the whole army, five ft 7 inch High, short dark black hairs black eyes and well build. He is fast and sharp and strong. Everyone is afraid of Hyder. He walked forward towards Faham caught his throat picked Faham with one hand “Who sent those snakes ??? “Why was is not biting you ???” it stood nearby you and never bitten you” Haider screamed.

Faham couldn’t catch his breath. “Let him down,” told the king “ now tell me why did you bring a deadly snake here, that too in your uncles’ dress. “Faham coughed, took some breath and said “I don’t know what it was or it was there, I don’t know why it was going to kill me.”

“Ok you don’t know, but you have to tell me from where did you get this “ king said with a red angry face holding his chain around his neck which had a piece of red stone. Faham kept his head down “tell me” king screamed hitting his head hard to the wall which made Faham fall.

Hyder came to Faham made him stand and gave a punch in Faham face “you are going to die if you don’t tell us from where did you get these. “ It started to pour blood out from Faham nose, he couldn’t take that punch from that strong man. It hurt him he screamed in pain “ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..” “ I told you it’s from Qanat “. Suddenly Haider brought his hand forward and caught something which was going to hit Faham from the ceiling.

It was a snake Hyder caught it tight he looked up. It was hiding in candle lamp which was there on the ceiling right above the Faham head. Hyder took the knife out cut the snake into two. A small drop of blood fallen on Haider’s hand hurt him it felt a burning sensation. Haider Asked everyone to search the hall for a snake while shaking his hand hard of pain. It was for the first time Hyder felt pain.

Faham lied there with a painful face and blood all around his face and body. “I will have to tell them else they will kill me .” Faham thought.

“We couldn’t find anything general.” a guard said to Haider. He nodded, looked at Faham.

“bring the maps,” the king said again. Hyder picked Faham with a hand “clean him up and give him some water, every goat needs to be fed and clean before getting killed” Haider said with a crooked smile.

The maps were brought Faham was cleaned, they took out his chain, “Tell me where is it, “ King said to Faham, pointing to the maps kept on the table. “Here” Faham showed the king pointing at the pyramid, with bulged eyes.

Haider looked at the place “no it’s just a pyramid, how can it have diamonds are you trying to kill us all taking us to that dead place”

“No no … There is one door which opens down towards the pyramid where you will get these kinds of diamonds. There are lots of them there uncut. I don’t know how it came. Those diamonds are guarded by these snakes “Faham said pointing at the dead snake and continued. “I got inside there by mistake saw these diamonds and I took few I could take; those snakes might have killed me but they didn’t. I don’t know. Maybe they thought I deserve those treasure. Maybe they let innocents take it and guard them.” Faham said looking at Hyder.

“We are leaving for that place in two days. take him to his house, lock him there and keep the house under our guards, “ king said looking at Hyder.

Faham realized what he has done but there is no chance now. But he didn’t say it full to them. So Qanat will be safe. Faham was taken to his home and kept under house arrest. He couldn’t sleep he wanted Isha to know about the trouble coming for them. He decided to go back to Quant.

He opened his fist, which was closed for the whole day. He looked outside it was full of guards but backside hand only one guard taking rounds. slowly jumped out of the house through the window to the back without guards noticing. Faham walked for some time, he found a camel, maybe of some merchant. Faham took it sat on it. started to guide it south to the shore where he was sure Isra will be there. She will let Isha know about the attack coming up. That’s the fastest way to pass the information. He made the camel move fast.

The night passes by as the small piece moon moving around the sky. Faham eyes hurt, nose was paining but nothing mattered as he moved ahead. He wants to undo what he had done. It was not possible, he reached the shore, Faham went by Isra’s hut. He tied the camel there, called out for Isra “Israaa Israaa “, but there was no response from her Isra was not to be seen anywhere. Where did she go ??? Faham thought. Last time too she was not here. Ok, I should go by myself. Can’t wait if I wait it will be too long and Isha will be in trouble. He went for the boat it was there . He started to push the boat to the sea his hands hurt the body was weak but he had a strong will. Faham went ahead with that imperishable willpower.

Meanwhile, Hyder found out Faham was missing, he escaped. Hyder felt something wrong he had sent out people to search for Faham. And took his 12 man squad with him for going into Qanat. Hyder’s hand was tied with a cloth, that portion still hurt him.

Faham rowed boat as fast as he could, the sun was already in the horizon moving up slowly. Faham reached where he found the whale last time. He looked for the dolphin there was none. He waited but still, there was no dolphin so he decided to go down all alone. He looked at his ring. Kissed it, “hope this should get me inside.” He jumped down. All of a sudden, a dolphin jumped up it was that diamond-studded one. Then it disappeared, by that time Faham was in water going down. Whale was still there going round. Whale stopped. Opened it big mouth looked at Faham. Faham showed his ring, the red glow. Whales looked at Faham again. Slowly it closed its mouth and started taking its rounds. Faham swam ahead passing the whale, as he knew whale won’t hurt him now. He swam to the river. He could feel the cold, he could see little light. Faham took his head out of the water and took some breaths. His eyes were hurting more in that cold. He could see lime stoned ceilings. There was no one around Faham swam toward the floor. He got up to the floor, stood there stretched himself. He looked around for Isha but…

An arrow just came and hit his legs, it hurt a lot. He screamed …….ISHA.

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