Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 23

23 Child

There was a scream. People ran to the sound. It was her Isha’s mother. She was bitten by a snake. What that’s unusual snakes bite no one in Qanat. They were immune to it. But she had a baby in her womb fully grown, ready to come out to the world to see the shining diamonds of Qanat and live an extraordinary life. Master Nasar came, master of sea territory. And all other creatures around there. She was at the door with the dead snake in the hand and other hand at her womb screaming for help. Isha’s father came running sat along with master Nasar. And his master’s wife took Isha’s mom back inside. Everyone waited outside to know the fate of the child.

A cry of baby echoed in the air of Qanat. Everyone was happy especially master Nasar and his wife. Master Nasar didn’t have any kids till date and was close to Ishas family which gave them Isha as their child. Master Nasar was the one who labored that beautiful blue-eyed baby girl along with his wife. “You are a father now said the Ishas mom to the man who was standing and crying seeing the baby. Ishas father wiped his face out of tears took the baby in his hand and said “she’s so beautiful and pure so I will call her as Isha”

“Isha …. Isha …. Isha” He called the baby’s name and announced the name to everyone. She stopped crying and chuckled. Which gave a smile to everyone’s face.

The baby could see all white around and a lot of shadows and images moving around, and lots of sparkles which she tried to catch with her hands.

Days went by baby grew by, she started to understand other colors, she could feel water, and its coldness. She could feel the limestones. Her hairs, eyes, nose, face, hand everything started to grow. Shadows changed to different people. She could understand each people by their smell. She started to understand people Smilin’at her which makes her smile back, she could understand her mother.

She started to make sounds, she could understand when people were telling her to stop, calling her name out. She could make out differences in colors. She understood she can move around by turning and twisting. She always wanted her mother around, she cries if mom not around.

Baby Isha started to crawl, chuckled, she started to sit with support. She started to blabber things, as days went further ahead. She was getting naughty day by day crawling, trying to get up making sounds grabbing snakes, she won everyone’s heart as her body hair and age grew. But she never calls her mother and father other than making sounds. That was tension for everyone. Master tried his best to make her talk he failed. And it was all in vain.

She started to look at other people and pretend to do what they were doing, she could stand now she could see how she couldn’t speak. Worries went in masters and parents’ mind but Isha was getting on growing day by day. She was three years old, master Nasar came to their home told Ishas father “I know you worry about Isha not talking, but it’s time she is three we should follow our rituals. She will be alright, she’s strong and I think she will talk pretty soon. My intuitions are never wrong”. “Master, I want her to talk like every other she is a great kid. But I am afraid if she can survive this”. Said Ishas father.

“I can understand your fear but rituals are not to be changed, it should be followed by everyone here we cannot survive if we don’t follow our custom”.

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