Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 27

27 The Final Test

Days went by nobody in Qanat couldn’t forget what happened on the day of the test . Masters kept discussing how Isha should be treated. And they all decided that she should pass the sea test too. Master Nasar was again given the charge of letting Ishas father and mother about the test and the same put Master Nasar in a difficult place. He remembered what Ishas mother told him “I won’t give you my girl for any other tests”

“But there is one more year to for the test, she should know how to swim, she will learn by then” said master Nasar thinking something. “We should confirm she’s a part of our first master, so we should confirm that she’s a part of our sea life too. He was the one who taught us this life, the one who was blessed by mother nature we should see if she does the same too” said other masters backing one another.

Master Nasar walked home thinking about how to open this topic in front of Ishas parents. Days went by people at Qanat started to like Isha as one among them they stopped believing that she was some kind of God, Isha was trained to swim now, she learned everything quick. She became everyone’s girl who runs around smiling and singing, chattering to everyone. Little Isha became Qanats’ favorite. Everyone adored her. Master Nasar and his wife started to spend more time with Isha as they thought Isha as their child. But as days went master Nasar was getting more and more tensed about the test Isha has to go through and how to tell Ishas mother about the test.

It was almost a year and Isha was ready for the second test, but master Nasar was still in a dilemma how to say the thing to her parents. But he had to do it. It became a routine for master Nasar to go in front of Ishas home early morning and wait until they open the door so that he can tell them about the test. But he was never able to tell them about the test, but it has become a routine for baby Isha to go out with Master Nasar in the morning, swim across the lake and come back.

Master Nasar finally decided to tell Ishas parents about the test. He gathered all his guts and told Ishas father one day “your daughter has to go through one more test just to prove that she’s a true portion of our first master. It’s so simple and easy this time she just has to prove that she’s accepted by the sea creatures.” Said master Nasar and turned around Ishas mother was standing there with anger in her face. “Listen I am a master, I have taught her how to swim and I am slowly teaching her how to talk with every creature here in this Qanat she is a great learner and she catches everything fast. And she swims pretty good and faster than anyone in Qanat, so I can assure you she will be perfectly fine” said master Nasar looking at Ishas mother but her face was all same and had some anger. Master Nasar continued “ I assure you she will be alright. There is no noxious animal than scorpion King in this whole world. And she has survived it, and here we know everything which passes through this river there is nothing to worry or deadly”.

Master Nasar walked away from Ishas home taking Isha to swim. On his way back Ishas mother was standing outside their home, “Ok you can take my girl but if anything happens to her I will set the whole Qanat on fire.” Said Ishas mother. Master Nasar felt relaxed and just nodded his head in affirmation and walked away.

Masters decided the date. Master Nasar was explained about the test procedure by the oldest master looking at some old scribbling on rocks drawn by master Radames, the first master. Again, all of the Qanat was there nearby the river, expecting a miracle from Isha who was stand along with her parents. Master Nasar came ahead and addressed Qanat. Then called Ishas father. Master Nasar took out a knife and made a small cut on Ishas father’s finger dipped the cut finger to the river. And then he did the same to Ishas mother too.

Dolphins came by started to circle the blood part mixing both mother’s and father’s blood and making a whirlpool in the river. And they disappear. Master Nasar brought Isha forward nearby edge of the river. Tapped her shoulder and said, “you are going to be alright”. Isha was not tensed or worried she was just smiling and waving at everyone. On the contrast, her mother was all tensed standing there with prayers.

Suddenly master Nasar pushed Isha ahead to the river. She just went down to the river, she didn’t expect that move from master Nasar. Ishas mother screamed loud seeing her daughter going down to the river. The whole of Qanat was stunned seeing this move of master Nasar.

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