Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 26

26 Scorpion King

Everyone was silent, Ishas mother was fainted lying in her husband’s lap master Nasar was crying sitting on his knees other three masters were looking at the box and the scorpion King, scorpion King was still making rounds around Isha, who was lying there still face turned blue and the body was turning blue slowly.

The scorpion King stopped, then hissed strongly throwing out blue venom outside. Everyone went back the snakes came ahead hundreds of them thousands of them one by one licking off the venom snakes went by, then came the scorpions they did the same, people of Qanat never saw anything like that. The scorpion King rarely comes out of the master Radames tomb. And now they witness all these.

Snakes started to move away crawling through the people to the sides to the wall step by step stone by stone one supporting another towards the diamonds which was suspended up in the ceiling. They covered the diamond. Light in Qanat was fading slowly. Snakes were continuing to climb up to the diamond and slowly one by one they started to hang down by tying a knot on themselves, down to the box. Scorpions gathered together down near the box. Snakes came down and it looked like a rope.

Masters were speechless master Nasar was in shock seeing the scene in the dim light couldn’t move. He wanted to ask the snakes what was going on but every snake was up and on the wall. Snakes on the wall came down to the box and started to climb up on the box. Some went by the hook of the box and got tied up with the snakes hanging from the diamond.

Scorpion moved ahead in line and started to push the box, box started to move it was all Hissing sound of snakes and scorpions echoed in Qanat snakes started to lift the box. A heavy diamond box and scorpions climbed one above another and pushed the box. It covered baby Isha and the scorpion King in it. Snakes started to come down to the box.

The sky was orange everyone was still standing there looking at uneven happenings of the Qanat, Ishas mother was still unconscious master Nasar was looking at the box along with the three masters. The box was covered by the snakes and scorpions were protecting it as a soldier making an outer ring to protect their king suddenly snakes left the box orange light was reflecting in the box. All snakes went away altogether to their pits and stairs. But the scorpions were still there.

It was all silent. Snakes and scorpions stopped hissing. All of a sudden, they heard a knock from the box. Masters went ahead to open the box but the scorpions never gave them way master Nasar tried talking to the scorpions but they all started to hiss again. Masters waited for some time, white light already started to come in Qanat. They realized it was a full moon day. Suddenly scorpions stopped hissing and the scorpions gave way for the four masters. masters held the hook picked the box up with their full energy. They opened the box it was Isha sitting there and tapping her hand on the box all the blue Ness was gone she was there looking the same, smiling at every and she held a baby Scorpion, King, in her hand. The old scorpion King was there dead giving birth to a new one, a new scorpion King who also had a long tail like snakes, a barb and an eye near the barb.

Master Nasar went to pick Isha up but other masters stopped him. Isha opened her hand letting the scorpion King down. Scorpions came a head between legs of masters and took their new venom king to master Radames tomb. Master Nasar took Isha in his hand, inspected her body and there were no bite marks in her body. Masters were confused looked at each other. Isha opened her mouth there it was a bite mark on her tongue. “She is a part of master Radames, I am sure now.” Said master Nasar to other masters.

“Ma ….. ma” Isha tapped on her mother’s face waking her mother up. Ishas mother just grabbed Isha from master Nasar’s hand and kissed Isha all over. Hugging Isha Tight. “I won’t give you my girl for any other tests,” said Ishas father who was crying besides Ishas mother while running his hand over Isha. All of the Qanat watched all the scenes together and was dumbstruck.

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