Qanat - An Underground Valley

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Chapter 28

28 Faded Smile

People waited and waited for whirlpool was still there everyone was tensed there was no sign of Isha, master Nasar sat there crying with his hand on his head not knowing what to do. Suddenly the whirl started to subsidize and a dolphin just jumped up and went down to the river again. But no sign of Isha. Every eye was stuck to one place, the place where dolphin came out. Whirlpool was gone and here she comes Isha jumping up above the water with a smile on her face waving at everyone and chuckling while in air. Dolphins was beak was out above the water pushing Isha upward making her smile.

Isha kept on jumping doing flips, chuckles waving hands. People watched this show like they are watching some circus for the first time. Suddenly the dolphins started to flicker their fins, which made Isha tremble. Slowly water started to move like waves coming from the seaside. Isha started to lose her balance and she fell into the river. People around gasped! Dolphins dived down. Everybody started to look in the river and the wave kept raising, master Nasar went numb, hopping dolphins would get Isha back up to the surface.

Waves started to increase, fishes started to jump up off the river, High and take a dip back to disappear in the wave. Everyone felt something wrong. The river was never this violent. Not even once it has overflown. But the waves now started to bother everyone. No sign of Isha or dolphins yet. Waves increase water started to come out and all of a sudden, a large whale appeared, the sea King a big blue whale coming through the a river it was long and fat.

People started to move behind, and the whale thrown out a large amount of water through its blowhole. Ishas mother stood there still with a shaking hand hold her husband, master Nasar was pulled back by other masters but all four masters got wet, fully soaked. Nobody could make any sound everyone was numb, not able to move or do anything. Helpless and shaken. They kept looking ahead to the river and moment of the whale. Praying for Isha.

The whale went down, down to the river and came up altogether then jumped taking a flip another big slash of water came out making everyone wet, also causing another big wave in the river. Every eye was still stuck to the river. People waiting for a sign of Isha. But there was no sign of her yet. And then the whale comes up to the surface. People held their breath, but the whale was gonna take its breath and it took that long breath, a lot of water came out through its blowhole and Isha too came out through it.

Isha falls to the bank near the master. “She’s your next big master, she will save Qanat,” said the whale in high pitch bass sound. And disappeared to the river then to the sea. Master Nasar held Isha tight Isha hugged master Nasar back “she will be my successor, your next master after me,” said master Nasar. Ishas mother came forward took Isha from master Nasar kissed her all over and walked towards their home. People of Qanat was silent watched all the scene with amusement.

Days went by, master Nasar announced his successor, also said no special treatment will be given to Isha. She was trained like any other kid in Qanat she caught everything quick and she was a good learner.

Ishas mother called Isha once while she was playing with other kids. “listen Isha you are going to have a baby sister, you should treat her well and teach her everything you knows”. Isha looked at her mother curiously, not knowing what she was saying. As days went Isha noticed her father giving her mother special treatment, Ishas mother’s womb was getting bigger and bigger and she came to know her mother was going to deliver another baby.

Days went by, Isha waited for her baby sister. Isha uses to tell everyone about how she was going to care of her sister. Even she went to scorpion King at master Radames tomb and talked with scorpion King about her sister who was yet to come. Isha grew a year older and the date came for her baby sister to come out to Qanat.

Isha was at master Nasars’ home with master Nasar, master Nasar’s wife came running to him called master Nasar out and master Nasar told Isha to stay in house, then went out. Isha sat there playing with snakes and her toys made in bones. Master Nasar was not to be seen she waited and waited nobody showed up. Isha slowly walked out to her home. There were a lot of people standing outside. Then master Nasar came from behind. He saw Isha, took her hand walked ahead to the house.

Isha saw her father and mother along with some unknown man lying there on the floor without a movement. Isha shook her mother to wake her up but Ishas mother didn’t respond. Isha did the same with her father but he too didn’t respond. Then Isha noticed her mother’s womb was flat “where is the baby” Isha asked master Nasar. Master Nasar just shook his head in no saying nothing else . “ma ma ma ma ……” Isha kept calling her mother, tears started to flow from Ishas eyes she started to feel terrified and went silent then faded.

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