Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 25

25 Second Test

“No no no I am not going to give my little princess for some stupid test of yours “ yelled Ishas mother looking at master Nasar. Master Nasar stood there looking at Ishas father waiting for him to say something. “I … I … I can’t give out my baby’s life to some poison spitting deadly animal” said Ishas father with little stammering and some drop of water coming out of his eyes. Master Nasar walked inside the room, where Isha was playing with a doll made out of bones.

“Look at her, I brought her to this world, look how beautiful she’s. Do you think I want to send her to death? It’s was not just my decision. It’s a collective decision “ said master Nasar looking at Ishas mother and father, while running his hand through Ishas head, through her thick hair and continued “she’s special she will survive this I am sure she’s a part of Radames she’s special”.

“But I can’t just give her like this I am a mother. No mother put her daughter into death just like that,” said Ishas mother. “I assure her safety, believe me, she’s my kid too so I will make sure nothing happens to her. Our elders have told us how to do it. Elders did pass on something regarding this because they knew master Radames is going to be reborn someday that’s why they had kept this test”. Said, master Nasar.

Ishas father and mother looked at each other and then to Isha who was still playing with a cute smile on her face, her cheeks looked red and cute . “Do whatever you want to do, if anything happens to my daughter I am going to set whole of Qanat on fire” said Ishas mother and walked away.

The day came the longest day of the whole year, where the sun’s heat will be at its most. Masters were walking in line towards the tomb. The only tomb in Qanat, Radames tomb. Their master’s tomb, which was made up of gold with the man’s face carved in diamonds. It’s seemed like he always watched over Qanat.

All masters gathered around the tomb kneed down pressing their head to the tomb. They slowly started to tap on the tomb in a certain tone, all masters in unison. They continued it for some time and waited …. waited and waited. Slowly they heard a tap from inside the tomb and it stopped. A diamond piece on the tomb side started to move and fallen down, and here comes the king slowly keeping its leg out to cold limed floor.

A sharp head with a small tongue and sharp teeth and an eye, eight legs with barbs in it along with two pedipalps strong like an iron rod, flat dark blue body with venom glands everywhere, and a long tail like a snake having a bar and a single eye at back .

All masters where still on their knees as the Scorpion King moved ahead. Master Nasar stood up covered his face with a cloth. They walked towards the Scorpion King and slowly kneeled again to tell Scorpion King about Isha.

All the people of Qanat was waiting at the center just below the main diamond, a small box made up of diamond was kept there, all waited for the scorpion King to arrive, Isha was playing with her mother’s hair not knowing what was happening. Her mother s face looked tensed, holding Ishas father’s hand. All masters came back holding swords in their hands. Followed by snakes crawling forwarding, thousands of snakes. And behind them came the king scorpion King “master of venom” keeping his legs forward and swinging his tail. Followed by his army of deadly scorpions.

People covered their faces. It says the air that scorpion King exhales can damage your body. Masters stood in a square around the box Isha was brought forward by her mother, master Nasar took Isha in his hand. The box was picked up by 3 masters Isha was kept underneath the box. The Scorpion King came ahead took a round around Isha. Then he raised his tail it was time, mid-afternoon sun directly above the pyramid. The box was lowered, the light was Falling directly to the box. It’s said that person inside the box with the scorpion King should survive till the light passes from the center to the side of the box, and the sun moves with the time as the light.

It was time they all waiting eagerly, Ishas mother was standing at the front looking at the box sweating like a water pump, the box was surrounded by the snakes, scorpions making an outer ring, and the masters standing in the middle. The light passed by it was time, snakes moved away scorpions gave way to the master and they raised the box slowly, Isha was lying there without a movement.

Isha’s mother looked at her daughter who was not moving, her eyes grew wide pupil elongated tears started to flow, and she fell on her knees started to cry. Ishas father couldn’t move he was in a shock. “What have I done,” master Nasar said to himself looking at unmoved Isha. And the Scorpion King was still there making his rounds around Isha.

Snakes moved away back to the stair’s scorpions went away to their pits. People of Qanat stood there in shock looking at the unmoved baby who was turning blue.

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